Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I gots new stuff xD

First one being Pokemon Black and White but I was waiting for the Collector's Edition Strategy Guide to get here too before taking pics. And it came yesterday. So, here be both of those and that:

And yes, that thing is hardback and big ^^; Definitely a collector's item right there. With everything you need to know about the games in it. It's awesome stuff. A $30 value that I got for 16 bucks on Amazon~ I love getting good deals.

Next and highly expected is the very anticipated Ar tonelico 3~ Complete with all these nice goodies you'll see in the picture:

Freakin' huge box the game came in anyways with the artbook and CD soundtrack. And the nice little calender thingie that I haven't even opened xD And probably won't. But anyways, loving all the goodies that came with this~ Definitely was a great buy.

Anyways, AT3 will probably get tried out this weekend. Don't really have time during the week ^^; We'll see on that though. I'll be finishing up Pokemon White in the mean time. Anyways, until next time~


  1. Yup, always gotta love getting good deals~ Especially on stuff with loads of extras xD

  2. Indeed indeed xD You can't pass up stuff like that~