Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Or Turkey Day or whatever you wanna call it xD Have a great holiday~ I know I am thankful for many things ^_^

Love this picture xD

And Happy Anniversary, Artie ^_^

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Recent game purchases~

November has had some pretty good releases and I've picked up two of them as of late. One of them takes me back to my childhood and the other takes me back to Yggdra Union in a way xD It was made by the same people and for another reason but anyways.

Knights in the Nightmare is first. Came out the 9th I believe. And it's for the PSP if you're wondering. Anyways, the character design is very much reminiscent of Yggdra Union. And I loved the character design in that game. Like alot. The game seems to host a very unique combat system too and other systems as well. I know there is a job system in this game but I don't know how all this works just yet. This game was originally on the DS just like Yggdra Union. But when they put it on the PSP they added another character scenario and it turns out it's Princess Yggdra. So, there are three scenarios in this version. Also, they added more detailed tutorials about the combat system and stuff in the PSP version too. So, it seemed like the better buy to me. Don't know which scenario I'll go through first when I play it but we shall see when the time comes ^_^

This was probably my most anticipated release in November. And it was definitely my most anticipated release for the Wii. Since I don't really buy much for it. But this was too good to pass up. I've seen gameplay. Especially on Monday when the Backloggery streamed it. It's pretty awesome looking. I mean, it doesn't have exactly the same feel as the old DKC games on the SNES. And that's because of the graphics and the different control scheme. But it's still a DKC game. No doubt. It has taken alot of good things from the other games. And the music is superb from what I've heard so far. I'm definitely looking forward to some awesome platforming action here xD
My only gripe is one part of the control scheme. And that's because Nintendo with every freakin' game has to put in some gimmick with the Wii mote. Cuz yes, you have to use that to play. Not a classic controller or something else. Anyways, to roll into enemies and smack the ground and stuff like that you have to shake the Wii mote while also using the directional controls. Instead of pressing like a button to do it. Why Nintendo? Why? This messes up a person like me who is used to the old way from playing the old games so much. I have a feeling I'm gonna die alot before I get used to that ^^; Anyways, I'm just gonna shout a message to Nintendo that will probably never get heard but here goes:

I know you like gimmicks. And I know you have a good thing going with people who didn't really play video games before fawning all over the Wii and the Wii mote but please. Show your hardcore gamers who have been with you since the good old days some respect too. Give us options and not just this new confounded way that we don't like. I like a good old game controller, not a tv remote and I like pressing buttons to do things. So please, remember who else plays your games. That is all.

Ahem, so anyways ^^; There are some other games I'll be needing to get someday. Just not right now for obvious reasons. Kirby's Epic Yarn is another game I'll get. I'm sure I'll deal with some weird control scheme for it too. But until, next time~

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Rest in peace, Pooky (2008-2010)

Yep, my other hamster is gone now too. On Thursday actually. I am officially petless. I had them both for 2 years so that's pretty good I think. And I had Pooky since she was born. I have debated getting another hamster since I still have all this stuff and I love them. But I don't know if I will or not. I do miss them and it feels so weird not having them around ^^; It's just different. Anyways, I loved them both and they were good pets that I'll always remember~

This will always be my favorite picture of her ^^
And I still have this boat actually xD

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep- Special Edition~

Yep, this baby arrived straight from the UK on Thursday xD Because yeah, for whatever reason this special edition was a PAL release thing only. Who knows why. But it doesn't matter since the PSP is region free and it's not like this is any different from the US version in terms of the actual game. Anyways, you get two art printouts that you see there and this 48 page hardback artbook with art from the game in it. Pretty nifty really. I mean the book isn't huge but who cares. It's still quality. Don't know when this game will be beaten though ^^; It will be because I love this series but yeah. I still have the DS game to beat as well. I just needs the time to do it really. But graduation be coming in December~ But anyways, till next time ^^