Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Or Turkey Day or whatever you wanna call it xD Have a great holiday~ I know I am thankful for many things ^_^

Love this picture xD

And Happy Anniversary, Artie ^_^


  1. Yay~ ^_^ I've been freezing my fingers off putting up Christmas lights ^^;

    But yes, I be thankful for something very special too~ ^_~

    I tried to find the pic from that show of Grandma on the harley xD

  2. Aww ^^; Yes, I know you've been hard at work. Poor fingers~

    Mhmm, of course ^_^

    Oh? Did you now? xD That would have been awesome~
    Now I gotta add something to this post ^^;

  3. Yeah xD I mean I have the show on DVD, so I could do a screen cap, but I don't know where the DVD is ^^;

    Oh~? Aww~ I see it ^_^

  4. Oh well, that could work if you found it xD