Saturday, July 30, 2011

Nintendo 3DS price drop!

I guess Nintendo finally realized that people don't consider their system to be worth $249 just because it has 3D effects. The sales have probably been terrible if I had to guess. But anyways, it's a pretty good price drop too. No flimsy thing. $80 bucks~ So that puts it more in a good price range for me at $169. This is why you don't buy things right out of the gate. You never know what will happen price wise with these things. Wonder what Sony will do now considering they were being all competitive by putting their new portable Playstation Vita at the same price of $249. But then again the features they're offering on that thing are probably actually worth the price.

Anyways, it'll be interesting to see what happens. Starting August 12th is when the big price drop goes into effect. And this makes the 3DS even more of a future purchase for me than it already was~ And the line up of games is getting better and better too. This fall and Christmas will be a big time to be getting one of these babies. So, good stuff for sure~ Looking forward to having one someday ^_^

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Adventures in TN: A Two Year Anniversary to Remember~

Back from a very nice 4 day weekend~ And I describe it as an adventure because it kinda was xD Especially at the end. But can't beat getting to be with the one you love and having a great time together~ Putt-Putt and sitting around chilling. And most importantly celebrating 2 amazing years together ^_^ In person~ Glad we finally got that chance. That milestone has been reached. And I'm glad we won't be having to wait another year before the real big day ^^; Got about 3 months left now. At least August 5th will mark 3 months exactly. I can't believe it's already almost August. But it just means we're that close to the day we've dreamed about for so long~

Artie, I miss you right now ^^; And it's hard to say goodbye after a nice weekend like this but the day is coming where we won't say goodbye anymore. We won't be so far apart. We'll see each other every single day. And we'll build a life together finally. Make our dreams a reality. Your dreams are my dreams and my dreams are your dreams. And you didn't need to do anything to deserve having me in your life. You've always deserved to have someone who loves you for who you are. I have since the first time I met you and always will~ We are literally a match made in Heaven and we were meant to be together. No matter what, through thick and thin, now and forever. I will always be by your side and I'll do anything for you. Always~

So, I hope you had a great time, Artie~ I did my best to make it so ^_^ And even though yesterday turned out to be more adventurous than we thought, it still turned out for the best xD We got to be together longer and it was fun~ So, next stop November, right? It's getting closer and I can't wait. There's so much I want to do with you. So much I've been waiting for. We've got so much life to look forward to and share together. And beyond. Tis just the beginning~ So, till we're face to face again in November ^_^ The big day and with no goodbyes at the end. I love you and Happy 2 Year Anniversary once again~

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Ar tonelico 3~ Comments Part One

So yeah, I actually beat this game on the 3rd of this month ^^; Been busy and not really in the mood for commentary posts such as this but here we go now~ I will split my comments into more than one post. Cuz this will be long for more than one reason and I want to keep these relatively short for reading purposes and for my own sake in typing them up. So, I'll start off with my beefs with the game which some are probably obvious and we'll see where it goes from there.

Number one, the stripping. I mean, seriously. It added nothing game play wise and it just looked ridiculous. Not as much with the reyvateils I guess but it still was unnecessary in my opinion. Regardless of whatever storyline reason they had for it. The purging aspect is fine it's just how they went about it that I don't like. Never the less, I did my best to push past this aspect and enjoy the game for what it was. And I did I will say that. Very much so.

Second, freakin' hades NISA. Pretty much all yours games have a freezing issue. Luckily there was only one time when it did this that I lost alot of time on. Mainly cuz I saved like a crazy person all the time. And there's actually a trophy for this funnily enough xD And I got it too. But anyways, technical stuff and what not. It happens as usual.

Third, and not so much a beef with the game, the hymns. I don't know, I am not very much attached to the hymns in this game. I mean, with AT1 and 2 I knew the names and who sang them and why they sang them. Like what the purpose was and I loved them. I seemed to have lost this with this game to an extent. They do have some weird names. And storyline wise they went all over the place to me. But don't get me wrong at all. The soundtrack of this game is still freakin' amazing as always. And the hymns are good they just don't take hold of me as much. I didn't enjoy them as well if I'm being honest. But there are three hymns in this game that I absolutely adore:

Ec Tisia (with lyrics)

Ec Tisia ~Tarifa~ (with lyrics)

Song of the Revolving Star

The first two are at the end of the game. Ec Tisia being the ending song and a dang amazing one for the series as well. I mean, really. And you need to read the translated lyrics for this song because it really brings the ending into perspective in alot of ways. You need to see the second song's lyrics as well. Tarifa plays after the final boss fight and during the special scene with which ever RT you picked. Both are excellent hymns. And Ec Tisia kicks major butt just for the nostalgia factor that plays into it too xD But anyways, Song of the Revolving Star is one of Finnel's songs and you hear it when you beat her CS. It's excellent as well. And yes, Finnel is my favorite in this game~ Not in the series of course cuz Luca takes top prize period for that and always will ^_^

So anyways, provided the links for those songs with their lyrics plus translation. The same person made both videos and has a ton of translation vids like this for the Ar tonelico hymns. Check out their channel if you're interested. And for now, I will call this a post and work on comments for the next one. Not sure how many posts this will take but however many it takes to get out all my thoughts and comments I guess. Anyways, more AT3 stuff to come~