Friday, July 9, 2010

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood~

Alright, the final episode was up yesterday on FUNimation's website. I've been following this anime since last fall. I had already watched the FMA anime that came on a while back. This is very different. Because it's based on the manga. The first anime was not. And there are ALOT of differences. In my opinion, Brotherhood is better. They're both good but Brotherhood just shines. It's a totally awesome anime. I enjoyed it alot.

If you've watched either of them you know that the basic storyline is that Edward and Alfonse Elric performed human transmutation to try to bring their mother back to life. It's pretty much considered the biggest taboo of alchemists. They learned how to do most of their alchemy from their dad's books and stuff. Their dad left them when they were younger and their mom was all they had. Unfortunately, she died from an illness leading them to find a way to bring her back. With alchemy there is a law called equivalent exchange. Something can't be created from nothing. Something of equal value must be exchanged. The brothers believe all they need are all the elements that make up the human body and their blood.

When they try the transmutation it goes out of control and Ed's right arm and leg are taken. It's pretty gruesome in the anime. Alfonse's entire body is taken from him but with some quick acting Ed is able to transmute his soul to a body of armor. And thus begins their trouble. The anime is pretty much their journey to correct the mistake they made and try to get their bodies back to their original state. There's a whole range of elements throughout this anime. It's funny, sad as all heck, gruesome and just plain freaky, and downright awesome.

To give a basic rundown of the plot after the human transmutation, Ed joins the military as a state alchemist. The youngest person to ever become one. He uncovers secrets inside the military. It's pretty much corrupt. This crazy guy who lives underneath Central is pulling the strings. And he's pretty much immortal. He's unleashed all 7 of his "deadly sins" or human emotions in the form of humunculi or artificial humans. He gets rid of them to be a perfect being or something. Wrath is the fuhrer of the country. Their goal is to create an immortal army of artificial humans and sacrifice almost everyone to create a philosopher's stone, the source of their power. As you would guess, Ed and a bunch of other people they met along the way stop him as well as all the other humunculi. Except for Greed who joined the fight against him.

Al sacrificed himself to give Ed back his real arm. Since his automail one got busted up in the fight. And with that he defeated him. Don't know the guy's real name. He didn't really have one. He was just a homunculus who was released by Ed and Al's father, Hohenheim, way back when. A long time ago. And got too powerful when he destroyed an entire country pretty much. Anyways, Ed makes his way to the gate of truth to get Al back. In order to do so he must give up something of course. So, he chooses to give up his own gate of truth thus making himself unable to use alchemy. And finally he and Al are back to normal and go back home. And Hohenheim dies in peace at his wife's grave. That was a really touching scene.

The final episode was pretty much a summary of what happened after that. Mustang becomes fuhrer. Or at least it's implied at the end with the pictures and ending song. He's working to rebuild and make the country better. Without a corrupt government. Ed and Al return home but decide they want to travel the world and see different things. One going east and the other west. And you gotta love the scene between Ed and Winry before he gets on the train xD I kinda knew it was coming too. Him asking her to marry him. Ah, and this picture at the end:

It was quite satisfying. The ending I mean. Not sure what anime to watch now. Other Digimon Xros Wars. I'll just have to look. Anyways, that's it for this~

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