Tuesday, December 22, 2009

SO1 post game done~

Haha xD That didn't take long from when I said that yesterday. The post game dungeon itself was a nice challenge but the boss was a joke. I mean she had some nasty moves and her two henchies did hit hard killing Ilia twice but still. The main boss died really fast. So the final stats of my party. They only leveled once after winning so their stats aren't that different from when I went into the boss fight.

Roddick Farrence
Level: 122
Hp: 9999 (It doesn't go over that xD)
Mp: 664
Atk: 2793
Def: 833
Hit: 698
Avd: 291
Mag: 304
Luc: 127
Stm: 102
Guts: 104

Ilia Silvestri
Level: 123
Hp: 9999
Mp: 656
Atk: 1761
Def: 650
Hit: 1137
Avd: 489
Mag: 426
Luc: 191
Stm: 66
Guts: 135

T'nique Arcana
Level: 123
Hp: 9999
Mp: 684
Atk: 2370
Def: 694
Hit: 964
Avd: 374
Mag: 388
Luc: 192
Stm: 114
Guts: 199

Millie Chliette
Level: 123
Hp: 9999
Mp: 702
Atk: 1259
Def: 440
Hit: 501
Avd: 138
Mag: 1204
Luc: 157
Stm: 94
Guts: 51

Twas a fun game. I enjoyed it. I know I'm going to enjoy SO2 even more. I'm debating whether or not I'll fight the strongest boss in this game. I don't know if it's worth the trouble to summon it. I also haven't experienced the other optional characters in the game but I don't care to go through it again at this time. Other games to play and beat. So moving to the next game~


  1. Mmm, like I aid earlier, it's probably not worth the effort to go for that last extra boss. Fun game is fun, but when it becomes work, time to call it quits I think.

  2. Yep. It involves using item creation to make a certain song. And you use that to summon it. On the world map. Which is weird xD It isn't actually in a dungeon. You just play the song then go to the world map and it appears. Anyways, I shall leave it be. I'd have to prepare some before actually fighting it too. Making other things in item creation like accessories and armor to survive the fight since it is hard.

    I be enjoying SO2 to a great extent at the moment so I ain't going back to that. 2 is actually a direct sequel to 1. Set some years after the events of the first. So yeah~