Saturday, December 18, 2010

One of the best weeks of my life~

And many surprises in more than one way ^^; But very good surprises of course. I cannot express in words how much I enjoyed being with you, Artie. I thank you for everything (especially the gift xD). Even if we didn't get to go out much or any of that, it doesn't matter. Getting to be with you was all I needed. Course it's all I'll ever need. I already look forward to the next time and I'm always looking forward to beyond. I love you always and with all my heart~

And I'm still sorry for all the plane nonsense back home ^^; But I did have fun hooking up my gift xD Tis all set~ *goes to buy some PS3 games*


  1. Aww, yes, yes there were surprises all around indeed. Nor can I express how wonderful it was being with you, Emmy~ You're welcome ^_^ I knew you wanted one of those, and I came up with that idea last year actually, but though it would be better to see thy reaction for real xD Which was priceless~ And cutely adorable too ^_^ Yes, me too, though it's gonna be tough to make it a whole week like that with minimal days off and all and your new job probably not wanting to let you go for a week so soon after starting ^^; I was thinking weekend trips. One of us can go, then the other and so on until I can safely do what I need to do ^_~ Then we's can seal the deal ^_^ But anyhow, getting ahead of ourselves with that. I love you with all my heart and soul too~ And always will no matter what.

    Hm? It's alright. Santa made me laugh a few times xD That dude I told you about. Haha, I'm sure you did~ You gots games yet? Oh! Speaking of that, I found AS2 with the super limited pre-order bonus art book for $190. That baby is mine. I can't pass that up^^;;

  2. Haha, well, it was a good idea to give it to me then xD So you could see it~ And I'm glad it was to you ^_^ Hm, yeah, that was my thought too. I know they wouldn't want me to so soon ^^; So, I'm with you on the weekend trips. That be the best option for us. Mhmm ^_~ Yep~ And yes, but it's good to talk about it none the less xD I knows you do and I always will too~

    Haha, yes, I remember you telling me about that xD And that's good then~ And yes, I do have games now. Cross Edge and Star Ocean 4 at the moment. Valkyria Chronicles is on its way too. Hm? Ooh~ Nice ^_^ Haha, of course not so you's enjoy that when it comes~