Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Going back to Digimon Xros Wars~

Alright, so the last post I made about the 6th season of Digimon was in 2010 ^^; I dropped off from it since yeah, at the time episodes were slow and you have to wait for people to sub them. So fast forward to now and the season is almost done airing in Japan finally and the episodes are subbed pretty quickly. Not only that, it appears that they are just gonna continue off this season with a direct sequel to it in October when it ends. So yeah, a 7th season basically. The only other season they've done this with is the very 1st one where the 2nd season was a direct sequel to it. Seasons 3, 4, and 5 were stand alone. Tis very interesting~

Oh and let's not forget the most interesting part of all: Toei Animation filed a trademark for the season. Which means~ Yep, an English adaptation. They are going to dub it. And hopefully season 7 as well. It'll be called Digimon Fusion Battles then but not too much different. But I'm sure they will edit lots of stuff like they always do just from watching the first two episodes a while back. Anyways, it won't premier till next year and the channel is unknown but if I had my guess it'll be one of the Disney ones again. Since they seem to have their hands on it. Them showing Naruto still confuses me but whatever.

This also sheds a new light of hope on the three DS games that came out with this season. With it getting dubbed the games are very likely to get localized as well. Which I definitely want them but that's depending on Bamco too so who knows. We shall see in the future. Looking forward to seeing what happens here~ It's my favorite anime series so yeah. Always good stuff ^_^ Taking me back to Saturday mornings as a kid~

Thursday, August 11, 2011

New 3DS color!

This actually didn't take as long as I thought it would for Nintendo to do xD But yay, the 3DS is gonna come in red too starting September 9th! And that's the color I definitely want for sure~ Awesome stuff ^_^

Amazon link

I am definitely happy. New low price and color. The two main things I was waiting for with this. Red 3DS you will so be mine at some point~

Monday, August 1, 2011

Nintendo's big offer

Nintendo's price drop announcement link

Pretty much continuing off my previous post now that I've found the link officially announcing the price drop. Looks like Nintendo is gonna compensate people who already purchased, and still can through August 11th, a 3DS at $249. I don't know that I'd call the package worth the 80 bucks more that you spent but oh well. I also highly doubt that those so-called exclusive games they have no current plans to release in the future on the handheld virtual console will remain exclusive. I mean, come on. Pretty much a "nice try" Nintendo with that. And even if they don't release some of those games on the VC it's not really a big deal. Those games can be gotten in their original forms regardless if you really want them.

So, good job trying to make a deal and keep people happy Nintendo. But I'll still stick with saving money and just getting the games I want in the future. I'm still saving money either way xD And that's the moral of the story~