Sunday, April 11, 2010

Pokemon Black and White scans~

And as expected the day after the announcement of the games there be scans~ Interesting stuff. I mean in many ways it's like Diamond/Pearl/Platinum/HG/SS in terms of design. But they've gone more into the 3D aspect and expanding the environment some more. Battles are the same way from what I see. Both male and female characters are confirmed. Which at this point is a staple. Since Crystal they've had that choice. But um, just basic information as of right now. More is sure to be revealed in the months to come though.

This pretty much looks like the starting town~ The mailbox in front of the house and how it looks kinda tell me that xD

This be a bridge with cars driving by underneath. Which is really neat if you ask me. I'm sure there will be sound effects to go along with it.

Seems to be a cave. Cuz there has to be a caves in Pokemon games. Can't go without them xD So they can throw stupid Zubats and Geodudes everywhere in them.

This I like. I love how they made this look. These games in general seems to have a more city feel to them than the others. Course you can make it look more like a city with better graphics. Still, it feels more that way than even the other DS ones.

Anyways, I like what I see so far. I'm looking forward to everything else they have planned. Very excited. Just gotta keep watching in the mean time~


  1. wow, the next gen Pokemon will have 3D style...

  2. Indeed. They seem to really be going that direction. Even without moving to the new 3DS to make it possible.