Friday, April 9, 2010

Pokemon Black and White confirmed~

Oh yeah~ 5th gen games are near. In Japan anyways. Which means I'll be waiting some months for them. If they come out in the fall in Japan they'll get here in the spring. Which is traditionally how it's worked. At least I don't have to wait a year. Anyways, interesting names. I can guess that the third game will be Pokemon Grey? xD But seriously, I gotta wonder why black and white. It's like going back to the basic colors of the Red, Blue, and Yellow versions of long ago. Guess I shall see what it's all about as it gets closer to release. Wondering about the story for these games. Since Diamond/Pearl/Platinum improved alot in that department. I mean no, Pokemon isn't known for great stories but still. Just saying.

Looking forward to the new Pokemon. I guess the starter Pokemon won't be far from being revealed at this point. I usually pick the fire type. I wanna see if these games continue that tradition. The only games that didn't were Silver and Gold. Course they could ditch the entire grass/water/fire starter set anyways and go with new types. That'd be fine too. I shall be following this for some time to come until it comes out here. Expect more posts as info is revealed cuz I have comments.

Oh and one last note about them: THEY ARE FOR THE DS!
And not the stupid new 3DS. Made my day right there. Alright, I'm done. And yay for a new post finally!


  1. Maybe they ran out of naming ideas xD

    This whole 3D craze thing strikes me as just one big expensive flop of a fad, honestly. Glad to see the DS still getting attention though.

  2. Could be xD

    I totally agree there. It doesn't interest me in the slightest. Me too because I don't wanna go out and buy another dang system. That'll definitely be more expensive than the regular DS. Or even the other DS models.