Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Etrian Odyssey 3 and artbook~

This be what came in the mail today~ Something I've been looking forward to even though I can't play it yet xD Anyways, Atlus has done a great job once again in alot of ways. I love the new character classes and additions in terms of exploring. I haven't played it yet but I already know about them. And also because of the awesome artbook they gave you with pre-orders.

This is good stuff. Concept art of characters, enemies, bosses, backgrounds, and other stuff. This is a quality artbook to me. Not just some skimpy extra they gave you. So, Atlus gets a thumbs up from me for this~ But that's pretty much what I wanted to say about this. Someday I'll get to play it ^^; Till then~

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Gurren Lagann Complete Collection~

I was wondering when I would see this happen~ And at a good price to boot thanks to Amazon. Tis a very good anime with alot of action, epicness, awesome characters, and an overall pretty good story. The story does get "out there" to an extent especially in season 2 xD But it's still good. I mean, the ideas behind it all are very good so that's all that needs to be said. The ending is so bittersweet to me though. I will say that. It was good in an awesome way but also bittersweet in another way too. Anyways, I will have this in my hands soon from Amazon~ Along with Etrian Odyssey 3 ^_^

Monday, September 6, 2010

The best of the best: Final Boss music~

Who doesn't love a good final boss fight? Especially if the music really makes it epic as all heck. That's what I'm here to cover today xD Or night. Whatever. Obviously if I'm doing this, there could be spoilers in the description. I'll keep 'em to a minimum though. Just have to give fair warning though. So lets get this started~ In no particular order as always:

Skies of Arcadia~ Final Battle (Opportunity)
Alright, this music is epic as all heck and full of awesomeness. Seriously. The fight itself is pretty epic too. Course if you love the game as much as me you'd say the same thing. But no one does love this game more than me xD One really interesting aspect about battle themes in SoA is that they change depending on your health. The music becomes really intense and fearful if someone dies or alot of your party's health is low. And it becomes really triumphant and upbeat if everyone's health is peachy and you get the enemy's health low. I think it's a really nice touch and all the boss themes do this. Just makes battles in this game more epic feeling than they already are~

Tales of the Abyss~ Finish the Promise
Yeah, the dang fight with Van had like 3 different themes in it. Time to Raise the Cross, A Place in the Sun, and this. Time to Raise the Cross is freakin' epic too but I actually like this one a bit more. Both are awesome. Heck all three are and really made this fight awesome for me. And the ending to follow~ Love this game.

Star Ocean: Till the End of Time~ Highbrow
Yeah, I'll tell you right now this final boss theme stretches on for 10 minutes straight. And I don't mean looping. That's just how long it is. Maybe they did it because they know you'll actually spend enough time in the actual boss fight to listen to it ^^; And that's no joke either. Unless you used item creation like crazy. On Galaxy mode not so much but you go into this fight on Universe or 4D mode (the two hardest difficulties in the game) you will listen to most of this music. I guarantee it. It's dang good music though. For an awesome final boss fight that's actually challenging even on normal difficulty. Kudos to you Luther. You have kicked my butt quite a few times I must say. Insanity Prelude. That's all I have to say. Hardest attack of his to dodge and instant gameover usually if you don't. Then you get to listen to him say "Wallow in despair!" after you die.

Persona 4~ The Genesis
Yes, I know I listed this one with the Best of the Best video game music post but it had to be mentioned in this too. It's just that awesome. It's quite a challenging fight anyways and this music just really turned on the epic factor. Even if the final boss is quite um, ugly xD But yeah, how this fight ends is just wow. I mean, you do get her Hp down to zero but then the game ends it in an awesome way. Definitely gotta give credit to that.

Ar tonelico 2: Melody of Metafalica~ Sublimation 3
Alright, so this wasn't the hardest boss fight ever. Like at all ^^; And this isn't what most people expect from a final boss fight theme but dang if it isn't awesome. I love it so much. Course I have alot of love for Infel too xD Not as much as Luca of course~ Anyways, I thought this hymn was really nice for the last fight in this game. They had some crazy stuff with Sublimation 1 and 2 before that then they slowed it down with this one. It just seemed fitting to me really.

And with 5 that wraps it up for this one~ Been a while since I made a post but with college it's just not that easy ^^; I still need to make that GU volume 2 post at some point too. But looks like I'll beat volume 3 before that happens xD If so then who cares. I'll just do a final post about everything. Anyways, until next time~