Saturday, June 5, 2010

Rest in peace, Munchie (2008-2010)

I've posted pictures of my hamsters on here before. And on ARM so some people know I have them. Anyways, my oldest hamster passed away Thursday night. Don't know how old she was but she had to be at least 3 if I had to guess. I loved her alot. She was my baby ^^; But I'll always have memories. She was definitely interesting from the moment I got her. Like having babies a week after xD And escaping from her cage more than once.

Rest in peace, Munchie. You'll always be in my heart~


  1. Didn't even know you posted about this ^^;;

    But yeah, it sucks *hugs tight* Mhmm, the memories will always be there ^_^

  2. Aww, it be fine *hugs him tight* You already helped me with this anyways ^_^