Friday, December 31, 2010

Cross Edge and Happy New Year's Eve~

Alright, this is like a combination post about a few things ^^; First off I'd like to give some initial comments about Cross Edge and then end it with some special comments about the year itself. So, lets get to it~

Might be a little late to give some initial comments on this considering I've been playing it for a while but Imma do it anyways xD The battle system in general was a little slow getting into for me. I have to say I spent some time in the practice battle thing testing some things out. But now that I've got a handle on it, it's freakin' fun. No doubt. Though as Artie knows, I made some things hard on myself by not looking at other stuff ^^; Like the Database and the goodies in there. But it's all good still. The story is pretty much what I expected. And by that I mean the quality of it and especially the humor. I mean, the story is as interesting as it can be for what the game is. But I'm enjoying it and that's all that matters. Lyner, Raze, Morrigan, and Aurica is the party I mainly use and will continue to cuz I'm attached to them xD I'll bring more on this after I beat it though.

Now, onto the second thing. Since it's New Year's Eve I usually like to look back on the year at the milestones of what happened. And 2010 was one heck of a year for that for me. First of all, I graduated from college. Something I have looked forward to and worked hard for. And when I say hard, I mean hard ^^; This year in particular was pretty grueling because I didn't really have a break from school at all. Summer school and all that crap and the classes themselves were um, kinda testing my limits in alot of ways ^^; But I guess that's what college does. So earning that was a huge accomplishment and everything I did for that was all worth it. Now comes the job hunt so lets hope 2011 is kind to me in that regard.

Next and most obvious thing is getting to be with Artie for the first time ^_^ It's mostly the end of the year that all this stuff happened xD Though college was really an ongoing thing all year to accomplish. But anyways, we had waited well over a year for this meeting to happen and if you've followed one or both of our blogs you've seen the comments and the pictures that followed. We are looking at 2011 to be a very special year for us in many ways~ There be stuff to take care of but we're gonna keep moving in that special direction ^_~ So, my big goals for next year are pretty much decided. Just gotta hope everything goes well. So, I guess let the countdown begin! 2010 has been a good year but 2011 is sure to be even better~ Happy New Year's Eve everyone!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Pokemon Black and White release date!

Nintendo has announced it at a press release that these games shall be released in the US on March 6th, 2011~ And I've already gone on Amazon and pre-ordered both xD I figured they would have them up and they did. So, here's my first most looked forward to games of next year. Ar tonelico 3 will be the next~ And then beyond that I don't really know ^^; These are just the ones I've been paying attention to. Don't know what kinda pre-order bonus they're having with these. They almost always do but I'm sure they don't know just yet since they were just announced. Probably figurines again if I had to guess. But anyways, good stuff and I'm looking forward to it~

Sunday, December 26, 2010

.hack//G.U. vol. 3//Redemption beaten and DKC2 completed~

Not planning on making this a really long post. Because I don't like to make incredibly long posts anymore. So, I'll give my comments on this trilogy of games. The series in general has an interesting concept to me. The overall story for GU was pretty good too. Haseo starts out as really annoying I'm sure to people who first play volume 1, unless you have a thing for really rude people ^^; But that's just how he is at first. Kinda like Luke in Tales of the Abyss. They have the same voiced actor actually xD Anyways, it's really interesting to see him change and grow and view his purpose or goal differently. What started out as just plain revenge against Tri-Edge turned into a mission to save everyone. Sure he abused his power in the beginning when he awakened to it. But it's kinda funny how it all worked out that him doing that in the beginning helped in the end.

There's still some confusing aspects in the story. Mainly to do with Ovan for me. And AIDA. But the end of the game had some awesome fights~ And it was just made better with all the upgrades and stuff they gave Haseo. This game had a really fun battle system that just kept evolving and giving me new abilities. Being able to switch weapons and all that was pwnage. And the system isn't complicated to use so that's another plus. I loved getting the dual guns and Double Trigger. Anyways, that last avatar fight was dang hard. Not the first part but the second part kicked my butt at least 5 times before I finally beat it ^^; And I was in the red data draining him. But avatar battles are fun so that was the saving grace that kept me going. The fights after that were challenging too and the actual final boss fight was great. Really enjoyed that.

All in all, the ending was quite satisfying. "The World" was returned to normal, all the Lost Ones came back, and Haseo could be a regular player again. I was kinda torn between what happened in terms of Shino and Atoli. Because Shino got left behind really as Haseo grew and changed, making new friends. Wasn't her fault or Haseo's but things couldn't go back to the way they were. But at the same time I felt bad for Atoli too. So, I guess it did end in a way it should have. As long as the friendship still remains that's enough for me really. And maybe Ovan is still out there somewhere too.

So, that concludes this~ Next on the list is Cross Edge ^^ As if I don't have a ton of other games though ^^; But stay tuned as I begin that~

Second thing to report is my completion of DKC2~ I has gotten 102% in the game meaning I have gotten everything xD What's funny is that I was missing 1% and come to find out you have to talk to all the Kongs in the game for that. I hadn't even talked to Swanky because I don't do the bonus game stuff. So that was amusing in a way. But anyways, it feels good to complete one of my favorite games ever. And it would have been much sooner if I had this game when I was younger. But better late than never, right?

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas everyone~

Hope everyone is having a good one so far ^^ I has unwrapped all of my loot and am very pleased~ Yay presents xD But first, some other things:

Tis my Christmas tree obviously~ With lots of Rudolph plushies all over it xD And presents underneath that ain't there no more.

And the stockings~ With a very special one underneath mine ^_^ There's nothing in those anymore either xD

Alright, now the presents~

I gots three old games. Like SNES, N64, and PS1 xD Cuz I wanted them so yeah. And music from two of my favorite groups. Then the Gamestop giftcards ($75 worth ^^;) And Skittles! And you're probably wondering what the orange and white thing is. Well, inside that be my diploma and I do count that as a Christmas gift xD A very hard earned gift but still a gift. And of course I already got stuff from my Artie~ So, it's been a good one for me so far.

Oh, and of course, Happy Anniversary, Artie ^_^

Friday, December 24, 2010

PS3 games!

First of all, happy Christmas Eve to everyone xD Second, I can never say thank you enough to Artie for my gift of a PS3~ And a whole bunch of other things ^_^ But anyways, obviously I had to get me some games for it and thanks to Amazon I got these pretty dang cheap honestly.

Cross Edge was actually the most expensive one. And Amazon didn't even sell it. It came from another seller on the site but anyways it's mine xD And it'll be the next game I focus on after I finish .hack GU volume 3.

Next is Star Ocean 4: The Last Hope International version. And I got a great deal on this. Normally a $60 game and I got it for half because Amazon was having some great deals for Christmas. I traded in my 360 version of the original game along with some others. I only played it once on there. I had a beef with them about taking out the anime aspects of the game. Which the Star Ocean series has had so it didn't make any sense to take it out. Be true to the series is all I'm saying. So yeah, I'll be much happier with this one. My plan is to play this and SO2 at the same time because those are the two games I haven't beaten in the series and I own both so makes sense xD

And last but not least, Valkyria Chronicles. Which Sega decided to be great teasers by putting Vyse and Aika from Skies of Arcadia in the game as cameos and playable characters. Fina too if I'm remembering correctly. Making everyone yell where's our sequel!? But anyways ^^; I've been interested in this game for a long time. And there's a second game on PSP and from what I've heard a third game coming to PSP too. I've gotta get caught up ^^;; But I got this game for $21 so yeah. Deal~

So these three games were my must haves right off. Ar tonelico 3 will be next year of course. But my PS3 gaming cannot begin until GU is finished which will be soon. And a post will soon follow that when I do. So until then~

Saturday, December 18, 2010

One of the best weeks of my life~

And many surprises in more than one way ^^; But very good surprises of course. I cannot express in words how much I enjoyed being with you, Artie. I thank you for everything (especially the gift xD). Even if we didn't get to go out much or any of that, it doesn't matter. Getting to be with you was all I needed. Course it's all I'll ever need. I already look forward to the next time and I'm always looking forward to beyond. I love you always and with all my heart~

And I'm still sorry for all the plane nonsense back home ^^; But I did have fun hooking up my gift xD Tis all set~ *goes to buy some PS3 games*

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Getting on a plane tomorrow~

Well, two really xD But to one destination~ For one of the best days of my life ^_^ Or weeks really. I'll see you in the morning at 11am, Artie~ *goes to sleep*

Friday, December 10, 2010

And so it ends~

As of today, or the 9th rather ^^;, I am a college graduate~ Lots of time, stress, and hard work poured into 4 years. Started in fall 2006 and ended in fall 2010. It feels really good to have accomplished this and to have all the stress off my shoulders. There's so much to look forward to now with this done and I can't wait to get started. Time to enjoy the rest of my Christmas break ^_^ Especially this coming week~

Friday, December 3, 2010

Another year older~

Yes, twas my birthday yesterday~ And I want to thank everyone for their birthday wishes to me ^_^ And for once no one asked me "So, do you feel 23?" I mean, how the heck do you answer that anyways? xD I just feel like me really. Anyways, I enjoyed my ice cream cake and my wonderful present from someone~ That shall be getting alot of use soon. Thank you, Artie~

And in other news, in the near future there shall be a review post about Donkey Kong Country Returns since I'm pretty sure I'm close to beating that. There's alot of life stuff happening that I shall discuss in the near future too. Gonna be real active around here for once xD So stay tuned~

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Or Turkey Day or whatever you wanna call it xD Have a great holiday~ I know I am thankful for many things ^_^

Love this picture xD

And Happy Anniversary, Artie ^_^

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Recent game purchases~

November has had some pretty good releases and I've picked up two of them as of late. One of them takes me back to my childhood and the other takes me back to Yggdra Union in a way xD It was made by the same people and for another reason but anyways.

Knights in the Nightmare is first. Came out the 9th I believe. And it's for the PSP if you're wondering. Anyways, the character design is very much reminiscent of Yggdra Union. And I loved the character design in that game. Like alot. The game seems to host a very unique combat system too and other systems as well. I know there is a job system in this game but I don't know how all this works just yet. This game was originally on the DS just like Yggdra Union. But when they put it on the PSP they added another character scenario and it turns out it's Princess Yggdra. So, there are three scenarios in this version. Also, they added more detailed tutorials about the combat system and stuff in the PSP version too. So, it seemed like the better buy to me. Don't know which scenario I'll go through first when I play it but we shall see when the time comes ^_^

This was probably my most anticipated release in November. And it was definitely my most anticipated release for the Wii. Since I don't really buy much for it. But this was too good to pass up. I've seen gameplay. Especially on Monday when the Backloggery streamed it. It's pretty awesome looking. I mean, it doesn't have exactly the same feel as the old DKC games on the SNES. And that's because of the graphics and the different control scheme. But it's still a DKC game. No doubt. It has taken alot of good things from the other games. And the music is superb from what I've heard so far. I'm definitely looking forward to some awesome platforming action here xD
My only gripe is one part of the control scheme. And that's because Nintendo with every freakin' game has to put in some gimmick with the Wii mote. Cuz yes, you have to use that to play. Not a classic controller or something else. Anyways, to roll into enemies and smack the ground and stuff like that you have to shake the Wii mote while also using the directional controls. Instead of pressing like a button to do it. Why Nintendo? Why? This messes up a person like me who is used to the old way from playing the old games so much. I have a feeling I'm gonna die alot before I get used to that ^^; Anyways, I'm just gonna shout a message to Nintendo that will probably never get heard but here goes:

I know you like gimmicks. And I know you have a good thing going with people who didn't really play video games before fawning all over the Wii and the Wii mote but please. Show your hardcore gamers who have been with you since the good old days some respect too. Give us options and not just this new confounded way that we don't like. I like a good old game controller, not a tv remote and I like pressing buttons to do things. So please, remember who else plays your games. That is all.

Ahem, so anyways ^^; There are some other games I'll be needing to get someday. Just not right now for obvious reasons. Kirby's Epic Yarn is another game I'll get. I'm sure I'll deal with some weird control scheme for it too. But until, next time~

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Rest in peace, Pooky (2008-2010)

Yep, my other hamster is gone now too. On Thursday actually. I am officially petless. I had them both for 2 years so that's pretty good I think. And I had Pooky since she was born. I have debated getting another hamster since I still have all this stuff and I love them. But I don't know if I will or not. I do miss them and it feels so weird not having them around ^^; It's just different. Anyways, I loved them both and they were good pets that I'll always remember~

This will always be my favorite picture of her ^^
And I still have this boat actually xD

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep- Special Edition~

Yep, this baby arrived straight from the UK on Thursday xD Because yeah, for whatever reason this special edition was a PAL release thing only. Who knows why. But it doesn't matter since the PSP is region free and it's not like this is any different from the US version in terms of the actual game. Anyways, you get two art printouts that you see there and this 48 page hardback artbook with art from the game in it. Pretty nifty really. I mean the book isn't huge but who cares. It's still quality. Don't know when this game will be beaten though ^^; It will be because I love this series but yeah. I still have the DS game to beat as well. I just needs the time to do it really. But graduation be coming in December~ But anyways, till next time ^^

Saturday, October 16, 2010

The best of the best: Cute creatures in games xD

That's right, a new idea has come to me. And it's all about the cute stuff this time xD And it is my opinion but come on, I'm sure others would agree with me that they're cute~ So without further intro stuff, here we go ^_^ In no particular order as always:

1.) Munchie (Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King)

2.) Mieu (Tales of the Abyss)

3.) Yoshi (Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door)

4.) Cupil (Skies of Arcadia)

5.) Don Leon (Ar tonelico)

I just did 5 again xD And I don't think any text is necessary here~ I mean, just look and you will see the cuteness ^^ Anyways, that was my randomness for the day. Until next time~

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Etrian Odyssey 3 and artbook~

This be what came in the mail today~ Something I've been looking forward to even though I can't play it yet xD Anyways, Atlus has done a great job once again in alot of ways. I love the new character classes and additions in terms of exploring. I haven't played it yet but I already know about them. And also because of the awesome artbook they gave you with pre-orders.

This is good stuff. Concept art of characters, enemies, bosses, backgrounds, and other stuff. This is a quality artbook to me. Not just some skimpy extra they gave you. So, Atlus gets a thumbs up from me for this~ But that's pretty much what I wanted to say about this. Someday I'll get to play it ^^; Till then~

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Gurren Lagann Complete Collection~

I was wondering when I would see this happen~ And at a good price to boot thanks to Amazon. Tis a very good anime with alot of action, epicness, awesome characters, and an overall pretty good story. The story does get "out there" to an extent especially in season 2 xD But it's still good. I mean, the ideas behind it all are very good so that's all that needs to be said. The ending is so bittersweet to me though. I will say that. It was good in an awesome way but also bittersweet in another way too. Anyways, I will have this in my hands soon from Amazon~ Along with Etrian Odyssey 3 ^_^

Monday, September 6, 2010

The best of the best: Final Boss music~

Who doesn't love a good final boss fight? Especially if the music really makes it epic as all heck. That's what I'm here to cover today xD Or night. Whatever. Obviously if I'm doing this, there could be spoilers in the description. I'll keep 'em to a minimum though. Just have to give fair warning though. So lets get this started~ In no particular order as always:

Skies of Arcadia~ Final Battle (Opportunity)
Alright, this music is epic as all heck and full of awesomeness. Seriously. The fight itself is pretty epic too. Course if you love the game as much as me you'd say the same thing. But no one does love this game more than me xD One really interesting aspect about battle themes in SoA is that they change depending on your health. The music becomes really intense and fearful if someone dies or alot of your party's health is low. And it becomes really triumphant and upbeat if everyone's health is peachy and you get the enemy's health low. I think it's a really nice touch and all the boss themes do this. Just makes battles in this game more epic feeling than they already are~

Tales of the Abyss~ Finish the Promise
Yeah, the dang fight with Van had like 3 different themes in it. Time to Raise the Cross, A Place in the Sun, and this. Time to Raise the Cross is freakin' epic too but I actually like this one a bit more. Both are awesome. Heck all three are and really made this fight awesome for me. And the ending to follow~ Love this game.

Star Ocean: Till the End of Time~ Highbrow
Yeah, I'll tell you right now this final boss theme stretches on for 10 minutes straight. And I don't mean looping. That's just how long it is. Maybe they did it because they know you'll actually spend enough time in the actual boss fight to listen to it ^^; And that's no joke either. Unless you used item creation like crazy. On Galaxy mode not so much but you go into this fight on Universe or 4D mode (the two hardest difficulties in the game) you will listen to most of this music. I guarantee it. It's dang good music though. For an awesome final boss fight that's actually challenging even on normal difficulty. Kudos to you Luther. You have kicked my butt quite a few times I must say. Insanity Prelude. That's all I have to say. Hardest attack of his to dodge and instant gameover usually if you don't. Then you get to listen to him say "Wallow in despair!" after you die.

Persona 4~ The Genesis
Yes, I know I listed this one with the Best of the Best video game music post but it had to be mentioned in this too. It's just that awesome. It's quite a challenging fight anyways and this music just really turned on the epic factor. Even if the final boss is quite um, ugly xD But yeah, how this fight ends is just wow. I mean, you do get her Hp down to zero but then the game ends it in an awesome way. Definitely gotta give credit to that.

Ar tonelico 2: Melody of Metafalica~ Sublimation 3
Alright, so this wasn't the hardest boss fight ever. Like at all ^^; And this isn't what most people expect from a final boss fight theme but dang if it isn't awesome. I love it so much. Course I have alot of love for Infel too xD Not as much as Luca of course~ Anyways, I thought this hymn was really nice for the last fight in this game. They had some crazy stuff with Sublimation 1 and 2 before that then they slowed it down with this one. It just seemed fitting to me really.

And with 5 that wraps it up for this one~ Been a while since I made a post but with college it's just not that easy ^^; I still need to make that GU volume 2 post at some point too. But looks like I'll beat volume 3 before that happens xD If so then who cares. I'll just do a final post about everything. Anyways, until next time~

Saturday, August 21, 2010

The best of the best: Platformers~

Obviously video game platformers cuz I don't know any other way that word could be used. And according to spell check it's not even a real word xD Anyways, I apologize in advance because Castlevania, Metroid, Mega Man and stuff like that will not be included in my list because I never played those when I was a kid and never really got into them. However, I make mention of them because they deserve recognition. There are others series I never played but that's life. And these are my thoughts. So without further stuff let's begin~ In no particular order once again.

Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest~
All of these games constitute as good platformers. But this is, in my opinion, the best one out of all three. In different categories such as music, difficulty, and level design. It tops the other 3 for me. Difficulty in that it gets much harder in the later levels. And K. Rool is probably the most difficult to beat in this game. Level design because they cleverly hide things like bonus barrels and the DK Coin very well. And the levels are just interesting. It's just a solid platformer all around.

Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island~
Yes, I like this game more than the SMB games and SMW1. Probably because I like Yoshi more than anyone else in the Mario series xD Anyways, my other reasons are the art design, game mechanics, and level design. I really adore the art style in this game. It was designed to look that way it does because Mario is a baby. And while that annoys some people, I enjoy it alot. Game mechanics like throwing eggs and butt stomping things is awesome. And level design is amazing. Finding everything in the later levels gets pretty tricky. Not as bad as Yoshi's Island DS mind you *shudders*

Sonic the Hedgehog 2~
Yeah, I know most people are like what? Not 3 or Sonic and Knuckles? Yeah, you heard me right. I like 2 the best. And yes, it's complete coincidence that every game so far has a 2 in it xD That's just how it ended up. Anyways, the game has awesome music and good level design. It's just always been my favorite and one of my favorite platformers. Maybe because it introduced Tails and he's my favorite character in this series. I know more blank stares because of this too. But I don't care~

Kirby's Adventure/Nightmare in Dreamland~
I'm talking about the NES game but there is a remake on the GBA called Nightmare in Dreamland. Which is also really good. Anyways, I loves Kirby~ His ability to gain enemy's powers I always found extremely fun. And getting 100% in this game isn't too easy. Mostly it involves having the right power and trying not to lose it before you get to the part you need it at. Also, the mini-games are freakin' fun. The crane game and the quick draw! Quick draw was so awesome xD I'm glad I got this off the Virtual Console again.

Spyro the Dragon~
Yep, the first game on the PS1. I freakin' love this game. I love all three of the original PS1 games but this one is my fave. Love the music, the areas, and just everything. Getting 100% is a challenge too. I played this to death when I was younger. It was just one of those games. Course all of them I've listed fall under that category xD He's the dragon with the attitude~

And that'll be it~ This be my top 5 pretty much. And I don't wanna go over 5 for this one. Anyways, till next time with whatever topic I come up with xD And my .hack GU volume 2 commentary be coming soon~

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Final semester of college begins~

Well, it started yesterday but that's beside the point ^^; Anyways, 4 hard working years to get this done. Started in the fall of 2006 and am finishing in the fall of 2010. 4 years exactly. And I'm ready. Time to actually do what I wanna do. Find the job that I want and get to be with a certain someone ^_^ I'm pretty excited about that. Just have to work hard and get through these classes. I wish anyone else who started school recently or will be starting good luck~ No matter the grade level. Let us do our best ^^

Friday, August 13, 2010

The best of the best: Video game music~

Alright, I've been thinking of new ideas to add life to my blog. Posts I can do and stuff like that. So, every now and then I'm going to post these little thingies called "The best of the best" in some category of my choosing. These are my opinion type of things obviously. Not going on general consensus or something like that. And it's fun to learn new things about people, right? ^^

So, lets start with video game music, shall we~? I got the idea for today because I was playing Donkey Kong Country 2 and was reminded of just how utterly amazing the music is in that game. But for this I'm only choosing one song from a game. Otherwise this could get rather long ^^; Even though it's hard to choose sometimes. Anyways, lets begin. And this is in no particular order. Just how they come to mind.

Donkey Kong Country 2~ Stickerbrush Symphony
Alright, this right here is just one amazing piece of music. I do know that many other people would agree with me on this one. Just from reading and listening to stuff on the internet. But anyways, if you have time I highly recommend giving this a listen. I don't even know what it is about it that makes it so good to me but why try to explain it? It's just awesome. Period.

Ar tonelico: Melody of Elemia~ Phantasmagoria
Yeah, okay, I could have listed like a bunch of music from this game I love. But I'm sticking to only picking one song ^^; And this is my favorite from this game. I still remember beating this game for the first time and listening to this song. I freakin' loved it. Tis amazing just like the game itself.

Ar tonelico 2: Melody of Metafalica~ EXEC_VIENA/.
The same goes for this game that I said above. Way too much good stuff to choose from. But this song will always stick with me. It plays during my favorite scene in the game and is sung by one of my favorite characters ever. I am expecting good things AT3 xD You better represent. Whenever I play you someday.

Tales of the Abyss~ Overflowing Emotions, Reunion
Yeah, one thing you'll notice alot of times is my favorite music from games is connected to my favorite scenes. And this one comes straight from the ending of this game. Which I loved. And Luke is another one of my favorite characters ever~ The title speaks for itself and it does convey alot of emotion.

Skies of Arcadia~ Epilogue
Yeah, yeah, where to start ^^;; Cuz this is my favorite game ever in so many categories. So hard to choose... Ahem. But yeah, this plays at the end of the game obviously and this game had an awesome, amazingly wonderful ending. How could I not love this music when I picture it in my head whenever I hear it? So yeah, I think that explains that.

Super Mario RPG~ Forest Maze
It's freaking catchy as heck xD I love this music. Besides, it's in this forest that you get Geno~ And Geno is awesome beyond words. I wanted him to be Brawl so bad but alas it didn't happen. Anyways, tis an amazing game to boot too.

Persona 4~ The Genesis
Final boss music ahoy~ Seriously, it's freakin' awesome. I remember enjoying this music so much. And the final boss was no push over. Just made things more epic. The very end is what I love the most. If you listen to it all the way you'll know what I mean.

Final Fantasy IX~ You Are Not Alone
The second of only two FF games I've ever beaten. And nothing will ever beat this one as my favorite. I love it so much. The title of the music speaks for itself and the scene it plays at in the game.

Legend of Legaia~ Cave of Warmth
Man, I love this game too~ And I remember you first meet Noa in this cave. And Noa is adorable. Period. So yeah, this music reflects this very well I must say xD

Radiata Stories~ Tekuteku Aruku: Karaoke Version
Ah, this game was so silly~ But it was a good game. No joke. It had its own charm that just can't be duplicated. Anyways, this is the ending music. Just the music. There is a vocal version but I like this better.

And I think that'll about do it. That's 10 so I think I should stop there. All these games I listed have incredible music anyways so I'll leave it at that. I hope this was at least slightly entertaining ^^; Or interesting. Anyways, until next time when I come up with another topic~

Sunday, August 8, 2010

.hack//G.U. vol. 1//Rebirth comments~

Wow, been a while since a post, huh? ^^; Ah, such busyness and other stuff. Anyways, this be my post about GU volume 1 that I beat not too long ago. I've already started volume 2 so that'll be along soon enough after I beat it as well. This entire trilogy is basically set in real world Japan. A bit into the future anyways. And the MC, whatever his real life name is cuz I don't know, plays an MMORPG called The World: R2. I know all these .hack games have this kind of premise. You don't really do anything in the actual real world in this game. Everything takes place inside the MMORPG he's playing. You can visit your desktop though when you log out of the game xD

The desktop is for checking email from other players and stuff, reading forums (yes, you read forums in a game and it's amusing), reading the news (also interesting because this is really futuristic stuff they've made up), viewing the in game movies, looking at wallpaper you're collected as well as music, and last but not least Crimson VS, which is a fun little card game. And that's pretty much what you do outside The World.

The MC's character in the game is called Haseo. He used to be part of a guild called the Twilight Brigade that was searching for something. One of his guild members, a girl named Shino, was pk'd (player killed) by someone called Tri-Edge. Ever since that happened, the real player for Shino fell into a coma in the real world. The game starts off showing you the MC creating his character then logging in. He meets two people who show him how to play the game then proceed to PK him for sheer amusement. That's when he meets Ovan who pwns the two people and allows Haseo into his guild somewhere down the line.

From those experiences, Haseo became known as a PKK (a player killer killer). I know it sounds funny xD Everyone knows him as The Terror of Death and he searches for Tri-Edge. He ends up meeting him and getting defeated and Tri-Edge reduces his level back to 1. From there, the adventure really begins. Haseo is definitely not the friendliest guy in the world to start out. He's got alot of issues bugging him. And he finds out his character has a power hidden inside of him called an Avatar. Basically, he can transform into this thing but it's dangerous to do. He could send another player into a coma if he uses it. At first he doesn't care and uses it on some of the other players in the arena. But he's taught a lesson there by his friend Kuhn. He chills out quite a bit towards the end of volume 1.

He meets another player called Atoli who looks exactly like Shino. She irritates him like crazy at first because of how she looks and the fact that she's nothing like Shino. But she becomes an important person later down the line. The real enemy in this game is something called AIDA. It's outside the normal parameters of the game and nobody really knows what it is. But it's what is sending people into comas and just creating a real mess. Turns out Tri-Edge is infected by it and that's how Shino ended up the way she did. The Avatars are the only things that can defeat AIDA. And not just Haseo has one. And I'll just say that Avatar battles are really fun and intense. Normal players in the game cannot see Avatars when someone summons them. Only if they possess one themselves.

The final boss is indeed Tri-Edge and you have to defeat him in a normal battle and an avatar battle. Both being the hardest ones in the game. And Atoli has her Avatar stolen by AIDA at the end of volume 1 which damages her character data. But I'll get into that in volume 2 as it's explained there. I thought she was gonna become another lost one after that scene. The Lost Ones are the people in comas. That's what people refer to them as in this game. Anyways, there's lots to do in game besides the story. Haseo is part of his own guild called Canard and you can level it up and get special features. Quite useful really. Having your own steam bike is pwnage xD There be sidequests and achievements that aren't annoyingly hard to do but still provide a pretty good challenge. They have a good mix with that I must say.

So that be it for volume 1. Volume 2 is well underway and I'm enjoying it alot. Lots of good features added and the story keeps getting more interesting. I'll update when the time comes. Till then~

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

New stuffs: P3P and Skies of Arcadia short novel

Both of these items arrived a while back actually but lack of time and other things made this blog post a bit late. Anyways, here be the first one:

Yep, it's the PSP port of Persona 3 for the PS2. But you can play as a female main character in this game if you choose to do so. You have a choice between male and female. And of course since I've already played the PS2 version I am playing as the female. The story changes a bit as well as some of the social links in the game. Because you're a girl and they had to create options for you in terms of having a boyfriend xD All I needed to know is that you can date Ryoji <3 Freakin' love him. Probably my favorite character in the game.

Anyways, notice that hat I got with the game from Amazon?

Yep, it's Junpei's hat. The guy to the very right in that art. I thought that was pretty awesome cuz Junpei is an awesome character and very hilarious too. So it's win all around~ Nice extra, Amazon.

Next item:

This is a Skies of Arcadia short novel. Yes, from Japan so I can't really read the thing ^^; There are some art pages which is cool. Not a bunch because it's a novel. But this is for collection purposes more than anything. I love anything SoA related. And that's pretty much it for this. Imma make a post real soon about .hack GU volume 1. I beat it last Friday night. So that be coming. Till then~

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Digimon Xros Wars initial thoughts

Alright, after watching the first episode I have my initial thoughts on things. First off Taiki, the main character, pretty much feels like he's gonna be stereotypical and almost hilariously so. I hope not but it already looks that way. I might be pleasantly surprised but yeah. He has this insatiable urge to help people apparently. To the point where he can't say no and he'll drive himself to exhaustion just to do something for someone else. Definitely obvious that this has something to do with an event that happened in the past. One scene spelled that out with a short flashback. Who knows how long till that truth is revealed though.

Anyways, Shoutmon, Taiki's partner, is pretty interesting. He was at near death when they met but Taiki revived him. Shoutmon's goal is to apparently be the king of the Digital World. Which right now will be a long upward climb cuz some big bad Digimon are controlling things right now. The Digital World is pretty much one huge war zone. Hence the title of this season. From what I see, there's a group of villains that are taking control of different areas because they have a nice army of Digimon

This season seems weird to me in the fact that Digivolution is almost nonexistent. It's all just combining the Digimon together and stuff. And even the evil Digimon can do it. So, I don't know about that. Depends on how they go about doing it. Cuz it'll get boring real fast if all you see is the same forms of stuff. And people complained about Frontier. Anyways, I ain't gonna judge too quickly. It was just the first episode. It was interesting. I just wanna see how they go about things later in the season. One thing I do like about this season is that music and melody seem to play a nice role between the humans and Digimon. I like that concept alot. Anyways, I'll be following this anime to completion of course so I won't be saying anything else about it till it finishes. Until then~

Friday, July 9, 2010

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood~

Alright, the final episode was up yesterday on FUNimation's website. I've been following this anime since last fall. I had already watched the FMA anime that came on a while back. This is very different. Because it's based on the manga. The first anime was not. And there are ALOT of differences. In my opinion, Brotherhood is better. They're both good but Brotherhood just shines. It's a totally awesome anime. I enjoyed it alot.

If you've watched either of them you know that the basic storyline is that Edward and Alfonse Elric performed human transmutation to try to bring their mother back to life. It's pretty much considered the biggest taboo of alchemists. They learned how to do most of their alchemy from their dad's books and stuff. Their dad left them when they were younger and their mom was all they had. Unfortunately, she died from an illness leading them to find a way to bring her back. With alchemy there is a law called equivalent exchange. Something can't be created from nothing. Something of equal value must be exchanged. The brothers believe all they need are all the elements that make up the human body and their blood.

When they try the transmutation it goes out of control and Ed's right arm and leg are taken. It's pretty gruesome in the anime. Alfonse's entire body is taken from him but with some quick acting Ed is able to transmute his soul to a body of armor. And thus begins their trouble. The anime is pretty much their journey to correct the mistake they made and try to get their bodies back to their original state. There's a whole range of elements throughout this anime. It's funny, sad as all heck, gruesome and just plain freaky, and downright awesome.

To give a basic rundown of the plot after the human transmutation, Ed joins the military as a state alchemist. The youngest person to ever become one. He uncovers secrets inside the military. It's pretty much corrupt. This crazy guy who lives underneath Central is pulling the strings. And he's pretty much immortal. He's unleashed all 7 of his "deadly sins" or human emotions in the form of humunculi or artificial humans. He gets rid of them to be a perfect being or something. Wrath is the fuhrer of the country. Their goal is to create an immortal army of artificial humans and sacrifice almost everyone to create a philosopher's stone, the source of their power. As you would guess, Ed and a bunch of other people they met along the way stop him as well as all the other humunculi. Except for Greed who joined the fight against him.

Al sacrificed himself to give Ed back his real arm. Since his automail one got busted up in the fight. And with that he defeated him. Don't know the guy's real name. He didn't really have one. He was just a homunculus who was released by Ed and Al's father, Hohenheim, way back when. A long time ago. And got too powerful when he destroyed an entire country pretty much. Anyways, Ed makes his way to the gate of truth to get Al back. In order to do so he must give up something of course. So, he chooses to give up his own gate of truth thus making himself unable to use alchemy. And finally he and Al are back to normal and go back home. And Hohenheim dies in peace at his wife's grave. That was a really touching scene.

The final episode was pretty much a summary of what happened after that. Mustang becomes fuhrer. Or at least it's implied at the end with the pictures and ending song. He's working to rebuild and make the country better. Without a corrupt government. Ed and Al return home but decide they want to travel the world and see different things. One going east and the other west. And you gotta love the scene between Ed and Winry before he gets on the train xD I kinda knew it was coming too. Him asking her to marry him. Ah, and this picture at the end:

It was quite satisfying. The ending I mean. Not sure what anime to watch now. Other Digimon Xros Wars. I'll just have to look. Anyways, that's it for this~

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Summer of Spanish half over and stuff

Okay, so I survived the first Spanish class as of today *whew* No, seriously that sigh of relief is um, not an exaggeration ^^; 5 week classes suck. I don't recommend it. Unless you're trying to do what I'm doing which is graduate this fall. Anyways, this is sort of a random little post about life I guess. I have updates coming about stuff but I have to wait for them. For instance, this Thursday the final episode of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood will be out. After which, of course, I will make a post about said anime. I'll already say right now that I loved it and it was incredibly awesome. I'm sure the last episode will be also. When a subbed video of the first episode of Digimon Xros Wars comes out I'll comment on it too. It only just premiered yesterday in Japan.

I'm waiting for at least two things I've bought. One will be a while longer maybe and the other will come along soon. I'm still playing through .hack GU at the moment and will continue to until I've beaten all 3 volumes. I shall update after each volume. I'm playing a few other little random things but games fall under time constraints more than anything else right now.

And that's pretty much it for now. I have at least gotten to do stuff this summer other than sit at home and study. For that I'm grateful. Just another 5 weeks of this nonsense. Fall semester can't get here fast enough for more than one reason. Anyways, happy 4th of July to everyone xD Even though it's late but oh well. I hope it was nice for you~

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Phantom Brave: We Meet Again comments~

Yep, my first and final comments because I never got to make an introductory post xD For a few reasons. Like school and it was kinda short. 45 hours worth which is still good enough for me. I mean, I needed a shorter game after those others. Anyways, you start out meeting Ash and Marona's parents on the Island of Evil fighting some monsters. With some battle system introductory stuff. Then they're attacked by a nasty looking monster that pretty much wipes them out.

But before Ash dies, Marona's dad, Haze, turns him into a phantom. It's a power that runs in the family apparently. Both of Marona's parents end up dying and Ash, as a phantom, feels it's his duty to watch over Marona for them. This ends up being a good thing and a bad thing because everyone believes that Marona is possessed because of him. So, she's pretty much treated like crap by everyone. But she's so incredibly sweet and wants to help everyone that she doesn't care.

The game revolves around her taking jobs to help people so she can buy the island she lives on. And on that island is where all your created characters and weapons hang out. And you can do stuff like buy weapons from your merchant, create a random dungeon to train in, upgrade your weapons, combine weapons and characters, heal peeps, etc. All that happens on your island. You just need to create the characters that do those things. On your fighting force, you really only need like 6-7 characters. Unless you massively grind to be really overpowered then you'd only need like 3-4. Reason you need a good amount is because characters don't stay on the map forever. You have be conservative about when to throw them out there to fight. I know I really had to conserve my fighters early in the game. Until I discovered an awesome way to grind xD
The overall difficulty of the game varied. Some maps you just breezed through. Others you pretty much thought were ridiculous. Like the one where there was only one thing to confine a character to. As if one character was enough. Luckily I used Marona to throw something to confine a character to. Um, there was another where this cactus on the map gave off Invincible status to the enemies and it was hidden all the way in the back behind all the enemies. That one ticked me off too.
Anyways, as you progress further, the island is eventually given to her anyways by Sienna. She collected rent from them and owned that island initially. It's revealed that her true identity is Scarlet the Brave, the hero that defeated Sulpher, an evil demon that tormented the world of Ivoire 30 years ago. Her leg was injured in the fight and became unusable pretty much. So, she changed her identity to began running the bottlemail company. She didn't want people to know who she really was and see the great hero as a crippled woman.
Evidence of Sulpher's return started to be seen in Ivoire. Ash noticed the monsters that started showing up as the ones that attacked him and Marona's parents that time. Turns out they were just pieces of him coming into the world from another dimension where he resides. Everything ultimately goes back to the Island of Evil. Sulpher's return there is inevitable. But Marona comes up with an idea to get rid of him using some monsters she befriended called Putties. They have open and close doors to dimensions so her idea is to defeat him then close him back up using the putties. How are they gonna tell a bunch of monsters to do that? Well, Marona's first friend she ever made, Castille, taught sign language to them. Castille is very ill and thought she couldn't do anything to help other people. She just thought of herself as a burden on everyone. But she turns out to be a huge help in saving Ivoire.
The final two fights at the end of this game were crazy. Like huge step up in difficulty. I know there was only one of them but still. They could one shot my peeps. And Sulpher could one shot more than one person at a time. I used some trickery on him though. In the end, they defeat him, he's sealed away by the putties plus the help of an expected person. Ash was initially gonna take the fall for everyone to push him back. Which Marona didn't want of course. But Walnut, Castille's brother, ended up sacrificing himself instead. It was pretty sad with that but the ending was very fulfilling. It was just happy. Castille's illness was either gonna be cured or Bamboo Co. was gonna help provide her medication for her. I swear, there were some scenes in this game that brought tears to my eyes ^^; And of course everyone came to respect Marona in the end. This game had a nice ending song too I must say.

That's it for this game though. Twas a very sweet, fun little game that I enjoyed very much. Now I be playing .hack GU and trying to finish that trilogy so we'll see where that goes to. Till then~

Friday, June 18, 2010

Digimon Season 6: Xros Wars!

Oh man, yeah, I am excited. I seriously thought Digimon Savers was the end of this series but behold the makers of this anime have come back to make diehard fan happy one more time xD Yes, I know I'm 22. Yes, I know this show is kid/teen in nature but hey! I've been a fan of this anime since I was a kid myself. I'm just one of the older fans. And actually, it's only America that really makes this show extremely kiddy in nature. The way they translate it. I love watching the subs more. They like to change stuff way too much when they bring it over here. Especially with the most recent season, Savers. I wouldn't be able to watch it anyways if Disney still has their hands on it. They only show it on Toon Disney and I ain't got that channel so whatever~

Anyways, I don't know much about the story. Like at all. Not much has been said. It's airing July 6th in Japan so I expect someone to upload episodes like they did with Savers every time it aired and someone subbed them. Someone always does. I know this season has a huge mecha look to it. I mean check out that pick up top. And these of the main character's partner:

Apparently called Shoutmon. Looks pretty interesting. And has the ability to combine with other Digimon through "DigiCross." Hence the name of the season I guess.

And this guy is like a combination of all the kid's partners and I'm like thinking Power Rangers? xD Like when all their zords combined to for Megazord. Seriously, that's what I was reminded of but that's pretty awesome just the same.

All I know is that there's a war going on in the Digital World this time and it's actually between the kids and their Digimon partners instead of against like the evil Digimon that live there. Usually some evil Digimon is trying to destroy the world or the humans started or something but this is just wow. There's apparently different teams and stuff. Just interesting all around. I look forward to watching this when it finally aires in Japan soon.

Oh and a new DS game called Digimon Story: Lost Evolution is coming out July 1st in Japan along with this anime. So yay! I gets good stuff all around. Hopefully the game will come here. They usually always do. Haven't had a Digimon DS title yet that didn't. And only a few on other systems. That weren't really important titles anyways. I'm finally excited about something that's coming out in the future~ Been a while since I had that feeling ^_^ Well, aside from Pokemon Black and White but I'm a much larger fan of this series. But that's it for now. More in the future.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

More Pokemon Black and White info~

A bunch of stuff came out about these games recently. I didn't have time to comment till now but anyways now is the time. And I'm getting excited for spring 2011~

First, the new legendaries. Turns out you get the black one in white and the white one in black xD They be doing things a bit differently this time around. In many ways. Anyways Reshiram is the white one and Zekrom is the black one. Personally, I'm all over Zekrom. He looks awesome and he's a Dragon/Electric type. That is pwnage. So much so. Reshiram has a nice type combination too, Dragon/Fire. I'll be getting both games so I ain't having to choose between them.

Next, new Pokemon~ Some of them are just weird looking and not that interesting to me ^^; The one I like the most is the electric zebra xD Cuz that's just awesome. The alligator is pretty cool too. The gear is just I don't know. I say the same about the pink thing too. There was a mouse Pokemon too but I didn't care to get that screenshot. It's not amazing or anything. Pretty interesting view of the world for this game though.

And last, the Pokedex and the female professor. That's a first right there. Never had a female professor. So yay for changing stuff up. I really love what I see so far with these games. I can't wait till they come out in Japan this fall so I can see the rest of the new Pokemon. One awesome feature these games finally have is the ability to battle random people on Wifi. Where you don't have to deal with friend codes or any of that stuff. It just pits you against someone randomly. Imma have fun with that~

Anyways, more comments on this when more stuff comes out. And expect a post about Phantom Brave soon as I'm close to beating it ^_^

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Tales of Eternia: Final Comments~

Alrighty then, not much say as of late. Because summer classes in college suck hard. But enough about that ^^; Time to discuss Tales of Eternia again. Cuz I beat it a while back. Like before summer school started. Twas a pretty good game I must say. I don't know where I would rank it among the Tales games honestly. It didn't beat Abyss for me I know that much xD But anyways~

The storyline revolves around two worlds, Inferia and Celestia. And together it's the world of Eternia. Hence the title of the game. In between the two worlds is like a space where the laws of matter and stuff like that don't apply. And also the Orbus Barrier that keeps the worlds from colliding with each other along with the Seyfert Ring that connects them. In the beginning most of what you're doing is collecting all the greater craymels. AKA summon spirits in this game basically. You need them to stop the grand fall which is basically the collision of the two worlds. Tis why Meredy came to Inferia and sought help from Reid and Farah.

They know some guy called Balir is causing the grand fall. Or so they think. But when they invade his castle they find out he's been dead for a while and his wife is the one running the show. She wants to destroy both worlds to return the planet back to the state of non matter that it once was when Nereid, god of destruction, created it. And it turns out, he's the one controlling Shizel too. Oh and did I forget to mention that Balir and Shizel are Meredy's parents? Yeah, crazy mixed up stuff going on.

The only way to defeat Shizel/Nereid is to gain the power of the aurora arte. There are two forms of it: the Dark Aurora Arte and the Divine Aurora Arte. Turns out Reid is capable of using this power. But he has to pass a series of trials to prove he's worthy of it. Basically it tests how true his beliefs are and how understanding he is of the people around him and the world in general. He passes all of them and is given the Divine Aurora Arte by the god Seyfert. Seyfert actually created Inferia which ticked Nereid off. It was kinda surprising that Seyfert came second since everyone just assumed Nereid interferred with him. Still, Nereid's ideas are whacked out so it's good that Seyfert did stop him all those years ago.

Reid and company make their way to the center of the Orbus Barrier where Shizel's castle is. How that even works being in a space where laws of matter and material stuff don't exist I don't know. But anyways, the final boss fight against Nereid (In Shizel's body) is fun as heck. There's two parts to it and you actually do use Reid's power to block his Dark Aurora Arte powers with your own. You just have to press the buttons at the right time and he'll completely shield the party from it. But he still had tons of other nasty stuff in both rounds of the fight.

After you defeat him, the party still has to find a way to stop the grand fall because defeating him didn't actually stop it. It's the Seyfert Ring that connects the worlds and is ultimately being their doom right now. So Reid gets the idea to just destroy the ring. It could either be disasterous or save both worlds. In the end, they decide to go for it though Meredy's life might be sacrificed in the process as she uses her own aurora power along with Reid's to destroy the ring. However, much to their surprise Shizel helps them in destroying it, which saves Meredy. It's really sad because all she wanted to do was protect Meredy but she was being controlled by Nereid all that time. But she was able to in the end. Balir wasn't evil either. It was all Nereid who wanted to destroy the worlds and Seyfert wanted to save them.

So, after they destroy the ring both worlds are pretty much cut off from each other. They are no longer connected and Reid and Farah end up back on Inferia while Keele and Meredy end up on Celestia. They end up separated. Sad I know. But the worlds are saved finally. At the end, after the credits and stuff, Reid and Farah are getting stuff together to travel to Celestia. Don't know how long after the fact they do this but they had to upgrade Chat's ship to be able to travel like that. Into space pretty much. And that's how it ends with them going into space heading towards Celestia.

So yay, everyone probably gets to see each other again xD And Reid x Farah and Keele x Meredy~ Everyone has someone to love. It was quite obvious that these pairs had things for each other. Anyways, good game was good and it was actually pretty challenging at times. Stay tuned cuz soon I shall give my initial impressions of Phantom Brave: We Meet Again. In between studying for Spanish ^^;

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Rest in peace, Munchie (2008-2010)

I've posted pictures of my hamsters on here before. And on ARM so some people know I have them. Anyways, my oldest hamster passed away Thursday night. Don't know how old she was but she had to be at least 3 if I had to guess. I loved her alot. She was my baby ^^; But I'll always have memories. She was definitely interesting from the moment I got her. Like having babies a week after xD And escaping from her cage more than once.

Rest in peace, Munchie. You'll always be in my heart~

Monday, May 31, 2010

Odin Sphere: Final Comments~

Alrighty! Yes, I finally finished it. And man, awesome finale was awesome~ So lets get right down to it. I'll separate it into chapters and give my comments on each boss fight. Since that's all the final book was. Just 5 boss fights in a row. Then the ending. Anyways, when you start the book chaos is already happening. King Gallon becomes the king of the Netherworld since Queen Odette was killed summoning the dead to appear all over the world. This ultimately leads to the death of King Odin, who dies to join his daughter, Griselda. King Valentine reactivates the cauldron and sticks the little dragon, Leventhan, inside it so it'll grow up. The cauldron begins sucking in all the world's phozons. King Onyx leads his people out the fire kingdom and sets the forests on fire. And Ingway turns himself into Darkova again to destroy the cauldron. Yeah, it's definitely Armageddon in this game. And it's time for the characters to fulfill their roles~

Chapter 1~
It's Cornelius who is up first. And he has to stop Ingway since it turns out the Darkova spell can be controlled and one of the wise men, Beldor, is doing that. Ingway transformed for a good reason. He just didn't know that little detail. Anyways, the fight is pretty crazy. The scenery is pure chaos. The ground is breaking up and the world just looks terrible. He had some nasty stuff to throw at me. His three heads all did different things. One poisoned, another froze you, and the last one burned you. Rock pillars tried to block your way so you had to be careful if you needed to quickly run away. All in all, with all this it wasn't too bad a fight. Just defeat the three heads. After the fight, Ingway dies and Velvet carries Cornelius to safety. It's really sad. Ingway mentions he wishes he could have seen Mercedes one last time.

Chapter 2~
Oswald gets his turn next. And he has to fight the nasty King Gallon. Who looks pretty much like Ingway in the Darkova form since they're both under the spell except it's in skeleton form. With dead rotting flesh. Well, I guess being stuck in the Netherworld all that time will do that to you. This fight is way more annoying than the one with Ingway though. And apparently only someone of Titanian royal blood can kill him. Anyways, you have to repeatedly kill his three heads in order to get him to reveal his heart. That's the weak point. Once you get that down you win. But it only appears for a short time after you defeat the heads. So basically, I had to go three rounds of this nonsense until I killed him >_< It was quite tedious. All while dodging crap on the field. But after the fight you learn something interesting. Oswald's father, Edgar, was Gallon's son. This is why Oswald was able to kill him. Even Oswald didn't know this. Gallon had him killed because he married a woman he didn't want him to and didn't take the throne. Oswald was spared and found by the fairies. Gotta love surprises at the end. That makes him and Cornelius cousins xD

Chapter 3~
Easiest fight of them all if you just have the right item. Mercedes has this fight. And she has to face Onyx. It's the same fight you had at the end of Oswald's story. He doesn't change at all in his attack patterns. But first, before she meets him, she finds Ingway. Who is already dead of course. It's definitely obvious there was something between them. Anyways, Onyx interrupts this sad scene to talk about how great it is that the world is burning and that he can't be stopped. Even though the prophecies say he'll be stopped by the World Tree. He doesn't believe it exists. What is the World Tree? Keep reading~ In the fight with Onyx, if you have an Ooze it's pretty much good game xD The thing attaches to him and he'll spend the entire time just dancing around. From then you can just shoot the crap out of him. No damage win! He'd be much harder without it. After the fight, Mercedes is so weakened from the fight she can't even get up. Onyx can't believe he's been stopped. She ends up dying and as she does she reveals her true name: Yggdrasil. Yeah, that was awesome. Onyx now knows what this World Tree was. It was Mercedes. He dies and thus ends that chapter.

Chapter 4~
Holy crap, this fight was annoying and tedious. This one comes in first for longest fight of the last book. Oswald's comes in second for me. This is Velvet's fight and she has to face the Cauldron. Yes, the Cauldron. Basically, she just has to stop it from absorbing phozons and destroying the world. Cuz crazy grandfather wants it that way. There's only one way to deal damage on this thing and it's this eye at the top. You gotta climb up there and attack it. Once you do it enough times, the Cauldron will fall over. Usually it's walking around. But you gotta be careful. Every now and then a warning would pop up telling you to get away from the Cauldron. And you better do it. Huge explosion and I'd almost guarantee it'd be a one hit kill on you if you got caught up in it. After the fight, King Valentine tells Velvet that the only way to release the phozons inside is to control the Cauldron. But a curse has been placed on it by him. Whoever controls it will fall under that curse. He calls out Leventhan from the Cauldron and flies off on it.

Chapter 5~
Final boss fight~ And it's really cool. It's against Leventhan, the last dragon. There's Belial, Hindel, and Wagner. All were killed throughout the course of the game. Leventhan was just a little bitty baby dragon when you fought him with Gwendolyn and Mercedes. Now, he's huge. No huge is an understatement. This is Gwendolyn's fight. She gets the big one. Though it's actually not the hardest. The entire fight you're on top of the dragon who is just flying around. It's a really awesome looking fight for that reason. The scenery of this game is amazing. Anyways, you have to make your way to the top, his head. The weak point on him is the horn that his crown is attached to. You have to known the crown off. That was also in the prophecies. You have to attack the horn. It's a hard climb up and after you do a certain amount of damage to the horn you'll get knocked back down to the lower level and have to climb back up. Gotta dodge lightning strikes and electric balls too along the way. But you win and break off the horn which stops the dragon. Gwendolyn's wings are destroyed and she's pretty much falling to her death. She just wishes she could tell Oswald one last time how she really feels.

The book ends right there. But if you got the true ending you'll get another book that continues on called Wheel of Fate. To get the true ending you had to fight the bosses with the characters I mentioned. You can fight them with whoever you want but yeah. Anyways, in this last book Oswald saves Gwendolyn as she's falling of course. Though they're both weak as heck. He carries her to the Cauldron where Velvet and Cornelius are asking for help and collapses. Velvet notices Gwendolyn has the ring of Titrel. This is it. What she needs to control the Cauldron. She feels it is fate. Everything has been leading to this moment. Oswald and Gwendolyn are the crownless lords who will survive as the ancestors to all humanity. Cornelius tells her she'll be cursed if she controls it. But she knows this what she has to do. To save the world. She uses the psypher weapons to power up the Cauldron one last time and releases all the phozons inside. In the end, she is turned into a Pooka.

Chapter 1 starts and Oswald and Gwendolyn are looking at the barren land. The Armageddon is over. They survived it. Though the Pookas survived it too. Or some of them. Just as all hope seems lost, they notice the land slowly start to be reborn. Beautiful greenery popping up all over the place. This is a miracle. And they know they can't give up now.

Now then, if you collected all the coins from Valentine you'll get to see the Epilogue of this last book. It shows Cornelius and Velvet with all the coins and an image of King Valentine is summoned. When he was sane and nice anyways. They have one wish to make. But just as Velvet is about to ask for the Pooka curse to be broken, Cornelius wonders if they really should. The Pookas can live forever. And they can spend forever in love. But in the end they both agree it is best to live out their lives as humans in the new world Oswald and Gwendolyn have created. It's kinda implied that it's been a long time since then and that both of them are gone now. Not really sure. Anyways, they ask for the spell to be broken and both return to their human forms. A touching scene between the two as they promise to always be together.

Twas a lovely ending. Good game was good~ Oh and after the credits they show this image of a tree with Mercedes's bow weapon imbedded in the roots. So you get to see the wonderful World Tree she became ^^ Sad that she died though. Although a bunch of people did in this game especially at the end. Anyways, thus ends this game. I be working on Tales of Eternia at the moment and next is Phantom Brave. Thanks for reading~

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Odin Sphere: Velvet's Story Comments~

Alright, I'll say this right off about Velvet before I start, her family is a bunch of crazy people. Seriously. And her grandfather is the nuttiest of them all. I kid you not. Anyways, starts off with a nice scene between her and Cornelius. Still in human form of course. Then he leaves and Ingway comes out of hiding. Cuz he was spying~ And Velvet isn't really happy about that. So, they have this nice discussion about being cursed by their mother to die. Why did she curse them? According to Ingway it's because they let her die. Who killed her? Her own father. Yes, he choked her to death apparently. Because she loved Odin and had Velvet and Ingway has a result. Like I said, the man is nuts. He even admits it. But this starts a long chain of events revealing these prophecies about the world's end. Most of her story is connecting these pieces before the final book. This is done by her mentor of sorts who ends up putting it all together at the end for you to see. And you actually use this to figure out the order to fight all the bosses in the last book.

We begin by visiting King Gallon in the Netherworld. If you'll remember he was the former king of Titania, killed by his own son after he was transformed into the terrible beast, Darkova. He wrote an epic poem concerning the prophecies and Velvet wants to see them. She wants to figure out some way to escape the curse and defy fate. She ends up finding him and he gives her what he has left of the poems. Funnily enough he'll play a big part in these prophecies. And of course before she gets to leave the Netherworld she has to fight Queen Odette and lag like crazy for a while. But she gets informed that her grandfather has escaped the Netherworld. This terrifies her and who wouldn't be afraid. The man is a nutjob seeking world destruction.

But she's saved by Odin randomly because he does care about her as his daughter. Even though he treats his other daughters like crap. Just saying. Velvet knows that her grandfather was interested in the cauldron so she wants to stop it. But the only way to do that is to have the ring Titrel. Currently it's in the Fairy Kingdom after they defeated Odin. She heads there and steals the ring from them after having to take on Mercedes herself. When she returns to what's left of Valentine she meets up with her dear old grandfather. He threatens to beat her with a whip to get her to obey him like she used to when she was younger but it ain't working this time. She tells him she's going to put the cauldron to sleep and then starts a race between the two to get to it first.

She does make it there but has to fight stupid Brigan again. Really tired of this guy. After she deals with him, she puts the cauldron to sleep and all is well right? Could be. Maybe. Probably not. Anyways, crazy grandfather sends goblins to steal the ring from her. Well, not only is he after it but Odin and a bunch of other people. So, she comes up with an idea to find a place to hide it where no one will find it. Off to Horn Mountain! xD Why here? She's gonna give it to Wagner the dragon. Who better to give it to really? She has to fight him first though. And he's annoying as usual. After the fight she tells him she wants to hide the ring. He tells her to give it to him and he swallows it. That explains how Oswald gets it later after he kills him. Then he gives it to Gwendolyn. Remember this~ Important element later.

So, she tries to escape Horn Mountain but Odin and his troops are after her. This is where Gwendolyn steps in to save her which leads to her getting treated as a traitor for disobeying Odin. Even though she did this for him. Oh well. She leaves and returns back to the ruins of Valentine and she learns from Gwendolyn's maid that she was driven from the kingdom and imprisoned in a castle. Velvet feels bad in that this happened because of her. So she heads off to go see Gwendolyn. Turns out Odin is there too to see to her safe transportation. After a nice conversation about treating your own child as such which is something we've heard too many times about Odin, crazy grandfather shows up again. And here we have even more lovely conversations about being cruel to our children as he talks about how he killed his daughter with his own hands. Doesn't really make Odin happy.

Anyways, he threatens to attack the Pooka Village if Velvet doesn't obey and attack Odin. Which she does, hence a boss fight ensues. But he's not hard since he's so slow. After the fight, Odin pretends to be hurt so he'll come closer and when he does he grabs him by the neck, threatening to kill him to take revenge for the one he loved. This line right here tells you how nuts he is "If she had any love for you, then her claims to love me were only lies." Sounds like a controlling father to me who wents nuts when his daughter went against his wishes. And apparently that's enough to kill them for. Jeez. Sorry for the rant but this got on my nerves ^^;

After he freaks out for a while asking Odin to kill him, which he doesn't, he heads off to suffer more which is what Odin wants. But in the process he drops more of what Velvet's mother wrote about this curse. Velvet leaves her little sister some last words then goes back to the Pooka Village. Alright, now we're gonna cross paths with Cornelius's story. She hears about him getting the coins back for the Pooka and when she learns his name that's when she realizes that he's had the Pooka curse cast on him. Ingway had the missing pages to the book of transformation so she knows already who did it. Off to Titania now to find Cornelius. Yay for this annoying area. Little does she know the wise men are setting up a trap for her.

She asks the king if she can see Cornelius. The wise men already have control of the situation and won't let him say a word. They lead her right into the trap and a really freakin' annoying boss fight again Belial and Beldor. It's really two bosses to take down. I had the hardest time with this fight more than anything else on her story. Dodging debris and trying to hit the swords back at Beldor to stun him. Anyways, they capture her and runs their mouths about the prophecies again. How they turned Cornelius into a Pooka to get the secrets of Darkova using Ingway to disguise himself as the prince. All to bring King Gallon back from the Netherworld so they could take control after the Armageddon destroys the world. Not sure how they were going to survive it in order to take control. Cuz they couldn't have meant they were the two crownless kings who were going to rule afterwards. There's 3 of them so yeah. Basically, they're just out for world domination. These 3 extremely old guys. So, they put her to sleep and this is where Cornelius comes to save her. Though he runs off when he realizes she knows his secret.

Okay, and we start the last part of her story with Ingway convincing Odette to let him borrow her troops to kill Odin. She's suspsicous because she will not support an act that will ultimately destroy the world. But Ingway makes up a plan and she agrees to allow the army of the dead to appear in Erion. Velvet meets up with Ingway again where some foreshadowing of what's to come is revealed by him. He runs off to sneak into Odin's kingdom and Velvet chases after him. She finds him chatting with Odin and learns the ultimate truth. Ingway destroyed Valentine, not their grandfather. And he did it to save Odin, their father. He wishes he hadn't know he was their father. Otherwise he wouldn't have done it. But even after this, Odin's eyes were still on the cauldron. He didn't care about what Ingway had done for him. So, Ingway gave the fairies the ring of Titrel back then.

Prepared to die for his sins, Ingway transforms into the vicious Darkova. Really is a scary looking beast with three heads. Anyways, Velvet has to stop him. This boss fight isn't too bad. He stays in one place really but has attacks that cue in on you. Basically, you just had to destroy one of his heads to win. Ingway couldn't finish the transformation it seems. After the fight, they relive the awful scene of having to deny their love for their mother in order to live. This is why Ingway thinks she cursed them. Turns out she was happy they chose to live. The second part of her memo to them is about her love for them. She didn't curse them to die. Too late for that now as it's already driven Ingway mad. Velvet is the only sane one now it seems. Cornelius shows up and saves both of them as Odin's army shows up to get rid of them.

Back at the Pooka Village, it seems Ingway left his bed but he'll be back. His part isn't done yet in the story. This is where her mentor comes in with his interpretation of the prophecies. Two people survive the end of the world. The path to the end of the world must be avoided. Unfortunately, it cannot be in the end. After giving Velvet what he has researched on this, he dies because he was injured earlier in the goblin attack. 5 disasters will destroy the world: A 6 eyed beast, a King of the Netherworld, a blazing fire, the Cauldron, and a dragon. He leaves her with the mission to avert the Armageddon. You receive these notes and have to piece together who fights who. I won't go into that now of course. It shall be explained in my final post about this game.

Expect my final comments tomorrow~ As I beat it last night xD

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Odin Sphere: Oswald's Story Comments~

Alrighty, back again with another story thingy. I must say that Oswald's story was definitely the saddest. At least to me. And I have finished all of them now. I mean, yeah, there's sad elements in all of them. Velvet's had some crazy stuff too. Anyways, Oswald's starts out with him chatting with Hindel, the wise future seeing dragon. He's there to kill the dragon to prove the power of his Belderiver, the black sword he has, to the queen of the fairies. This event right here is why Wagner is ticked off all the time at pretty much everyone. Because these psypher weapons killed his friend. Can't really blame him I guess. Twas no reason to kill him. And actually the entire reason for proving its power was because Melvin, as you'll remember from Mercedes's story, wanted to mass produce them to take down Odin's army and the other nations. We know how devious he is though. Hindel does leave him with some last words. Telling him to "Seek the bird. That shall be your destiny."

Pretty much the first part of this story involves him doing everything that Melvin says. He sees Melvin as his father because he believes his real parents abandoned him. He's sent to Odin's castle to spy and ends up having to take down Brigan again. Had to fight that chump so many times. While there he sees Gwendolyn and as she leaves a blue feather is left behind. See the bird reference already? There's more later. He comments on how she's different than he's heard considering everyone in the fairy kingdom refers to her as a witch. Anyways, next he's sent to the frontlines of the battle against Odin for the cauldron. It's the same events as with Mercedes only from Oswald's perspective. It strays away from this after the revolt is taken care of by Mercedes.

While on the battlefield, he's met by two Halja from the Netherworld. They tell him he's bound by a contract for using the power within that sword. Oswald has no idea of such contract. Turns out good old Melvin traded his life for the power in that sword. He just lets him do the fighting for him. Though Oswald doesn't believe this at first. He beats down both of the Halja to keep from being taken to the Netherworld and he's left considerably weakened from it. And to think he wanted to mass produce these things. Talk about crazy. This is also the same time that Queen Elfaria is killed like in Mercedes's story. So, then starts the revolt by Melvin to become king. After first convincing Oswald to trust him again, first thing he does is send him to gain the aid of Beldor, one of the wise men. This would considerably help them in their efforts to have him.

He finds him in the forest of Elrit and has to fight off Belial once again. Fought this chump alot too. After defeating him, Beldor pretty much has no choice but to join them. However, even with his help, their revolt ends in failure thanks to Mercedes. Oswald finds Melvin leaning against a pillar, dying pretty much. This is where he admits that he did trade his life for the power in that sword. The man that raised him and treated him as his own son basically used him a tool to become king. He tells Oswald that's all he is to him. Devastated he watches Melvin die right there and he doesn't even care when the troops arrive to take them. However, a halja appears to take Oswald again. And he lets him seeing no reason to resist.

He wakes up in the Netherworld and oh man this is so sad and creepy talking to the people here. All them tell him he killed them and stuff. It's just yeah. He finds Brom here though. Which if you'll remember is the guy who created the sword he uses and strengthened Mercedes's bow to take down Odin. He feels alot of guilt because he knew Oswald's fate for making that sword. Melvin sent him to the Netherworld because he didn't want him telling Oswald the truth. After a small conversation with him he walks away and falls to the ground. He's pretty much as his lowest here. This quote says it all "It's not that I fear death. But I... had no-one to love and no-one to return it in kind..." He once thought someone returned his love but stupid Melvin was only in it for himself. Anyways, he sees a blue bird and he thinks he recognizes it. Another bird reference! Course you know who that bird is referring to after playing Gwendolyn's story. So, he follows it because it gives him hope.

And obviously at the end he has to see Queen Odette's ugly face. But the good thing is you don't have to fight her. She tells him to fight Odin for her and get him to leave the Netherworld and she'll set him free. So he does and Odin promises to leave. But he wants to know how he still lives after being sent to the Netherworld. He says he'll show Oswald the way out unless he'd rather serve Odette and rot there. Picking the better option he leaves with Odin. Turns out Odin wants him to complete a little task for him. He promises him a castle, a spear but Oswald really doesn't care. He doesn't really wanna do anything for this man. That is until he promises Gwendolyn to him. Odin wants him to kill Wagner, the dragon. Doesn't tell him the reason though it's because he wants the ring, Titrel, hidden in his stomach. The ring that controls the cauldron. Oswald says he'll do it if he does indeed promise his daughter to him.

Off to Horn Mountain. After ticking Wagner the heck off by downsizing Hindel's death and insulting him, a raging battle ensues. He does end up killing Wagner and find the ring afterwards. Odin shows up and wants the ring. He refuses to give to him because he didn't state anything about a ring in their agreement. Odin gets ticked but doesn't wanna end up fighting him again. Oswald would own him for the most part. He lets him keep the ring and tells him all the things he promised are his. Oswald doesn't really like the fact that he refers to his daughter as a thing. Odin tells him she's in a castle and under a spell. The man who wakes her up she will devote her undying love to. But you come to find this spell ain't all that perfect. Since you can't manipulate someone's heart. He goes to her and finally realizes that she's the bird he saw and that Hindel was referring to. Her maid tells him the only way to wake her up is to kiss her. Oswald doesn't want to do this though. He wants her to love him because she really does. Not because of a spell. So, he looks for another way to break the spell.

However, Skuldi, another wise man, shows up and kidnaps her. Apparently, he wants to draw Odin out to destroy him for deceiving all three of the wise men. They told him the secrets of the jewels and showed him the path to the Netherworld yet he still went against them. Everyone is so selfish in this game xD Oswald chases him down and beats the crap out of him for taking her and telling him that the objective the wise men wanted was the destroy the world like in the prophecies. They were trying to make it come true. Unfortunately, Gwendolyn is not there. She's in the fire kingdom with king Onyx. Why? Because Odin promised him she would become his fiance. Ain't he just the sweetest father? Seriously. She was used as bait to bring the fire king out and into their realm. Which ticks Oswald off even more. So, he kills him and heads to the fire kingdom fearing that he's already woken her up and stolen her heart. Wanna make Oswald mad, treat someone as just an object.

After a nice conversation between Odin and Onyx, you find out that spell isn't really all it's cracked up to be. In the end, she won't love someone just because of that spell. Her heart cannot be controlled. Oswald rushes through the fire kingdom and finally finds her. Still asleep. He's relieved. Then Onyx shows up. It's like two guys fighting over a girl really xD Though really Oswald deserves her more. Because all Onyx wants her for is for his reputation and something else that's hinted. You can probably guess what that is. Oswald beats the crap out of him because he wants her more than anything else and doesn't want to lose her to this guy who is only going to treat her like an object. Let me tell you though, the fight with Onyx is tough. Hardest fight I've had. And I wasn't prepared for at all really. I somehow did it with some luck. Oswald wins and listens to him whine about being madly in love with her, not being able to live with these feelings, and how it hurts to have lost her to him in one moment. Oswald tells him those are his words exactly.

Onyx then tells him the truth about the spell. When Oswald learns that she cannot be manipulated to love someone by the spell, he's relieved. He can now wake her up and find out if she shares his feelings. He tells Onyx he will use his blade for him once if he wishes. But also leaves him with the words that while he still lives he will not let him near her. He heads back to the castle and wonders how she'll react when she wakes up. Will she run away, hate him? He puts aside those fears. He doesn't care if it brings him pain in the end.
"I want to see... I want to see my reflection in your eyes..."
"I want to hear... I want to hear those soft lips speak my name..."
"And if, for a moment, a smile lights your face..."
"I will be able to live."
"No one controls me now."
"From now on, I act on my own... For you..."

Just had to include those last words in his story. I love them. So he kisses her and that's where it ends. And we already know from Gwendolyn's story that they do indeed share the same feelings. You get to see the after he kisses her stuff in her story. A happy ending~ The fights in his story weren't too bad. Onyx was a dang beast. Definitely the hardest. I really enjoyed his story though. Reminded me of a certain someone who already knows who they are ^^ In a good way though. Anyways, I shall post Velvet's story stuff later. Now I go back to getting myself ready to beat this game~