Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver~

Lookie what I got~

They finally came today from Amazon. I am a happy person. The figures are just as small as the Giratina figure that they gave out with Platinum. I expected that. I mean they weren't supposed to be that top of the line. But I will say they look really nice. They were designed well. And the boxes the games came in are like I don't even know. I never throw away boxes that games come in anyways but these, no way would I. So pretty and shiny. Seriously, the boxes are beautiful ^^; But I digress. Um, the Pokewalker thing is tiny. I didn't know how small this thing was but dang. I would lose this xD Not sure how much I'll use it anyways. And I have two of them because I bought both games. So if the battery dies in one I have another. Convenience~

Anyways, I started SS and I'm taking note of the differences already between the original Gold and Silver games. I like how the other character (whether you choose to be a boy or a girl) is in the game. I mean you have your rival but tis nice they give you a friend. And omg. I am obsessed with the Pokemon being able to follow you around. Whichever at the top of the list. It's seriously so cute the different things it says when you talk to them. They changed some stuff up at the beginning but it only made it better to me. Dialogue is still mostly the same. Not that it matters. I'm not sure what's up the berries thing. Since they changed all the trees to just apricorn trees. I guess they made it the same as in the other games with berries. Where you can pick them and plant them again. One thing I really like is that they have a patch of grass outside of Violet City now where you can catch a Mareep before the gym. That is awesomeness to me. Very nice addition.

The updated music is pretty good from what I've heard. No complaints. I absolutely love how they did the music when you enter a cave. That just struck me right away as purely amazing when I entered Dark Cave. That's my favorite music so far. We'll see if anything knocks it off. But yeah, I am impressed by what I see. I look forward to playing all the way through and seeing what's different and just everything. Good stuff. I knew these games were gonna be epic.

Oh, one last comment. You gotta love how Nintendo advertises in this game. In every Pokemon game your room has a Nintendo console of some kind in it. Well, in HG and SS it's a Wii. I walked up to it, pressed the A button and this is what I read: "It's a Wii! Wow, the Wii is even hot in Johto." And I said to myself really Nintendo? You did that. That's just wow. Anyways, that's all for now about this. But more definitely more in the near future as I progress.

Okay, so summer school...

Gots my schedule for the summer. Well, I'm signed up for the classes. As long as the professors don't cancel any of my sections I'll be fine. Not likely but if they do I'll sign up for another section. Anyways, it's divided into 2 sessions which is pretty interesting.

First Session~ June 3rd to July 7th
Sociology 310~ 9:45-11:15
Spanish 211~ 11:45-1:15

Second Session~ July 8th to August 10th
Spanish 212~ 9:45-11:15

I basically get a month off before the summer semester starts. Which is nice. I get some kind of break at least. Um, I have to go everyday. Monday through Friday. Obviously. I mean it's such a small period of time to get everything in. But I don't gotta get up at 6am. No way was I going to. Fall semester starts August 18th. I will have that schedule come March 23rd. If all goes right I'll have a nice schedule with only 4 classes in my last semester of college ever. Excitement~ Well, it's exciting for more than one reason ^_^ So anyways, just working my way through. I'll get there. The busy year will be more than worth it at the end.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Star Ocean: Second Evolution and Pokemon~

Okay, so I actually started playing Star Ocean: Second Evolution right after I beat First Departure. But school happened and other stuff and I never got around to posting my initial thoughts about it. I'm not too far into it. A few hours. Basically, I've beaten the first boss and gotten the basic outline of what I'm supposed to be doing. Pretty interesting so far. Hopefully this game has more story than the first one. All of the first game's story was nearly at the end. And the characters didn't get that much development. It was still a good game but yeah. I enjoyed it quite well.

The second game has already shown me they're gonna develop at least Claude and Rena to a good extent. Battle system isn't too different from what I see. I thought it was pretty good anyways. Fun is fun so yeah. I mean the first game was originally on the SNES and the second game on the Playstation. Pretty good gap between them. I'm expecting good things. I love the series. I look forward to seeing connections between the games. So I'm going to try to get back to Second Evolution and beat it.

Ahem. In other news, I have been playing Pokemon games quite a bit. Reason being HeartGold and SoulSilver come out on the 14th of this month. Both of those are my next game purchases which should arrive next week whenever I get them from Amazon. I gets figures with the games too. I is excited~ In the mean time I've been playing Pokemon Platinum and trying to beat it. I'm getting close with 6 badges. Also I've been playing a little bit of Emerald and Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness. I'll make another post about all of this when the time comes. Especially when I start trying to build a competitive team for Wifi battles. I was holding that off until I got HG and SS because I need them to do this. Anyways, expect more Pokemon stuff in the future with this and the announcement of a 5th generation to boot. Looking forward to the new gen~