Saturday, November 6, 2010

Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep- Special Edition~

Yep, this baby arrived straight from the UK on Thursday xD Because yeah, for whatever reason this special edition was a PAL release thing only. Who knows why. But it doesn't matter since the PSP is region free and it's not like this is any different from the US version in terms of the actual game. Anyways, you get two art printouts that you see there and this 48 page hardback artbook with art from the game in it. Pretty nifty really. I mean the book isn't huge but who cares. It's still quality. Don't know when this game will be beaten though ^^; It will be because I love this series but yeah. I still have the DS game to beat as well. I just needs the time to do it really. But graduation be coming in December~ But anyways, till next time ^^


  1. Tis a pretty sweet deal there~

    Does kinda suck when you've gotta import stuff to get the extras though.

  2. Indeed it is~ And yeah, it does ^^; No idea why they did that but at least it was with Europe and not Japan. That way I can still get the game in English xD