Thursday, March 10, 2011

Pokemon Black and White initial impressions~

Not gonna spend alot of time talking about this. Since I'm still playing White but just wanted to give some thoughts I have on the new versions so far. I'll just do this in a list like fashion mentioning some elements, new or improved, that I'm enjoying so far.

1.) Faster pace. These game move soooo much faster than Diamond/Pearl/Platinum and HeartGold/SoulSilver. Especially the battles. And that's pretty impressive considering the visuals there have been enhanced. Well, outside of battle too. But yeah, the point is they accomplished this without any slowdown as a result. Definitely loving this~
2.) Environments and visuals. Basically, how the game looks and it looks pretty fantastic. They've spruced it up and taken full advantage of the DS's capabilities with this. This goes for in battle too as I mentioned before. Just making stuff better all around.
3.) Music. The game has some pretty solid tunes from what I've heard so far. I can only assume there's even more good stuff to come. The random battle, regular battle, and gym battle themes are all pretty dang good. As well as some of the town themes and other stuff. Looking forward to hearing more.
4.) Plot. Now I know the Pokemon games are not really known for their stories. It's pretty much the same thing every time just with a different evil group and whatever their goal is is different too. But this is actually looking to be pretty interesting. I still say these people are a bunch of hypocrites in a way but yeah. Still looks like they put way more thought into this story than the other games. The dialogue is much more enjoyable to read too. Just seems like they've matured things alot with these games. And I definitely respect that.

And that's pretty much the 4 things that I wanted to mention thus far. I'm looking forward to finishing out these games. I'm pretty sure they will surpass D/P/P for me. Just looking at how things are going. My only complaint thus far is that your selection of Pokemon to catch is very limited in the beginning. And it takes a while to get to a route with new ones. Too many interruptions in my opinion. But tis only like that in the beginning. It's all good now. So, until my next post~

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