Friday, December 31, 2010

Cross Edge and Happy New Year's Eve~

Alright, this is like a combination post about a few things ^^; First off I'd like to give some initial comments about Cross Edge and then end it with some special comments about the year itself. So, lets get to it~

Might be a little late to give some initial comments on this considering I've been playing it for a while but Imma do it anyways xD The battle system in general was a little slow getting into for me. I have to say I spent some time in the practice battle thing testing some things out. But now that I've got a handle on it, it's freakin' fun. No doubt. Though as Artie knows, I made some things hard on myself by not looking at other stuff ^^; Like the Database and the goodies in there. But it's all good still. The story is pretty much what I expected. And by that I mean the quality of it and especially the humor. I mean, the story is as interesting as it can be for what the game is. But I'm enjoying it and that's all that matters. Lyner, Raze, Morrigan, and Aurica is the party I mainly use and will continue to cuz I'm attached to them xD I'll bring more on this after I beat it though.

Now, onto the second thing. Since it's New Year's Eve I usually like to look back on the year at the milestones of what happened. And 2010 was one heck of a year for that for me. First of all, I graduated from college. Something I have looked forward to and worked hard for. And when I say hard, I mean hard ^^; This year in particular was pretty grueling because I didn't really have a break from school at all. Summer school and all that crap and the classes themselves were um, kinda testing my limits in alot of ways ^^; But I guess that's what college does. So earning that was a huge accomplishment and everything I did for that was all worth it. Now comes the job hunt so lets hope 2011 is kind to me in that regard.

Next and most obvious thing is getting to be with Artie for the first time ^_^ It's mostly the end of the year that all this stuff happened xD Though college was really an ongoing thing all year to accomplish. But anyways, we had waited well over a year for this meeting to happen and if you've followed one or both of our blogs you've seen the comments and the pictures that followed. We are looking at 2011 to be a very special year for us in many ways~ There be stuff to take care of but we're gonna keep moving in that special direction ^_~ So, my big goals for next year are pretty much decided. Just gotta hope everything goes well. So, I guess let the countdown begin! 2010 has been a good year but 2011 is sure to be even better~ Happy New Year's Eve everyone!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Pokemon Black and White release date!

Nintendo has announced it at a press release that these games shall be released in the US on March 6th, 2011~ And I've already gone on Amazon and pre-ordered both xD I figured they would have them up and they did. So, here's my first most looked forward to games of next year. Ar tonelico 3 will be the next~ And then beyond that I don't really know ^^; These are just the ones I've been paying attention to. Don't know what kinda pre-order bonus they're having with these. They almost always do but I'm sure they don't know just yet since they were just announced. Probably figurines again if I had to guess. But anyways, good stuff and I'm looking forward to it~

Sunday, December 26, 2010

.hack//G.U. vol. 3//Redemption beaten and DKC2 completed~

Not planning on making this a really long post. Because I don't like to make incredibly long posts anymore. So, I'll give my comments on this trilogy of games. The series in general has an interesting concept to me. The overall story for GU was pretty good too. Haseo starts out as really annoying I'm sure to people who first play volume 1, unless you have a thing for really rude people ^^; But that's just how he is at first. Kinda like Luke in Tales of the Abyss. They have the same voiced actor actually xD Anyways, it's really interesting to see him change and grow and view his purpose or goal differently. What started out as just plain revenge against Tri-Edge turned into a mission to save everyone. Sure he abused his power in the beginning when he awakened to it. But it's kinda funny how it all worked out that him doing that in the beginning helped in the end.

There's still some confusing aspects in the story. Mainly to do with Ovan for me. And AIDA. But the end of the game had some awesome fights~ And it was just made better with all the upgrades and stuff they gave Haseo. This game had a really fun battle system that just kept evolving and giving me new abilities. Being able to switch weapons and all that was pwnage. And the system isn't complicated to use so that's another plus. I loved getting the dual guns and Double Trigger. Anyways, that last avatar fight was dang hard. Not the first part but the second part kicked my butt at least 5 times before I finally beat it ^^; And I was in the red data draining him. But avatar battles are fun so that was the saving grace that kept me going. The fights after that were challenging too and the actual final boss fight was great. Really enjoyed that.

All in all, the ending was quite satisfying. "The World" was returned to normal, all the Lost Ones came back, and Haseo could be a regular player again. I was kinda torn between what happened in terms of Shino and Atoli. Because Shino got left behind really as Haseo grew and changed, making new friends. Wasn't her fault or Haseo's but things couldn't go back to the way they were. But at the same time I felt bad for Atoli too. So, I guess it did end in a way it should have. As long as the friendship still remains that's enough for me really. And maybe Ovan is still out there somewhere too.

So, that concludes this~ Next on the list is Cross Edge ^^ As if I don't have a ton of other games though ^^; But stay tuned as I begin that~

Second thing to report is my completion of DKC2~ I has gotten 102% in the game meaning I have gotten everything xD What's funny is that I was missing 1% and come to find out you have to talk to all the Kongs in the game for that. I hadn't even talked to Swanky because I don't do the bonus game stuff. So that was amusing in a way. But anyways, it feels good to complete one of my favorite games ever. And it would have been much sooner if I had this game when I was younger. But better late than never, right?

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas everyone~

Hope everyone is having a good one so far ^^ I has unwrapped all of my loot and am very pleased~ Yay presents xD But first, some other things:

Tis my Christmas tree obviously~ With lots of Rudolph plushies all over it xD And presents underneath that ain't there no more.

And the stockings~ With a very special one underneath mine ^_^ There's nothing in those anymore either xD

Alright, now the presents~

I gots three old games. Like SNES, N64, and PS1 xD Cuz I wanted them so yeah. And music from two of my favorite groups. Then the Gamestop giftcards ($75 worth ^^;) And Skittles! And you're probably wondering what the orange and white thing is. Well, inside that be my diploma and I do count that as a Christmas gift xD A very hard earned gift but still a gift. And of course I already got stuff from my Artie~ So, it's been a good one for me so far.

Oh, and of course, Happy Anniversary, Artie ^_^

Friday, December 24, 2010

PS3 games!

First of all, happy Christmas Eve to everyone xD Second, I can never say thank you enough to Artie for my gift of a PS3~ And a whole bunch of other things ^_^ But anyways, obviously I had to get me some games for it and thanks to Amazon I got these pretty dang cheap honestly.

Cross Edge was actually the most expensive one. And Amazon didn't even sell it. It came from another seller on the site but anyways it's mine xD And it'll be the next game I focus on after I finish .hack GU volume 3.

Next is Star Ocean 4: The Last Hope International version. And I got a great deal on this. Normally a $60 game and I got it for half because Amazon was having some great deals for Christmas. I traded in my 360 version of the original game along with some others. I only played it once on there. I had a beef with them about taking out the anime aspects of the game. Which the Star Ocean series has had so it didn't make any sense to take it out. Be true to the series is all I'm saying. So yeah, I'll be much happier with this one. My plan is to play this and SO2 at the same time because those are the two games I haven't beaten in the series and I own both so makes sense xD

And last but not least, Valkyria Chronicles. Which Sega decided to be great teasers by putting Vyse and Aika from Skies of Arcadia in the game as cameos and playable characters. Fina too if I'm remembering correctly. Making everyone yell where's our sequel!? But anyways ^^; I've been interested in this game for a long time. And there's a second game on PSP and from what I've heard a third game coming to PSP too. I've gotta get caught up ^^;; But I got this game for $21 so yeah. Deal~

So these three games were my must haves right off. Ar tonelico 3 will be next year of course. But my PS3 gaming cannot begin until GU is finished which will be soon. And a post will soon follow that when I do. So until then~

Saturday, December 18, 2010

One of the best weeks of my life~

And many surprises in more than one way ^^; But very good surprises of course. I cannot express in words how much I enjoyed being with you, Artie. I thank you for everything (especially the gift xD). Even if we didn't get to go out much or any of that, it doesn't matter. Getting to be with you was all I needed. Course it's all I'll ever need. I already look forward to the next time and I'm always looking forward to beyond. I love you always and with all my heart~

And I'm still sorry for all the plane nonsense back home ^^; But I did have fun hooking up my gift xD Tis all set~ *goes to buy some PS3 games*

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Getting on a plane tomorrow~

Well, two really xD But to one destination~ For one of the best days of my life ^_^ Or weeks really. I'll see you in the morning at 11am, Artie~ *goes to sleep*

Friday, December 10, 2010

And so it ends~

As of today, or the 9th rather ^^;, I am a college graduate~ Lots of time, stress, and hard work poured into 4 years. Started in fall 2006 and ended in fall 2010. It feels really good to have accomplished this and to have all the stress off my shoulders. There's so much to look forward to now with this done and I can't wait to get started. Time to enjoy the rest of my Christmas break ^_^ Especially this coming week~

Friday, December 3, 2010

Another year older~

Yes, twas my birthday yesterday~ And I want to thank everyone for their birthday wishes to me ^_^ And for once no one asked me "So, do you feel 23?" I mean, how the heck do you answer that anyways? xD I just feel like me really. Anyways, I enjoyed my ice cream cake and my wonderful present from someone~ That shall be getting alot of use soon. Thank you, Artie~

And in other news, in the near future there shall be a review post about Donkey Kong Country Returns since I'm pretty sure I'm close to beating that. There's alot of life stuff happening that I shall discuss in the near future too. Gonna be real active around here for once xD So stay tuned~