Thursday, July 15, 2010

Digimon Xros Wars initial thoughts

Alright, after watching the first episode I have my initial thoughts on things. First off Taiki, the main character, pretty much feels like he's gonna be stereotypical and almost hilariously so. I hope not but it already looks that way. I might be pleasantly surprised but yeah. He has this insatiable urge to help people apparently. To the point where he can't say no and he'll drive himself to exhaustion just to do something for someone else. Definitely obvious that this has something to do with an event that happened in the past. One scene spelled that out with a short flashback. Who knows how long till that truth is revealed though.

Anyways, Shoutmon, Taiki's partner, is pretty interesting. He was at near death when they met but Taiki revived him. Shoutmon's goal is to apparently be the king of the Digital World. Which right now will be a long upward climb cuz some big bad Digimon are controlling things right now. The Digital World is pretty much one huge war zone. Hence the title of this season. From what I see, there's a group of villains that are taking control of different areas because they have a nice army of Digimon

This season seems weird to me in the fact that Digivolution is almost nonexistent. It's all just combining the Digimon together and stuff. And even the evil Digimon can do it. So, I don't know about that. Depends on how they go about doing it. Cuz it'll get boring real fast if all you see is the same forms of stuff. And people complained about Frontier. Anyways, I ain't gonna judge too quickly. It was just the first episode. It was interesting. I just wanna see how they go about things later in the season. One thing I do like about this season is that music and melody seem to play a nice role between the humans and Digimon. I like that concept alot. Anyways, I'll be following this anime to completion of course so I won't be saying anything else about it till it finishes. Until then~

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