Tuesday, April 26, 2011

3 days and other stuff~

Don't know what randomness to throw in here along with the countdown ^^; I'm still working on a post for Pokemon Black and White and my final commentary there. And as for AT3, I'm enjoying it so far~ Especially the cosmospheres. I mean, I'm not terribly far into it yet but I've already seen that I'm going to enjoy going through the cosmospheres in this game xD The crazier the better to me~ And AT3 is aiming to please already. So, pretty much Pokemon White and AT3 are what I'm playing right now. Even though I've beaten White, including becoming the Pokemon League champion, I'm still team building to take on other post game things. With some of my favorite Pokemon from other gens. And it's fun so yeah. No other reason needed really. So, look out for a more detailed post on those games and other AT3 stuff at some point. For now, the countdown continues!

3 days! Woot! xD

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