Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A wonderful birthday gift~

So first of all, Happy 4 Month Anniversary, Artie ^_^
Second, it's not my birthday yet. It's December 2nd, a week from now, but I got this in the mail today and decided to open it anyways. After much debating in my head xD As long as it was okay with the person who sent it to me. And it was. Couldn't resist opening it early~

So yeah, anyone who knows me should guess I am extremely happy about this gift. It's Luca! My favorite reyvateil! And something I wanted for a long time but couldn't get it myself. And the person who got this for me is the person I love more than anything in the world. Thank you, Artie. Really and truly you have given me more than I could have ever imagined in so many ways. I'm glad to do the same for you. Here's to the best and most wonderful life together. I love you~


  1. Oh wow, I didn't even notice this before I made my post ^^;

    Happy 4 month Anniversary, Emmy ^_^ *kisses*

    Haha, as if I'd have objected to you opening it early? Nuh-uh. xD You've no idea how long I held onto the idea to get you that in my head. Literally since you said it on ARM way back. lol You're welcome, sweetie. Aww, as have you done so for me. What we do for each other is nothing short of amazing. Ooh, yes~ *still counting down the time till that day* I love you too~ More than anything. I'm glad to have made this day so happy and special for you. *hugs tight & doesn't let go*

  2. Haha, tis okay~

    *kisses* ^_^

    Well no xD You told me I could when I got it. I just debated about it with myself. Really? ^^; That's so sweet, Artie~ No I didn't know you held on to it that long. That was before we were even together. But it's still the sweetest thing. I'm happy for everything I've done for you. It is amazing. Actually there isn't a word to put on it exactly but that'll do. I await that day with anticipation. *hugs tight* You made this day more wonderful than ever. It's what you do for me though. A very special day it has been~

  3. Hm, yes it was before we were together, but I had feelings for you for a while before that so it shouldn't be too surprising.

  4. Well no, it's not that surprising~
    I do know you did ^_^ It's still really sweet.