Friday, June 18, 2010

Digimon Season 6: Xros Wars!

Oh man, yeah, I am excited. I seriously thought Digimon Savers was the end of this series but behold the makers of this anime have come back to make diehard fan happy one more time xD Yes, I know I'm 22. Yes, I know this show is kid/teen in nature but hey! I've been a fan of this anime since I was a kid myself. I'm just one of the older fans. And actually, it's only America that really makes this show extremely kiddy in nature. The way they translate it. I love watching the subs more. They like to change stuff way too much when they bring it over here. Especially with the most recent season, Savers. I wouldn't be able to watch it anyways if Disney still has their hands on it. They only show it on Toon Disney and I ain't got that channel so whatever~

Anyways, I don't know much about the story. Like at all. Not much has been said. It's airing July 6th in Japan so I expect someone to upload episodes like they did with Savers every time it aired and someone subbed them. Someone always does. I know this season has a huge mecha look to it. I mean check out that pick up top. And these of the main character's partner:

Apparently called Shoutmon. Looks pretty interesting. And has the ability to combine with other Digimon through "DigiCross." Hence the name of the season I guess.

And this guy is like a combination of all the kid's partners and I'm like thinking Power Rangers? xD Like when all their zords combined to for Megazord. Seriously, that's what I was reminded of but that's pretty awesome just the same.

All I know is that there's a war going on in the Digital World this time and it's actually between the kids and their Digimon partners instead of against like the evil Digimon that live there. Usually some evil Digimon is trying to destroy the world or the humans started or something but this is just wow. There's apparently different teams and stuff. Just interesting all around. I look forward to watching this when it finally aires in Japan soon.

Oh and a new DS game called Digimon Story: Lost Evolution is coming out July 1st in Japan along with this anime. So yay! I gets good stuff all around. Hopefully the game will come here. They usually always do. Haven't had a Digimon DS title yet that didn't. And only a few on other systems. That weren't really important titles anyways. I'm finally excited about something that's coming out in the future~ Been a while since I had that feeling ^_^ Well, aside from Pokemon Black and White but I'm a much larger fan of this series. But that's it for now. More in the future.


  1. I likes the Megazord comment xD It looks just like it, except for that weird thing sticking out of it's leg. Best part was that thing they made when Dragon zord got involved. I forget what it was though. Anyway. Who cares if it is directed at kids when it comes over. And to me it looks extremely childish anyway ^^; If you like it, watch it. I see not the big deal on that.

  2. Haha xD It's been so long~ Mhmm, I definitely agree with that. I loved Dragon zord on that show. I can't remember what it was called either. Anyways, yes, either way it's still directed at that audience ^^; But I'm not even sure if they'll bring it over or not. I know the game will definitely make it over because that's handled by someone else. But yes, it doesn't matter.

  3. I think it was just called Mega Dragon zord, no? ^^;

  4. It probably was xD And just to let you know, random but fun fact, I was the green ranger for Halloween once when I was younger ^^; My sister was the pink ranger. Can't help it that I was a tomboy when I was younger.

  5. Tis alright~ Green Ranger was my fav anyway. Pink Ranger was second. Pretty weird coincidence.