Thursday, June 24, 2010

Phantom Brave: We Meet Again comments~

Yep, my first and final comments because I never got to make an introductory post xD For a few reasons. Like school and it was kinda short. 45 hours worth which is still good enough for me. I mean, I needed a shorter game after those others. Anyways, you start out meeting Ash and Marona's parents on the Island of Evil fighting some monsters. With some battle system introductory stuff. Then they're attacked by a nasty looking monster that pretty much wipes them out.

But before Ash dies, Marona's dad, Haze, turns him into a phantom. It's a power that runs in the family apparently. Both of Marona's parents end up dying and Ash, as a phantom, feels it's his duty to watch over Marona for them. This ends up being a good thing and a bad thing because everyone believes that Marona is possessed because of him. So, she's pretty much treated like crap by everyone. But she's so incredibly sweet and wants to help everyone that she doesn't care.

The game revolves around her taking jobs to help people so she can buy the island she lives on. And on that island is where all your created characters and weapons hang out. And you can do stuff like buy weapons from your merchant, create a random dungeon to train in, upgrade your weapons, combine weapons and characters, heal peeps, etc. All that happens on your island. You just need to create the characters that do those things. On your fighting force, you really only need like 6-7 characters. Unless you massively grind to be really overpowered then you'd only need like 3-4. Reason you need a good amount is because characters don't stay on the map forever. You have be conservative about when to throw them out there to fight. I know I really had to conserve my fighters early in the game. Until I discovered an awesome way to grind xD
The overall difficulty of the game varied. Some maps you just breezed through. Others you pretty much thought were ridiculous. Like the one where there was only one thing to confine a character to. As if one character was enough. Luckily I used Marona to throw something to confine a character to. Um, there was another where this cactus on the map gave off Invincible status to the enemies and it was hidden all the way in the back behind all the enemies. That one ticked me off too.
Anyways, as you progress further, the island is eventually given to her anyways by Sienna. She collected rent from them and owned that island initially. It's revealed that her true identity is Scarlet the Brave, the hero that defeated Sulpher, an evil demon that tormented the world of Ivoire 30 years ago. Her leg was injured in the fight and became unusable pretty much. So, she changed her identity to began running the bottlemail company. She didn't want people to know who she really was and see the great hero as a crippled woman.
Evidence of Sulpher's return started to be seen in Ivoire. Ash noticed the monsters that started showing up as the ones that attacked him and Marona's parents that time. Turns out they were just pieces of him coming into the world from another dimension where he resides. Everything ultimately goes back to the Island of Evil. Sulpher's return there is inevitable. But Marona comes up with an idea to get rid of him using some monsters she befriended called Putties. They have open and close doors to dimensions so her idea is to defeat him then close him back up using the putties. How are they gonna tell a bunch of monsters to do that? Well, Marona's first friend she ever made, Castille, taught sign language to them. Castille is very ill and thought she couldn't do anything to help other people. She just thought of herself as a burden on everyone. But she turns out to be a huge help in saving Ivoire.
The final two fights at the end of this game were crazy. Like huge step up in difficulty. I know there was only one of them but still. They could one shot my peeps. And Sulpher could one shot more than one person at a time. I used some trickery on him though. In the end, they defeat him, he's sealed away by the putties plus the help of an expected person. Ash was initially gonna take the fall for everyone to push him back. Which Marona didn't want of course. But Walnut, Castille's brother, ended up sacrificing himself instead. It was pretty sad with that but the ending was very fulfilling. It was just happy. Castille's illness was either gonna be cured or Bamboo Co. was gonna help provide her medication for her. I swear, there were some scenes in this game that brought tears to my eyes ^^; And of course everyone came to respect Marona in the end. This game had a nice ending song too I must say.

That's it for this game though. Twas a very sweet, fun little game that I enjoyed very much. Now I be playing .hack GU and trying to finish that trilogy so we'll see where that goes to. Till then~


  1. Gotta love that cheap invincible crap. Shining Force has that. Bosses remaining immune until all the spawning peons are gone, or in this case some object. Very annoying.

    This recruiting monsters bit reminds me of Puni's xD Quick, hide! Lily's coming! xD

  2. Yep, and that would be even more annoying >_< In this case I just had to slip by the enemies somehow without getting pummeled to death and destroy the item. Cuz I only sent one person to do it so as not to waste turns with my other characters.

    Hm? Haha xD Yeah, at least Marona wasn't crazy with the Putties like Lily was with the Puni's.