Wednesday, June 16, 2010

More Pokemon Black and White info~

A bunch of stuff came out about these games recently. I didn't have time to comment till now but anyways now is the time. And I'm getting excited for spring 2011~

First, the new legendaries. Turns out you get the black one in white and the white one in black xD They be doing things a bit differently this time around. In many ways. Anyways Reshiram is the white one and Zekrom is the black one. Personally, I'm all over Zekrom. He looks awesome and he's a Dragon/Electric type. That is pwnage. So much so. Reshiram has a nice type combination too, Dragon/Fire. I'll be getting both games so I ain't having to choose between them.

Next, new Pokemon~ Some of them are just weird looking and not that interesting to me ^^; The one I like the most is the electric zebra xD Cuz that's just awesome. The alligator is pretty cool too. The gear is just I don't know. I say the same about the pink thing too. There was a mouse Pokemon too but I didn't care to get that screenshot. It's not amazing or anything. Pretty interesting view of the world for this game though.

And last, the Pokedex and the female professor. That's a first right there. Never had a female professor. So yay for changing stuff up. I really love what I see so far with these games. I can't wait till they come out in Japan this fall so I can see the rest of the new Pokemon. One awesome feature these games finally have is the ability to battle random people on Wifi. Where you don't have to deal with friend codes or any of that stuff. It just pits you against someone randomly. Imma have fun with that~

Anyways, more comments on this when more stuff comes out. And expect a post about Phantom Brave soon as I'm close to beating it ^_^


  1. Alright... I always wondered what the heck the reason for releasing two games at the same time was. Since they always seem to do so. Are the stories different? Different characters? Same story from a different view?

  2. Here's what they do. They make some Pokemon not available in one game but available in the other. Not like a bunch of them but some of them. They do this to encourage trading I guess. And now that that's online and everything it's way easier. In the past you had to link up gameboys and stuff and it was just annoying ^^; The stories are the same and all that so there's really no point in buying both. I just do cuz I'm like that xD

  3. I see. So it is a gimmick. Yeah, I remember stuff like that. Link cable and all. Wifi is easier xD You don't have to sit 3 feet away from the other person now. But this answers my question.