Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver finished~

Well, finished in the sense that I've beaten the main opponents like the Elite 4 and Red. The Elite 4 twice because they considerably amp up their teams the second time you fight them. Red was just wow. Challenging. Pokemon in the 80's and I beat him with my level 63 team xD All it takes is some strategy and luck~

Anyways, there are plenty of other things to do in these games. Rematches with the gym leaders, the Safari Zone, the Pokéathlon, the Battle Tower, filling in the Pokedex, etc. Of course, I'm not going into all of this at the moment. I have many other games to attend to. So, for now, I'm going to go over my thoughts about these games. From when I started playing SS I was impressed with the work they put into the games. The changes and stuff. All of that is in my first post about the games.

First up, music. Good stuff~ They remade some old classic tunes on the Gameboy into new, awesome completely revamped tunes. I loved it. Some of my favorites include the gym leader themes (for both Johto and Kanto), Elite 4 theme, the battle against the champion, battle against Red, the music that plays in Dark Cave, and the music that plays Cianwood City. To name a few because I really enjoyed the music all around. Um, I'll go into sound effects a bit too here. I really like the sound of water they added when you're near a lake or the ocean. Or a waterfall even. It just adds a nice touch. Little things amuse me so yeah ^^;

Next, the environment. Of course the graphics and the entire Johto and Kanto worlds were revamped to the max. Better graphics and all that. But they changed some places a bit. I know Mount Silver was different than I remember. Rock Climb (the only new HM) had to do with that but it was nifty how you're like climbing to the top of a mountain to fight the strongest trainer among both regions. That was just kinda epic when I reached the top and found him. The puzzles in the gyms were nicely changed as well. I really liked that. Um, some of the legendaries you couldn't get in the original games you can obtain now. Like Zapdos, Articuno, and Moltres. Mewtwo as well. Not to mention Groudon, Kyogre, Rayquaza, Latios, and Latias from Ruby and Sapphire. And Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina from Diamond/Pearl/Platinum. So many Pokemon you can obtain in these two games. It's good stuff.

Alright, and now I'll talk about gym leaders, the Elite 4, and Red. Battle mechanics and stuff. Because the normal trainers in the game aren't that different. Um, gym leaders provided a pretty good challenge. It was different from the original games because the battle mechanics had been changed a bit from then and now. Physical and special moves are an entirely different thing now. Not based on type but whether the move really is physical or not. This was a huge change that effected the usefulness of some Pokemon. Because of the way their stats are and the moves they can learn. Anyways, gym leaders were pretty much the same. Some minor changes to their teams. Now the rematches with them are something else. Because their teams are totally remade and at a much higher level. The Elite 4 is the same way. They're the same when you fight the first time between the original games. But the rematch with all of them is tough. They got Pokemon in the 60's to level 75. Lance of course has the level 75 and it's a Dragonite. He was a monster the second time around.

The toughest two trainers in the game are definitely Lance and Red. And I mean the rematch against Lance. He had a team of Salamence, Garchomp, Dragonite, Charizard, Altaria, and Gyarados the second time around. We're talking Garchomp is banned from competitive play. Considered an uber now. Yeah, that thing was ridiculous. Salamence and Dragonite are also incredibly powerful Pokemon. Gyarados died quickly due to being weak x4 to electricity. And Altaria was just annoying because it used Double Team and Perish Song. A very annoying combination right there. His Charizard flinched the crap out of me with Air Slash. Ugh. He just had an annoying team. Period. But I took his butt down.

Red had a team of Pikachu, Charizard, Blastoise, Venusaur, Lapras, and Snorlax. His Pikachu was definitely the weakest thing he had. But it was also the highest level Pokemon he had too xD At level 88. And my level 63 Nidoking pwned its face with Earth Power. Lapras caused some trouble. Mainly because freakin' Blizzard hit everytime. Talk about annoying. A move that's normally 75% accuracy. His Blastoise also had Blizzard. Snorlax could have been more annoying had I not had a fighting type Pokemon with Close Combat. And I did. Heracross ftw. Venusaur got pwned with Dragon Dance'd Fly on my Dragonite. Charizard wasn't too hard to take down either. I didn't flinch to Air Slash like I did with Lance! And Blastoise was the last one he sent out against me. Blizzard still hit every dang time on it. But eventually I took it down with Ampharos. I basically just took advantage of weaknesses. And used my three max revives ^^; Because all his Pokemon were in the 80's. While mine were level 63. Ah, it was a good fight though~

So, lets look at my final team~

Feraligator (Level 63)
Nature: Adamant
Held Item: Mystic Water
Hp: 192
Attack: 188
Defense: 164
Sp. Attack: 112
Sp. Defense: 124
Speed: 131

Crunch, Ice Fang, Waterfall, Superpower

Ampharos (Level 63)
Nature: Sassy
Held Item: Choice Specs
Hp: 194
Attack: 125
Defense: 112
Sp. Attack: 173
Sp. Defense: 150
Speed: 94

Moves: Hidden Power, Power Gem, Shock Wave, Signal Beam

Nidoking (Level 63)
Nature: Bold
Held Item: Bright Powder
Hp: 183
Attack: 137
Defense: 137
Sp. Attack: 127
Sp. Defense: 123
Speed: 144

Moves: Rock Climb, Sludge Bomb, Megahorn, Earth Power

Flareon (Level 63)
Nature: Naughty
Held Item: Charcoal
Hp: 162
Attack: 217
Defense: 98
Sp. Attack: 157
Sp. Defense: 140
Speed: 122

Moves: Strength, Fire Fang, Ember, Bite

Dragonite (Level 63)
Nature: Jolly
Held Item: Dragon Fang
Hp: 208
Attack: 194
Defense: 156
Sp. Attack: 129
Sp. Defense: 144
Speed: 162

Moves: Surf, Fly, Dragon Dance, Dragon Rush

Heracross (Level 63)
Nature: Mild
Held Item: Muscle Band
Hp: 187
Attack: 191
Defense: 112
Sp. Attack: 83
Sp. Defense: 154
Speed: 142

Moves: Close Combat, Brick Break, Aerial Ace, Megahorn

And that's pretty much it for this. I loves my team. I used my favorites of course. They carried me through this playthrough and kicked butt. So, HeartGold and SoulSilver are awesome remakes. And I enjoyed playing through SoulSilver. I'll play through HeartGold someday. So for now, I'm out~

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