Sunday, April 18, 2010

Tales of Symphonia OVA~

Okay, so I know the first part of this anime came out a long time ago. More than a year ago if I recall but anyways. The second arc is finally out and I can watch it. Subbed of course. The first arc was basically the events that happened in Sylvarant up until the Tower of Salvation and when Lloyd and gang cross over to Tethe'alla. Which is why this arc is called the Tethe'alla arc. It continues where the Sylvarant arc left off. The OVA basically rushes through the events that happened in the game. The major events and as such there are many differences. I mean they condensed the first part of the game which would take you at least a good 20 hours to get through in 4 episodes. I expect the second arc to be the same.
But it's not bad and there are some elements they added in that are really good. Like Lloyd's exsphere and that whole thing. I really like what they did with that. The fights and stuff are pretty good too. In essence, they really do follow the game but just change some stuff around due to having to condense everything. So, I'm looking forward to how things go in this arc since obviously the end of the game had some awesome events. Wondering how a certain fight will be portrayed in the anime. Anyways, will report on this when I get done watching the second arc~

Oh and needs more of Raine's ruin mode!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Pokemon Black and White scans~

And as expected the day after the announcement of the games there be scans~ Interesting stuff. I mean in many ways it's like Diamond/Pearl/Platinum/HG/SS in terms of design. But they've gone more into the 3D aspect and expanding the environment some more. Battles are the same way from what I see. Both male and female characters are confirmed. Which at this point is a staple. Since Crystal they've had that choice. But um, just basic information as of right now. More is sure to be revealed in the months to come though.

This pretty much looks like the starting town~ The mailbox in front of the house and how it looks kinda tell me that xD

This be a bridge with cars driving by underneath. Which is really neat if you ask me. I'm sure there will be sound effects to go along with it.

Seems to be a cave. Cuz there has to be a caves in Pokemon games. Can't go without them xD So they can throw stupid Zubats and Geodudes everywhere in them.

This I like. I love how they made this look. These games in general seems to have a more city feel to them than the others. Course you can make it look more like a city with better graphics. Still, it feels more that way than even the other DS ones.

Anyways, I like what I see so far. I'm looking forward to everything else they have planned. Very excited. Just gotta keep watching in the mean time~

Friday, April 9, 2010

Pokemon Black and White confirmed~

Oh yeah~ 5th gen games are near. In Japan anyways. Which means I'll be waiting some months for them. If they come out in the fall in Japan they'll get here in the spring. Which is traditionally how it's worked. At least I don't have to wait a year. Anyways, interesting names. I can guess that the third game will be Pokemon Grey? xD But seriously, I gotta wonder why black and white. It's like going back to the basic colors of the Red, Blue, and Yellow versions of long ago. Guess I shall see what it's all about as it gets closer to release. Wondering about the story for these games. Since Diamond/Pearl/Platinum improved alot in that department. I mean no, Pokemon isn't known for great stories but still. Just saying.

Looking forward to the new Pokemon. I guess the starter Pokemon won't be far from being revealed at this point. I usually pick the fire type. I wanna see if these games continue that tradition. The only games that didn't were Silver and Gold. Course they could ditch the entire grass/water/fire starter set anyways and go with new types. That'd be fine too. I shall be following this for some time to come until it comes out here. Expect more posts as info is revealed cuz I have comments.

Oh and one last note about them: THEY ARE FOR THE DS!
And not the stupid new 3DS. Made my day right there. Alright, I'm done. And yay for a new post finally!