Tuesday, December 29, 2009

MK2 Extra Scenario Complete~

So now I am completely finished with MK2. And I am not 100 percenting this game. No way. Anyways, twas a fun game and the ending was awesomeness. I so loved how that graduation ceremony was carried out xD And something I totally expected from you know who~

My comments on the final boss of the extra scenario dungeon. I definitely had to go all out in that fight. Pulled out all the stops. Time attacks, barriers I had to break down to do any damage, plus blocking out the time slots so I couldn't see what was going on. Seriously was the best fight in the game for me. I loved it. Thank you Enna for destroying his time attack cards. That would have been bad otherwise. I spammed time attacks myself and just an assortment of other things to stay in the game. My party was Raze, Ulrika, Et, Enna, Chloe, and Pepperoni. I didn't beef them up too much before the fight. With those stat fruit items. I bought an assortment one time to deplete the rest of their AP after filling in all of their growth book stuff. I had all the items filled in their books. Ended up with 75%+ completion for my team in the end. Cuz I didn't have the last slot of alot of items available. No matter. I won in the end. And I love this picture~ Don't look if you haven't beaten the game. I just have to warn peeps.

So, not sure what to play next. Console wise. Phantom Brave is an option. Well, there's alot of options but yeah. Hm, I think Phantom Brave will be the choice though. But I also have the urge to finish Odin Sphere too. And I really wanna play Muramasa: The Demon Blade. So many choices. We'll see~ ^_^

MK2 Beaten~

Well, I finished Raze's path a while back. But never got to finish Ulrika's in that I started it in the hardest part of the semester at school and yeah. The time could not be found to play it then. But I'm done and I must say between the two I don't know which final boss was harder. I was pretty well prepared on both sides so it was kinda even for me difficulty wise. They be the most challenging fights in the game anyways. I gots screenies of some things. First off everyone's equipment along with stats. Oh and the last pic could be spoilerish to an extent.

Ulrika provided some good healing during the fight. And when the dang thing summoned peeps to help she had Cannon Ball to provide some range damage to hit all of them.

Chloe was a dang beast. I got her magic attack pretty high there. So she was dealing awesome damage to the thing. Pulled off her Finishing Strike and Intimate Strike in this fight too. Yeah, her FS dealt a major blow. She also had Heaven's Rebel which hit all enemies and freakin' pwned the field when I used it. Cuz those things it summoned were totally weak to light. So I got rid of them pretty quickly this way. Even though the magic costs 150 Sp ^^; But she recovered that back quickly.

Pepperoni did some awesome knockbacking. I swear I got so many dang turns before the boss even got to attack when the fight started. He dealt some good damage too.

Enna was awesomeness as always xD Time attacks all over the dang place. But I was careful about using his wind element ones because at random times the boss would absorb wind.

I don't really have much to say about Goto. Though I did deal a good amount of damage at the beginning when I made use of my built up Goto points. He could knock back too but not as effectively as Pepperoni. He did buy me some more time though.

And a random snap of the battle field there. The boss was at half Hp at this point I think. Or almost. Fun fight was fun.

Anyways, the extra scenario is gonna be fun just because I can use whoever I want and I know how to beef up massively. Time attacks are gonna be the bomb. I'm so gonna spam them. Which means Et and Enna for sure are coming with me. Not sure who else. Chloe for sure just because she kicks major butt. I'll figure it out tomorrow. When I shall begin actually exploring the dungeon ^_^ Until then~

Friday, December 25, 2009

Yay Christmas!

It's been a good Christmas this year. And a very special one as I celebrate my 5 month anniversary with my true love~ You know I'm talking to you, Artie ^_^ Anyways, filled with being with family and other things as usual but it's still more special this year for me. As for gifts uh I mostly got gift cards and money xD But there's nothing wrong with that to me. Some movies also, a 4GB memory stick for my psp, and a laptop cooling fan to keeps my laptop cool. Unless I want it to keep me warm ^^;

But of course one gift is still a mystery to me~ Won't be opening that until a special time. *contains excitement*

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

SO1 post game done~

Haha xD That didn't take long from when I said that yesterday. The post game dungeon itself was a nice challenge but the boss was a joke. I mean she had some nasty moves and her two henchies did hit hard killing Ilia twice but still. The main boss died really fast. So the final stats of my party. They only leveled once after winning so their stats aren't that different from when I went into the boss fight.

Roddick Farrence
Level: 122
Hp: 9999 (It doesn't go over that xD)
Mp: 664
Atk: 2793
Def: 833
Hit: 698
Avd: 291
Mag: 304
Luc: 127
Stm: 102
Guts: 104

Ilia Silvestri
Level: 123
Hp: 9999
Mp: 656
Atk: 1761
Def: 650
Hit: 1137
Avd: 489
Mag: 426
Luc: 191
Stm: 66
Guts: 135

T'nique Arcana
Level: 123
Hp: 9999
Mp: 684
Atk: 2370
Def: 694
Hit: 964
Avd: 374
Mag: 388
Luc: 192
Stm: 114
Guts: 199

Millie Chliette
Level: 123
Hp: 9999
Mp: 702
Atk: 1259
Def: 440
Hit: 501
Avd: 138
Mag: 1204
Luc: 157
Stm: 94
Guts: 51

Twas a fun game. I enjoyed it. I know I'm going to enjoy SO2 even more. I'm debating whether or not I'll fight the strongest boss in this game. I don't know if it's worth the trouble to summon it. I also haven't experienced the other optional characters in the game but I don't care to go through it again at this time. Other games to play and beat. So moving to the next game~

Monday, December 21, 2009

I has beaten Star Ocean: First Departure~

Haha, it has so been a while since I've beaten a game. Not since Yggdra Union if I recall correctly. Anyways, this game was short. I beat it in a little over 20 hours. The final dungeon I destroyed because I had powerful equips. But the final boss at the end definitely provided a challenge. I mean I had the power to knock him out easily but so did he. So it was kind of power against power here. His second form smacked me down with a gameover the first time. Ridiculously powerful spells. I mean all 4 of my party members had over 4000 hp and with one spell he knocked them down to like 600. Luckily Millie is a fast healing machine. I needed to have full Hp at all times just in case he did that.
His first form had some powerful spells too but he died too quickly to use them much. It went down rather easily. Then the second time around at his second form I got him. I did alot of running around with Roddick letting Ilia and T'nique attack and Millie healed. I tossed some healing items at them too. I was mostly trying to keep myself from getting killed. In the end I won with two characters dead xD T'nique my awesome wolf dude landed the final blow. I don't know how much Hp this guy had but it was alot from what I can tell. Took a while to bring him down. Well that and he was parrying me alot too. So here be the info on my final party. I don't remember exact stats in that I've leveled up a ton since then ^^;

Roddick Farrence
Level: 63
Force Sword
Sylvan Mail
Mithril Shield
Mithril Helm
Mithril Greaves
Star Guard
Amulet of Freedom

The character I controlled the entire game. Had the most defense going into the final fight. Over 600. And over 1400 attack. Double Slash and Dragon Roar were my skills of choice~ Could have had over 1900 attack with this one sword I made him but it had way too many elements tacked onto it that enemies blocked or absorbed. Talked about a waste.

Ilia Silvestri
Level: 63
Dragon Claw
Dueling Suit
Kung Fu Shoes
Emerald Ring

She had over 500 defense and 1100 attack going into the fight. Avenging Fist and Meteor Palm were the skills I set for her to use~

T'nique Arcana
Level: 64
Enhanced Halberd
Dueling Suit
Dream Crown
Elven Slippers
Foot Insignia
Hammer Charm

Awesome blue wolf dude! Ahem. He had over 500 defense and 1600 attack going into the final fight. So yeah, he was a beast for real. Double Destroyer and Hurricane Strike were the skills I set for him to use~

Millie Chliette
Level: 62
Crested Rod
Mithril Mesh
Hermit's Cap
Elven Slippers
Emerald Ring
Leaf Pendant

Not much to say about her stats. I mean she didn't attack. She healed the entire time. She doesn't have too many attacking spells anyways. And as you can guess her defense wasn't that great. Over 300 at least but yeah. Doesn't matter because she stayed out of harm's way and just healed like a good spell caster~

Anyways, there's still a post game dungeon to do. And it's gonna be hard. I've already traversed some of it and gotten my butt kicked once from the random enemies. But now I'm moving along. I mean when you start leveling up 5 times after a battle your characters get strong. They be level 80-81 now. Still using the same team and will continue to. I'm looking forward to seeing how strong the post game boss is. Will come back with that information when I beat it. Gonna start Star Ocean: Second Evolution right after that~

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Another semester done~

It's over! Finally! Well actually it's been over since the 10th which was last Thursday xD Anyways, here be my final grades~ Since I'm not embarrassed to show them.

Not perfect by any means. But I tried and did my best. Twas a very hard semester. I'm just glad it's over and I'm looking forward to Christmas ^_^ Gots a whole month to be out of school and be sort of lazy. Since I still have work. Anyways, yeah. Gaming wise I'm still playing Star Ocean: First Departure and Mana Khemia 2. We'll see after that.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Two new games~

First of all, been way too silent around here on my blog. Well that's because of finals and my birthday was last week. Lots of stuff. And as always talking to my love ^_^ I'll be getting back into the gaming spirit come Thursday. Last day of finals. Just gotta hold out till then. And I need to do some shopping still! Ahem.

So um, on Black Friday I was cruising Amazon to see what some of their deals were on video games. And much to my surprise two games that I wanted were marked down pretty well. And I didn't have to go out into the madness to get them xD Can't beat that.

First game~

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. I swear the title of this game is weird as heck to me. Maybe I'll understand it after I play it. I mean I know how this game connects to the other KH games I'm just saying. Anyways, I've always enjoyed the KH games. Majorly because of the Disney aspect. I'm a kid who grew up with the Disney classics. So these games really appeal to me. I mean yes the FF characters are cool too but it's the Disney ones that make the game for me. And the original characters like Sora and Riku. Had no idea that the storyline of these games was going to be this deep either. Totally surprised me. In a good way. The game came with this nifty cover like thing over the main box for the game. Anyways, moving on...

Second game~

Honestly, I've wanted this game since a guy that worked at Gamestop told me about it. From the makers of Odin Sphere. The game looks amazing. I love the art style of this game and Odin Sphere to death. Haven't started it yet but the combat looks incredibly fun too. Set in feudal Japan it seems. If it's anything like OS it'll be fun as heck. I still need to finish OS actually. Such a fun game. I'm expecting great things from this game. I'm glad I'm not forced to play it with a Wii mote either. I'd be ticked off if I had to.

And there you have it. Thank you for reading. Now I'm going to go study~