Friday, December 31, 2010

Cross Edge and Happy New Year's Eve~

Alright, this is like a combination post about a few things ^^; First off I'd like to give some initial comments about Cross Edge and then end it with some special comments about the year itself. So, lets get to it~

Might be a little late to give some initial comments on this considering I've been playing it for a while but Imma do it anyways xD The battle system in general was a little slow getting into for me. I have to say I spent some time in the practice battle thing testing some things out. But now that I've got a handle on it, it's freakin' fun. No doubt. Though as Artie knows, I made some things hard on myself by not looking at other stuff ^^; Like the Database and the goodies in there. But it's all good still. The story is pretty much what I expected. And by that I mean the quality of it and especially the humor. I mean, the story is as interesting as it can be for what the game is. But I'm enjoying it and that's all that matters. Lyner, Raze, Morrigan, and Aurica is the party I mainly use and will continue to cuz I'm attached to them xD I'll bring more on this after I beat it though.

Now, onto the second thing. Since it's New Year's Eve I usually like to look back on the year at the milestones of what happened. And 2010 was one heck of a year for that for me. First of all, I graduated from college. Something I have looked forward to and worked hard for. And when I say hard, I mean hard ^^; This year in particular was pretty grueling because I didn't really have a break from school at all. Summer school and all that crap and the classes themselves were um, kinda testing my limits in alot of ways ^^; But I guess that's what college does. So earning that was a huge accomplishment and everything I did for that was all worth it. Now comes the job hunt so lets hope 2011 is kind to me in that regard.

Next and most obvious thing is getting to be with Artie for the first time ^_^ It's mostly the end of the year that all this stuff happened xD Though college was really an ongoing thing all year to accomplish. But anyways, we had waited well over a year for this meeting to happen and if you've followed one or both of our blogs you've seen the comments and the pictures that followed. We are looking at 2011 to be a very special year for us in many ways~ There be stuff to take care of but we're gonna keep moving in that special direction ^_~ So, my big goals for next year are pretty much decided. Just gotta hope everything goes well. So, I guess let the countdown begin! 2010 has been a good year but 2011 is sure to be even better~ Happy New Year's Eve everyone!


  1. Hehe, you're not the only one to post initial thoughts when halfway through a game xD I did it too.

    Hm, yeah, it shall be very special for sure ^_^ But yeah, a few more things to attend to.

    Aww, Happy New Year, sweetie~ ^_^

  2. Haha, yeah, I know you have too xD I've been wanting to make a post for this but it took me a while to do it ^^; So, I just decided to combine it with this xD Anyways, 2011 shall be interesting~

  3. Yeah, AS2 will be another one I'll be doing this with ^^;

    Yeah it will~ ^_^