Thursday, June 24, 2010

Phantom Brave: We Meet Again comments~

Yep, my first and final comments because I never got to make an introductory post xD For a few reasons. Like school and it was kinda short. 45 hours worth which is still good enough for me. I mean, I needed a shorter game after those others. Anyways, you start out meeting Ash and Marona's parents on the Island of Evil fighting some monsters. With some battle system introductory stuff. Then they're attacked by a nasty looking monster that pretty much wipes them out.

But before Ash dies, Marona's dad, Haze, turns him into a phantom. It's a power that runs in the family apparently. Both of Marona's parents end up dying and Ash, as a phantom, feels it's his duty to watch over Marona for them. This ends up being a good thing and a bad thing because everyone believes that Marona is possessed because of him. So, she's pretty much treated like crap by everyone. But she's so incredibly sweet and wants to help everyone that she doesn't care.

The game revolves around her taking jobs to help people so she can buy the island she lives on. And on that island is where all your created characters and weapons hang out. And you can do stuff like buy weapons from your merchant, create a random dungeon to train in, upgrade your weapons, combine weapons and characters, heal peeps, etc. All that happens on your island. You just need to create the characters that do those things. On your fighting force, you really only need like 6-7 characters. Unless you massively grind to be really overpowered then you'd only need like 3-4. Reason you need a good amount is because characters don't stay on the map forever. You have be conservative about when to throw them out there to fight. I know I really had to conserve my fighters early in the game. Until I discovered an awesome way to grind xD
The overall difficulty of the game varied. Some maps you just breezed through. Others you pretty much thought were ridiculous. Like the one where there was only one thing to confine a character to. As if one character was enough. Luckily I used Marona to throw something to confine a character to. Um, there was another where this cactus on the map gave off Invincible status to the enemies and it was hidden all the way in the back behind all the enemies. That one ticked me off too.
Anyways, as you progress further, the island is eventually given to her anyways by Sienna. She collected rent from them and owned that island initially. It's revealed that her true identity is Scarlet the Brave, the hero that defeated Sulpher, an evil demon that tormented the world of Ivoire 30 years ago. Her leg was injured in the fight and became unusable pretty much. So, she changed her identity to began running the bottlemail company. She didn't want people to know who she really was and see the great hero as a crippled woman.
Evidence of Sulpher's return started to be seen in Ivoire. Ash noticed the monsters that started showing up as the ones that attacked him and Marona's parents that time. Turns out they were just pieces of him coming into the world from another dimension where he resides. Everything ultimately goes back to the Island of Evil. Sulpher's return there is inevitable. But Marona comes up with an idea to get rid of him using some monsters she befriended called Putties. They have open and close doors to dimensions so her idea is to defeat him then close him back up using the putties. How are they gonna tell a bunch of monsters to do that? Well, Marona's first friend she ever made, Castille, taught sign language to them. Castille is very ill and thought she couldn't do anything to help other people. She just thought of herself as a burden on everyone. But she turns out to be a huge help in saving Ivoire.
The final two fights at the end of this game were crazy. Like huge step up in difficulty. I know there was only one of them but still. They could one shot my peeps. And Sulpher could one shot more than one person at a time. I used some trickery on him though. In the end, they defeat him, he's sealed away by the putties plus the help of an expected person. Ash was initially gonna take the fall for everyone to push him back. Which Marona didn't want of course. But Walnut, Castille's brother, ended up sacrificing himself instead. It was pretty sad with that but the ending was very fulfilling. It was just happy. Castille's illness was either gonna be cured or Bamboo Co. was gonna help provide her medication for her. I swear, there were some scenes in this game that brought tears to my eyes ^^; And of course everyone came to respect Marona in the end. This game had a nice ending song too I must say.

That's it for this game though. Twas a very sweet, fun little game that I enjoyed very much. Now I be playing .hack GU and trying to finish that trilogy so we'll see where that goes to. Till then~

Friday, June 18, 2010

Digimon Season 6: Xros Wars!

Oh man, yeah, I am excited. I seriously thought Digimon Savers was the end of this series but behold the makers of this anime have come back to make diehard fan happy one more time xD Yes, I know I'm 22. Yes, I know this show is kid/teen in nature but hey! I've been a fan of this anime since I was a kid myself. I'm just one of the older fans. And actually, it's only America that really makes this show extremely kiddy in nature. The way they translate it. I love watching the subs more. They like to change stuff way too much when they bring it over here. Especially with the most recent season, Savers. I wouldn't be able to watch it anyways if Disney still has their hands on it. They only show it on Toon Disney and I ain't got that channel so whatever~

Anyways, I don't know much about the story. Like at all. Not much has been said. It's airing July 6th in Japan so I expect someone to upload episodes like they did with Savers every time it aired and someone subbed them. Someone always does. I know this season has a huge mecha look to it. I mean check out that pick up top. And these of the main character's partner:

Apparently called Shoutmon. Looks pretty interesting. And has the ability to combine with other Digimon through "DigiCross." Hence the name of the season I guess.

And this guy is like a combination of all the kid's partners and I'm like thinking Power Rangers? xD Like when all their zords combined to for Megazord. Seriously, that's what I was reminded of but that's pretty awesome just the same.

All I know is that there's a war going on in the Digital World this time and it's actually between the kids and their Digimon partners instead of against like the evil Digimon that live there. Usually some evil Digimon is trying to destroy the world or the humans started or something but this is just wow. There's apparently different teams and stuff. Just interesting all around. I look forward to watching this when it finally aires in Japan soon.

Oh and a new DS game called Digimon Story: Lost Evolution is coming out July 1st in Japan along with this anime. So yay! I gets good stuff all around. Hopefully the game will come here. They usually always do. Haven't had a Digimon DS title yet that didn't. And only a few on other systems. That weren't really important titles anyways. I'm finally excited about something that's coming out in the future~ Been a while since I had that feeling ^_^ Well, aside from Pokemon Black and White but I'm a much larger fan of this series. But that's it for now. More in the future.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

More Pokemon Black and White info~

A bunch of stuff came out about these games recently. I didn't have time to comment till now but anyways now is the time. And I'm getting excited for spring 2011~

First, the new legendaries. Turns out you get the black one in white and the white one in black xD They be doing things a bit differently this time around. In many ways. Anyways Reshiram is the white one and Zekrom is the black one. Personally, I'm all over Zekrom. He looks awesome and he's a Dragon/Electric type. That is pwnage. So much so. Reshiram has a nice type combination too, Dragon/Fire. I'll be getting both games so I ain't having to choose between them.

Next, new Pokemon~ Some of them are just weird looking and not that interesting to me ^^; The one I like the most is the electric zebra xD Cuz that's just awesome. The alligator is pretty cool too. The gear is just I don't know. I say the same about the pink thing too. There was a mouse Pokemon too but I didn't care to get that screenshot. It's not amazing or anything. Pretty interesting view of the world for this game though.

And last, the Pokedex and the female professor. That's a first right there. Never had a female professor. So yay for changing stuff up. I really love what I see so far with these games. I can't wait till they come out in Japan this fall so I can see the rest of the new Pokemon. One awesome feature these games finally have is the ability to battle random people on Wifi. Where you don't have to deal with friend codes or any of that stuff. It just pits you against someone randomly. Imma have fun with that~

Anyways, more comments on this when more stuff comes out. And expect a post about Phantom Brave soon as I'm close to beating it ^_^

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Tales of Eternia: Final Comments~

Alrighty then, not much say as of late. Because summer classes in college suck hard. But enough about that ^^; Time to discuss Tales of Eternia again. Cuz I beat it a while back. Like before summer school started. Twas a pretty good game I must say. I don't know where I would rank it among the Tales games honestly. It didn't beat Abyss for me I know that much xD But anyways~

The storyline revolves around two worlds, Inferia and Celestia. And together it's the world of Eternia. Hence the title of the game. In between the two worlds is like a space where the laws of matter and stuff like that don't apply. And also the Orbus Barrier that keeps the worlds from colliding with each other along with the Seyfert Ring that connects them. In the beginning most of what you're doing is collecting all the greater craymels. AKA summon spirits in this game basically. You need them to stop the grand fall which is basically the collision of the two worlds. Tis why Meredy came to Inferia and sought help from Reid and Farah.

They know some guy called Balir is causing the grand fall. Or so they think. But when they invade his castle they find out he's been dead for a while and his wife is the one running the show. She wants to destroy both worlds to return the planet back to the state of non matter that it once was when Nereid, god of destruction, created it. And it turns out, he's the one controlling Shizel too. Oh and did I forget to mention that Balir and Shizel are Meredy's parents? Yeah, crazy mixed up stuff going on.

The only way to defeat Shizel/Nereid is to gain the power of the aurora arte. There are two forms of it: the Dark Aurora Arte and the Divine Aurora Arte. Turns out Reid is capable of using this power. But he has to pass a series of trials to prove he's worthy of it. Basically it tests how true his beliefs are and how understanding he is of the people around him and the world in general. He passes all of them and is given the Divine Aurora Arte by the god Seyfert. Seyfert actually created Inferia which ticked Nereid off. It was kinda surprising that Seyfert came second since everyone just assumed Nereid interferred with him. Still, Nereid's ideas are whacked out so it's good that Seyfert did stop him all those years ago.

Reid and company make their way to the center of the Orbus Barrier where Shizel's castle is. How that even works being in a space where laws of matter and material stuff don't exist I don't know. But anyways, the final boss fight against Nereid (In Shizel's body) is fun as heck. There's two parts to it and you actually do use Reid's power to block his Dark Aurora Arte powers with your own. You just have to press the buttons at the right time and he'll completely shield the party from it. But he still had tons of other nasty stuff in both rounds of the fight.

After you defeat him, the party still has to find a way to stop the grand fall because defeating him didn't actually stop it. It's the Seyfert Ring that connects the worlds and is ultimately being their doom right now. So Reid gets the idea to just destroy the ring. It could either be disasterous or save both worlds. In the end, they decide to go for it though Meredy's life might be sacrificed in the process as she uses her own aurora power along with Reid's to destroy the ring. However, much to their surprise Shizel helps them in destroying it, which saves Meredy. It's really sad because all she wanted to do was protect Meredy but she was being controlled by Nereid all that time. But she was able to in the end. Balir wasn't evil either. It was all Nereid who wanted to destroy the worlds and Seyfert wanted to save them.

So, after they destroy the ring both worlds are pretty much cut off from each other. They are no longer connected and Reid and Farah end up back on Inferia while Keele and Meredy end up on Celestia. They end up separated. Sad I know. But the worlds are saved finally. At the end, after the credits and stuff, Reid and Farah are getting stuff together to travel to Celestia. Don't know how long after the fact they do this but they had to upgrade Chat's ship to be able to travel like that. Into space pretty much. And that's how it ends with them going into space heading towards Celestia.

So yay, everyone probably gets to see each other again xD And Reid x Farah and Keele x Meredy~ Everyone has someone to love. It was quite obvious that these pairs had things for each other. Anyways, good game was good and it was actually pretty challenging at times. Stay tuned cuz soon I shall give my initial impressions of Phantom Brave: We Meet Again. In between studying for Spanish ^^;

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Rest in peace, Munchie (2008-2010)

I've posted pictures of my hamsters on here before. And on ARM so some people know I have them. Anyways, my oldest hamster passed away Thursday night. Don't know how old she was but she had to be at least 3 if I had to guess. I loved her alot. She was my baby ^^; But I'll always have memories. She was definitely interesting from the moment I got her. Like having babies a week after xD And escaping from her cage more than once.

Rest in peace, Munchie. You'll always be in my heart~