Thursday, April 28, 2011

1 day and randomness~

Yes, one more work day to go! Then the fun begins xD Now, for the randomness I'll discuss the announcement of a new Pokemon game that's coming soon. May 21st is apparently the day that this new game will be revealed. But the question is what kind of game is it? I mean, Pokemon covers alot of ground. There's the main games, the spin off games, the stadium games, puzzle games, etc. I think it's safe to say that it will not be a main game considering Black and White just came out. And as for the system it's on, probably Wii or 3DS because it was announced a while back that there were games in development for both those systems. I for one would be happy with a new stadium game for Wii that incorporates the new Pokemon from Gen V. Pokemon Battle Revolution only goes to Gen IV so it would make sense if they made a new game of this style. And definitely include some of the online features of Black and White. That would kick so much butt~

What I don't want it to be is another crappy spin off or port/remake of an old game to the 3DS. That'd be pretty bogus. Though at the moment it doesn't matter cuz I'm not buying games anyways but still xD The point is that's lame. I'll take something interesting in terms of spin offs but I'm really more interested in a new stadium game. But anyways, we'll see what it be come May 21st.

1 day! Almost there! xD

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

2 days~

Don't really know what else to say today ^^; Getting real close now~ Just trying to make my way through 2 more work days really xD Well and so is someone else~ But we'll make it ^_^

2 days! Ahoy! xD

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

3 days and other stuff~

Don't know what randomness to throw in here along with the countdown ^^; I'm still working on a post for Pokemon Black and White and my final commentary there. And as for AT3, I'm enjoying it so far~ Especially the cosmospheres. I mean, I'm not terribly far into it yet but I've already seen that I'm going to enjoy going through the cosmospheres in this game xD The crazier the better to me~ And AT3 is aiming to please already. So, pretty much Pokemon White and AT3 are what I'm playing right now. Even though I've beaten White, including becoming the Pokemon League champion, I'm still team building to take on other post game things. With some of my favorite Pokemon from other gens. And it's fun so yeah. No other reason needed really. So, look out for a more detailed post on those games and other AT3 stuff at some point. For now, the countdown continues!

3 days! Woot! xD

Monday, April 25, 2011

4 days and Happy Anniversary~

Yes, the countdown continues but today is also special for another reason~ Happy Anniversary, Artie ^_^ Almost 2 years now and we're going stronger than ever~ And soon enough everything will finally be as we've wanted it to be for so long. Looking ahead to November but very much looking forward to Friday as well~

4 days! Can't wait xD

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter and the countdown begins~

Yes, first of all Happy Easter to everyone~ Hope it's been a good one. Even if you did have to work ^^; Hopefully it's still been a good day for you though. And second, the countdown to this Friday, April 29th, I am starting now xD Cuz I feel like it~ I'm going back to New York again that day to be with my Artie again for a few days and that's something worth counting down to ^_^ Especially considering events at the beginning of the month almost made this trip not happen. So, counting today that be 5 days even though this day is pretty much already over. But I'll start today anyways! I'll throw in some other random stuff with these posts as well. Since tomorrow is a special day anyways~ For another reason. But anyways, that's what I'm doing!

5 days! And stuff to come on Pokemon Black and White and AT3 at some point ^^;

Friday, April 8, 2011

Recuperating ^^;

Gaming has been delayed for the past few days. Well, since Monday really cuz I've been in the hospital that entire time. Thankfully I got to come home yesterday though. And I'm feeling much better. Gonna be on blood thinners for a while to make sure no more blood clots come back but for the most part I'm fine and can resume life as usual. Just have to be really careful not to injure myself during this time span as obviously I can bleed very easily with this stuff. So, dodged a bullet there as I caught this problem fairly quickly and took action. Questions remain as to what caused it but I gots people working on that to get an idea. Lots of tests being done and the results have not come back yet. But we shall see what becomes of this in the end. I'm just glad to be home now~

Gaming wise, I have finished Pokemon White and am playing AT3. Gonna get back to that this weekend. Loving the down time at home instead of somewhere else ^^; So, gonna give my final thoughts on Pokemon Black and White at some point and probably initial thoughts on AT3 at some point as well. Until then~