Sunday, December 6, 2009

Two new games~

First of all, been way too silent around here on my blog. Well that's because of finals and my birthday was last week. Lots of stuff. And as always talking to my love ^_^ I'll be getting back into the gaming spirit come Thursday. Last day of finals. Just gotta hold out till then. And I need to do some shopping still! Ahem.

So um, on Black Friday I was cruising Amazon to see what some of their deals were on video games. And much to my surprise two games that I wanted were marked down pretty well. And I didn't have to go out into the madness to get them xD Can't beat that.

First game~

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. I swear the title of this game is weird as heck to me. Maybe I'll understand it after I play it. I mean I know how this game connects to the other KH games I'm just saying. Anyways, I've always enjoyed the KH games. Majorly because of the Disney aspect. I'm a kid who grew up with the Disney classics. So these games really appeal to me. I mean yes the FF characters are cool too but it's the Disney ones that make the game for me. And the original characters like Sora and Riku. Had no idea that the storyline of these games was going to be this deep either. Totally surprised me. In a good way. The game came with this nifty cover like thing over the main box for the game. Anyways, moving on...

Second game~

Honestly, I've wanted this game since a guy that worked at Gamestop told me about it. From the makers of Odin Sphere. The game looks amazing. I love the art style of this game and Odin Sphere to death. Haven't started it yet but the combat looks incredibly fun too. Set in feudal Japan it seems. If it's anything like OS it'll be fun as heck. I still need to finish OS actually. Such a fun game. I'm expecting great things from this game. I'm glad I'm not forced to play it with a Wii mote either. I'd be ticked off if I had to.

And there you have it. Thank you for reading. Now I'm going to go study~


  1. Hm, yeah it has been quite around here xD Other stuff keeping our attention recently though.

    Anyway, yeah old school Disney was good stuff. Not like that stuff they've got around now. Donald Duck + Chip & Dale = awesomeness.

  2. Mhmm. That be how it is sometimes~

    That's what I'm saying. That was the good Disney stuff right there. I don't know what Disney is now. Not what it used to be that's for sure.

  3. I saw the old Scrooge Christmas special with Mickey & Minnie in it on TV the other night. That brought back memories. and I could have sworn it was longer than 30 mins.

    I guess once the voices of the characters can't do it anymore, that was the end of the good stuff, or are they still alive? I don't even know ^^;

  4. I love that special so much. Yeah that would bring back so many memories if I watched that. Good stuff.

    Haha, I don't know if they are still alive. But in the KH games whoever is voicing Mickey, Donald, and Goofy they sound like they've always sounded really. I can't tell a difference. Well the other old Disney characters in those games sound the same too.

  5. It wouldn't surprise me if they found new people who sound almost exactly the same. My dad can do Donald Duck's voice & Cookie Monster to an extent. I've heard others do those voices too. I mean they've got people doing the voices of the characters in that sequel to the Rudolph special & they sound almost the same. Not Disney obviously, someone else, but you know what I mean.

  6. True that. They probably did. Haha xD That makes me wanna hear this. Especially Cookie Monster. Too good. Mhmm, that is true. Very true.