Sunday, December 26, 2010

.hack//G.U. vol. 3//Redemption beaten and DKC2 completed~

Not planning on making this a really long post. Because I don't like to make incredibly long posts anymore. So, I'll give my comments on this trilogy of games. The series in general has an interesting concept to me. The overall story for GU was pretty good too. Haseo starts out as really annoying I'm sure to people who first play volume 1, unless you have a thing for really rude people ^^; But that's just how he is at first. Kinda like Luke in Tales of the Abyss. They have the same voiced actor actually xD Anyways, it's really interesting to see him change and grow and view his purpose or goal differently. What started out as just plain revenge against Tri-Edge turned into a mission to save everyone. Sure he abused his power in the beginning when he awakened to it. But it's kinda funny how it all worked out that him doing that in the beginning helped in the end.

There's still some confusing aspects in the story. Mainly to do with Ovan for me. And AIDA. But the end of the game had some awesome fights~ And it was just made better with all the upgrades and stuff they gave Haseo. This game had a really fun battle system that just kept evolving and giving me new abilities. Being able to switch weapons and all that was pwnage. And the system isn't complicated to use so that's another plus. I loved getting the dual guns and Double Trigger. Anyways, that last avatar fight was dang hard. Not the first part but the second part kicked my butt at least 5 times before I finally beat it ^^; And I was in the red data draining him. But avatar battles are fun so that was the saving grace that kept me going. The fights after that were challenging too and the actual final boss fight was great. Really enjoyed that.

All in all, the ending was quite satisfying. "The World" was returned to normal, all the Lost Ones came back, and Haseo could be a regular player again. I was kinda torn between what happened in terms of Shino and Atoli. Because Shino got left behind really as Haseo grew and changed, making new friends. Wasn't her fault or Haseo's but things couldn't go back to the way they were. But at the same time I felt bad for Atoli too. So, I guess it did end in a way it should have. As long as the friendship still remains that's enough for me really. And maybe Ovan is still out there somewhere too.

So, that concludes this~ Next on the list is Cross Edge ^^ As if I don't have a ton of other games though ^^; But stay tuned as I begin that~

Second thing to report is my completion of DKC2~ I has gotten 102% in the game meaning I have gotten everything xD What's funny is that I was missing 1% and come to find out you have to talk to all the Kongs in the game for that. I hadn't even talked to Swanky because I don't do the bonus game stuff. So that was amusing in a way. But anyways, it feels good to complete one of my favorite games ever. And it would have been much sooner if I had this game when I was younger. But better late than never, right?


  1. Yay butts got kicked xD

    Interesting way of bagging that last 1% there xD Always remember to talk to all the characters! ^^; But yeah, I'd imagine it would have had more effect if you had finished it then.

  2. Indeed they did xD After that one boss kicked mine a few times ^^; He got his though~

    Mhmm, I was like what the heck? So, I went to the board on Gamefaqs and found that out. Someone else had done the same thing xD I was focused on the levels! But yeah, I still love the game just as much though.