Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Summer of Spanish half over and stuff

Okay, so I survived the first Spanish class as of today *whew* No, seriously that sigh of relief is um, not an exaggeration ^^; 5 week classes suck. I don't recommend it. Unless you're trying to do what I'm doing which is graduate this fall. Anyways, this is sort of a random little post about life I guess. I have updates coming about stuff but I have to wait for them. For instance, this Thursday the final episode of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood will be out. After which, of course, I will make a post about said anime. I'll already say right now that I loved it and it was incredibly awesome. I'm sure the last episode will be also. When a subbed video of the first episode of Digimon Xros Wars comes out I'll comment on it too. It only just premiered yesterday in Japan.

I'm waiting for at least two things I've bought. One will be a while longer maybe and the other will come along soon. I'm still playing through .hack GU at the moment and will continue to until I've beaten all 3 volumes. I shall update after each volume. I'm playing a few other little random things but games fall under time constraints more than anything else right now.

And that's pretty much it for now. I have at least gotten to do stuff this summer other than sit at home and study. For that I'm grateful. Just another 5 weeks of this nonsense. Fall semester can't get here fast enough for more than one reason. Anyways, happy 4th of July to everyone xD Even though it's late but oh well. I hope it was nice for you~


  1. Yeah they do. It's bad enough when they're normal length, but all crunched into a smaller time slot like that. That bites for sure. Anyway, yay for the fun stuff~

    And yes, Fall will be here soon enough~ ^_^

  2. Mhmm, pretty dang much. I shall survive through the rest though. Yep, bring on the fun stuff. I have everything I need to make posts about the other stuff I mentioned. Whenever I gets some time to make an update I shall.

    Mhmm~ Waiting in anticipation ^_^