Friday, December 24, 2010

PS3 games!

First of all, happy Christmas Eve to everyone xD Second, I can never say thank you enough to Artie for my gift of a PS3~ And a whole bunch of other things ^_^ But anyways, obviously I had to get me some games for it and thanks to Amazon I got these pretty dang cheap honestly.

Cross Edge was actually the most expensive one. And Amazon didn't even sell it. It came from another seller on the site but anyways it's mine xD And it'll be the next game I focus on after I finish .hack GU volume 3.

Next is Star Ocean 4: The Last Hope International version. And I got a great deal on this. Normally a $60 game and I got it for half because Amazon was having some great deals for Christmas. I traded in my 360 version of the original game along with some others. I only played it once on there. I had a beef with them about taking out the anime aspects of the game. Which the Star Ocean series has had so it didn't make any sense to take it out. Be true to the series is all I'm saying. So yeah, I'll be much happier with this one. My plan is to play this and SO2 at the same time because those are the two games I haven't beaten in the series and I own both so makes sense xD

And last but not least, Valkyria Chronicles. Which Sega decided to be great teasers by putting Vyse and Aika from Skies of Arcadia in the game as cameos and playable characters. Fina too if I'm remembering correctly. Making everyone yell where's our sequel!? But anyways ^^; I've been interested in this game for a long time. And there's a second game on PSP and from what I've heard a third game coming to PSP too. I've gotta get caught up ^^;; But I got this game for $21 so yeah. Deal~

So these three games were my must haves right off. Ar tonelico 3 will be next year of course. But my PS3 gaming cannot begin until GU is finished which will be soon. And a post will soon follow that when I do. So until then~


  1. Aww, happy Christmas Eve, sweetie~ And you'll always be welcome ^_^ You needs not worry 'bout that xD The look that was on your face will always tell that story.

    Not a bad start there~ xD Yeah, you shall be busy for a while, certainly no boring time at least at home xD

  2. Haha, I'm sure it will xD And it's forever recorded by mom~

    Mhmm, pretty dang much xD No way can I be bored with all the games I got~ So yes, when I'm at home there be no chance of that happening.

  3. Yes, this is true xD

    Nope xD And that's a good thing~ Boring time is what work is for. Good ^_^