Thursday, November 5, 2009

Feeling nostalgic~

In one of those moods right now. Mainly because I'm alone, bored, and have nothing else to do xD
So, went back to an awesome game on the SNES. That is part of an awesome trilogy at the same time. Yes. I am talking about Donkey Kong Country. More specifically Donkey Kong Country 2. Which is an awesome game for alot of reasons:

#1 Music~ Something about the music in this game. It's just amazing for its time. Love the soundtrack and if you're in the mood to hear something really freakin' awesome and calming listen to this:
I swear to you I could never tell you how much I love this music. It's probably my favorite music in any video game ever. The end. Even out of all the RPG's I've played. Brings me back to my childhood so easily.

#2 Pirates~ The dang first level is set on a pirate ship with peg legged enemies. I mean seriously. It don't get more awesome than that. And the pirate ship levels continue on. The game has a pirate theme to begin with since K. Rool decided to take on that role from the first game. Kaptain K. Rool now I should say. I mean you find a dang ransom note in the first level from him saying he's kidnapped Donkey Kong. He means serious business here. Just feeds my obsession for all things piratey.

#3 Scenery~ I mean sure the graphics aren't dang amazing but there's something about it at the same time. I've always liked how these games looked. From the forests, caves, temples, jungles, snow top mountains, the ocean, just all of it is pleasing to my eyes. It just appeals to me.

#4 Gameplay~ Obviously gameplay is important for any game. If it's not fun then what's the point. Well my point with this is this game is not only fun as heck but challenging. Especially if you're trying to get everything in the game and 101% it. But in general the levels do provide a challenge. Unless you've gone through it 10 thousand times like me. They still never get old though. In every level hides a DK coin. Well hidden I might add in the later levels. Trying to find all these suckers will require multiple visits to levels to do so. Looking around every nook and cranny for it. Ah but it's so much fun. DKC3 also had DK coins. First game didn't. All you had to do to 100% the first game was find all the bonus levels in a level. Gotta do that and find all the DK coins in the 2nd and 3rd games. So yeah, this is why I say good gameplay. Gives you something to work for while enjoying the amazing music and scenery.

And screenies! Didn't think you were getting all that text without something nice to look at right? And random commentary.

See, told you the first world was on a pirate ship. Look at the name of the first level xD

If you don't like throwing boxes at peg legged enemies then good heavens what's wrong with you!?

Alright, any questions?
Yeah, I have one. Who the heck let all these bugs on the ship!?

An enemy with two peg legs? Alright Kaptain K. Rool you need some better lackeys here. What good can this guy? Poor guy has to jump instead of walk. I almost hate to kill him~

Hope you enjoyed my trip down memory lane. I know I did ^^
Some day I'll actually blog about my favorite RPG ever, Skies of Arcadia. For now it's all random! Like this fact: DKC2 and Super Mario World 2 are tied for my all time favorite platformers on the SNES. Have a wonderful day to anyone who reads this~


  1. lol I remember this game! Hecks yeah it was fun, but I never finished it. Or even came close for that matter. And the music was good too. I've got MIDI's people made of the music in this game.

    Sorry you were so bored last night. I was too.

  2. xD I gots all 3 of the games still. Along with my SNES. And have beaten them so many times. Mostly because my sister and I played them so much together. And I'd end up having to do the levels for her the further we went. lol

    Ooh, sweetness. Hm? Tis not your fault I was bored. Ish okay ^_^

  3. One of my favorite games from the SNES era, when it comes to platforming, and the music was easily one of the things I liked the most of it. Stickerbrush Symphony is pretty good, but my favorites are "Lake of Ice" (also known as "In an Snow-Bound Land") and "Forest of Mist" (also known as "Forest Interlude"). And I still get awfully creeped out whenever I remember the Haunted Hall level... *shivers*