Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas everyone~

Hope everyone is having a good one so far ^^ I has unwrapped all of my loot and am very pleased~ Yay presents xD But first, some other things:

Tis my Christmas tree obviously~ With lots of Rudolph plushies all over it xD And presents underneath that ain't there no more.

And the stockings~ With a very special one underneath mine ^_^ There's nothing in those anymore either xD

Alright, now the presents~

I gots three old games. Like SNES, N64, and PS1 xD Cuz I wanted them so yeah. And music from two of my favorite groups. Then the Gamestop giftcards ($75 worth ^^;) And Skittles! And you're probably wondering what the orange and white thing is. Well, inside that be my diploma and I do count that as a Christmas gift xD A very hard earned gift but still a gift. And of course I already got stuff from my Artie~ So, it's been a good one for me so far.

Oh, and of course, Happy Anniversary, Artie ^_^


  1. I had an alright one~ Work and all ^^;; Ooh, loot stash xD Your tree came out better looking in the pic than mine did ^_^ Dunno why my camera can't do it right ^^;

    Yay stockings~ I haven't seen mine in years ^^; Heck, I don't even know where they are except that they're in the attic somewhere.

    Ooh, oldies but goodies xD Though I never played any of those. I see we have the candy present and accounted for~ Oh yes, that could definitely count as a gift too. Definitely a hard earned one for sure. Mhmm, that you have~ I'm glad to see it was a good one for you ^_^

    Aww, Happy Anniversary, Emmy ^_^

  2. Aww ^^; Yeah, work will do that. Hm? Oh yes, I was very happy with that picture of it~ I did turn the flash off but yeah. Don't know why either ^^;

    Haha, yeah xD The other ones we've had for a long time. And now you have one here too ^_^

    Mhmm~ Pretty much games I never got when I was younger that I wanted now xD And of course~ Skittles for me! But yes, I thought it should be included in the picture. Aww, it definitely was ^_^