Saturday, March 26, 2011


The next installment of the Okami series~ Even though it's only had one game on multiple platforms ^^; But still! I was thrilled when I found out they were making a new game and it be mine now~ And one that seems to be filled with uber cuteness and amazing beyond all reason art style, all wrapped into an incredible action game adventure. Course that kinda goes for the original game too xD Though the uber cuteness applies more to this one. Anyways, the original Okami took many references from Japanese legends and religions such as Shinto. And in the original game you play as a sun goddess pretty much in the form of a wolf, called Amaterasu. And as a goddess, you have special powers obviously. Using her paint brush tail she can paint to create amazing effects. She can slash an enemy in half, create water and other elements, and most important of all restore the darkened gloomy land to its normal colorful self.

In this second game you play as what appears to me the son of Amaterasu, Chibiterasu. And he's so cute ^^; Gotta take up the reigns as the next sun god and restore the land to normal once again it seems. I'm very much looking forward to starting this game. Both games have an amazing art style. It's like playing through a work of art really and I loves it~ I would also love to do a completion run of Okami someday and get everything in the game. But first things first. Gotta finish my adventures in Pokemon White and Ar tonelico 3. So until then everyone~

Monday, March 21, 2011

Happy Birthday, Artie~

Even though it's not for a few more minutes ^^; I wanted to go ahead and do this though xD It's not that far off~ So anyways, Happy Birthday, my love ^_^ I'd ask you what your birthday wish is but I already know~ Twas my wish as well. And we both know it's going to come true this year. Hope you like your present when you open it later and may you have a very wonderful day~ Course Imma make sure that happens ^_^

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I gots new stuff xD

First one being Pokemon Black and White but I was waiting for the Collector's Edition Strategy Guide to get here too before taking pics. And it came yesterday. So, here be both of those and that:

And yes, that thing is hardback and big ^^; Definitely a collector's item right there. With everything you need to know about the games in it. It's awesome stuff. A $30 value that I got for 16 bucks on Amazon~ I love getting good deals.

Next and highly expected is the very anticipated Ar tonelico 3~ Complete with all these nice goodies you'll see in the picture:

Freakin' huge box the game came in anyways with the artbook and CD soundtrack. And the nice little calender thingie that I haven't even opened xD And probably won't. But anyways, loving all the goodies that came with this~ Definitely was a great buy.

Anyways, AT3 will probably get tried out this weekend. Don't really have time during the week ^^; We'll see on that though. I'll be finishing up Pokemon White in the mean time. Anyways, until next time~

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Ar tonelico 3 next week~

Alright, you might be wondering why I'm making a post about this. Well, because I really haven't made a post saying anything about this game ^^; Which is not right considering this is one of my favorite video game series ever. I can't even mention all the reasons why and what loving these games has brought to me. But anyways, I'm very excited about the third installment. Been waiting for this for a long time. And thanks to a certain someone I will be able to enjoy it right away ^_^ Been pre-ordered on NISA's site for a good while now. Also thanks to a certain someone for giving me the links xD

So, I'm looking forward to seeing how things work in this game. I'm VERY much looking forward to the music. I mean, dang. How could you not expect it to be amazing after the first two games. Looking forward to the story and characters. Just everything really. Everything that makes this series what it is. Expect quite a few future posts on this game when it's all said and done. So, until next time everyone~

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Pokemon Black and White initial impressions~

Not gonna spend alot of time talking about this. Since I'm still playing White but just wanted to give some thoughts I have on the new versions so far. I'll just do this in a list like fashion mentioning some elements, new or improved, that I'm enjoying so far.

1.) Faster pace. These game move soooo much faster than Diamond/Pearl/Platinum and HeartGold/SoulSilver. Especially the battles. And that's pretty impressive considering the visuals there have been enhanced. Well, outside of battle too. But yeah, the point is they accomplished this without any slowdown as a result. Definitely loving this~
2.) Environments and visuals. Basically, how the game looks and it looks pretty fantastic. They've spruced it up and taken full advantage of the DS's capabilities with this. This goes for in battle too as I mentioned before. Just making stuff better all around.
3.) Music. The game has some pretty solid tunes from what I've heard so far. I can only assume there's even more good stuff to come. The random battle, regular battle, and gym battle themes are all pretty dang good. As well as some of the town themes and other stuff. Looking forward to hearing more.
4.) Plot. Now I know the Pokemon games are not really known for their stories. It's pretty much the same thing every time just with a different evil group and whatever their goal is is different too. But this is actually looking to be pretty interesting. I still say these people are a bunch of hypocrites in a way but yeah. Still looks like they put way more thought into this story than the other games. The dialogue is much more enjoyable to read too. Just seems like they've matured things alot with these games. And I definitely respect that.

And that's pretty much the 4 things that I wanted to mention thus far. I'm looking forward to finishing out these games. I'm pretty sure they will surpass D/P/P for me. Just looking at how things are going. My only complaint thus far is that your selection of Pokemon to catch is very limited in the beginning. And it takes a while to get to a route with new ones. Too many interruptions in my opinion. But tis only like that in the beginning. It's all good now. So, until my next post~

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones~

Man, it felt so old school going back to a GBA game xD But I've still got a few GBA games that need to be beaten, FF5 and the Golden Sun games, so this won't be my last trip back to that era. Anyways, it was fun playing a Fire Emblem game again. Been a while since I last did. I have Path of Radiance on the GC that I beat a long time ago and Radiant Dawn on the Wii that I have played but not beaten. And there's only two other FE games that came out in the US that I don't own which is the first game on GBA and Shadow Dragon on the DS. But anyways, today we're talking about Sacred Stones.

The story is pretty good. Nothing incredibly special but interesting enough. Revolves around a war started by one nation, Grado, to destroy all the Sacred Stones. Which is bad because they keep the Demon King at bay. Otherwise chaos would ensue on the world. But the Demon King happens to be the one orchestrating all this anyways. By controlling the prince of Grado, Lyon. So, pretty much in the game your main characters are Eirika and Ephraim who happen to be the princess and prince of Renais, another nation in this world, and friends of Lyon. They are your Lords in another words. The class in the game that you cannot let die unless you want a game over.

So, in typical FE fashion you recruit units and level them up, class them up, blah, blah. The usual. And if any unit other than your Lords die in battle on a map then they're gone forever. That's just how FE works. They stay dead. Makes it kinda more realistic that way but I'm sure that would annoy some people. You can always reset of course if that happens. But because I'm hardcore like that I have to say I only reset once. And that unit I saved from death ended up dying again on the second to last map anyways xD To which I said screw it then and moved on with my life.

Because of my experience with FE anyways I was able to create a powerhouse team of troops so death wasn't too much of a problem for me. Just keep weak people out of harm's way and yeah. Course it helped that the game provided you areas to level up in. Not every FE gives you an easy way to do that. Path of Radiance gave you extra experience you could allocate to people but yeah. Anyways, the only other thing I'll say is that the final boss was majorly cheap. And if you could save in between the last map and that fight I would have reset. But I didn't wanna do everything on that last map again so I soldiered on. And won. With Ephraim appropriately landing the final blow. So, good game this was. I really enjoyed it. And I really enjoy this series I must say. Look forward to Radiant Dawn comments someday when I get back to it.

Last thing I'll leave you with is a list of all the characters who died on my playthrough xD Enjoy: Vanessa, Ross, Cormag, Duessel, Gerik, Syrene
Bold: Died in the final boss fight

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The final game~

Sort of in response and making it known otherwise, I will also cease buying games and other things like anime indefinitely. For the same reasons as Artie and following right behind him in that decision. This is a team effort and we're in this together. Through anything and everything. And the money is greatly needed for bigger and better things. So, the choice was easy here. And the fact of the matter is the gaming world is changing and moving in a direction I just don't like. Only a real handful of games that come out in a year appeal to me anymore. So, tis better to just stop and focus on the backlog I already have right now. And that'll keep me going for a long while now.

So yes, I'm still going to play games. That is not stopping. I'm just ceasing my buying activities. AT3, Pokemon Black/White, and Okamiden are the last games coming for me. And all of them are this month actually. But the final game I shall get, whenever and if it comes, is Tales of Graces F. So, unnecessary spending is still stopped until then anyways. Though every game I got off Amazon was bought with gift card money xD As well as my last anime complete collection which is Trigun. But anyways, I still love games and I still have fun with them. As well as anime. It's just time to focus my time, money, and energy all for the sake of something way more important to me. But still stay tuned for posts and other things still related to that. So, until then~