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Odin Sphere: Final Comments~

Alrighty! Yes, I finally finished it. And man, awesome finale was awesome~ So lets get right down to it. I'll separate it into chapters and give my comments on each boss fight. Since that's all the final book was. Just 5 boss fights in a row. Then the ending. Anyways, when you start the book chaos is already happening. King Gallon becomes the king of the Netherworld since Queen Odette was killed summoning the dead to appear all over the world. This ultimately leads to the death of King Odin, who dies to join his daughter, Griselda. King Valentine reactivates the cauldron and sticks the little dragon, Leventhan, inside it so it'll grow up. The cauldron begins sucking in all the world's phozons. King Onyx leads his people out the fire kingdom and sets the forests on fire. And Ingway turns himself into Darkova again to destroy the cauldron. Yeah, it's definitely Armageddon in this game. And it's time for the characters to fulfill their roles~

Chapter 1~
It's Cornelius who is up first. And he has to stop Ingway since it turns out the Darkova spell can be controlled and one of the wise men, Beldor, is doing that. Ingway transformed for a good reason. He just didn't know that little detail. Anyways, the fight is pretty crazy. The scenery is pure chaos. The ground is breaking up and the world just looks terrible. He had some nasty stuff to throw at me. His three heads all did different things. One poisoned, another froze you, and the last one burned you. Rock pillars tried to block your way so you had to be careful if you needed to quickly run away. All in all, with all this it wasn't too bad a fight. Just defeat the three heads. After the fight, Ingway dies and Velvet carries Cornelius to safety. It's really sad. Ingway mentions he wishes he could have seen Mercedes one last time.

Chapter 2~
Oswald gets his turn next. And he has to fight the nasty King Gallon. Who looks pretty much like Ingway in the Darkova form since they're both under the spell except it's in skeleton form. With dead rotting flesh. Well, I guess being stuck in the Netherworld all that time will do that to you. This fight is way more annoying than the one with Ingway though. And apparently only someone of Titanian royal blood can kill him. Anyways, you have to repeatedly kill his three heads in order to get him to reveal his heart. That's the weak point. Once you get that down you win. But it only appears for a short time after you defeat the heads. So basically, I had to go three rounds of this nonsense until I killed him >_< It was quite tedious. All while dodging crap on the field. But after the fight you learn something interesting. Oswald's father, Edgar, was Gallon's son. This is why Oswald was able to kill him. Even Oswald didn't know this. Gallon had him killed because he married a woman he didn't want him to and didn't take the throne. Oswald was spared and found by the fairies. Gotta love surprises at the end. That makes him and Cornelius cousins xD

Chapter 3~
Easiest fight of them all if you just have the right item. Mercedes has this fight. And she has to face Onyx. It's the same fight you had at the end of Oswald's story. He doesn't change at all in his attack patterns. But first, before she meets him, she finds Ingway. Who is already dead of course. It's definitely obvious there was something between them. Anyways, Onyx interrupts this sad scene to talk about how great it is that the world is burning and that he can't be stopped. Even though the prophecies say he'll be stopped by the World Tree. He doesn't believe it exists. What is the World Tree? Keep reading~ In the fight with Onyx, if you have an Ooze it's pretty much good game xD The thing attaches to him and he'll spend the entire time just dancing around. From then you can just shoot the crap out of him. No damage win! He'd be much harder without it. After the fight, Mercedes is so weakened from the fight she can't even get up. Onyx can't believe he's been stopped. She ends up dying and as she does she reveals her true name: Yggdrasil. Yeah, that was awesome. Onyx now knows what this World Tree was. It was Mercedes. He dies and thus ends that chapter.

Chapter 4~
Holy crap, this fight was annoying and tedious. This one comes in first for longest fight of the last book. Oswald's comes in second for me. This is Velvet's fight and she has to face the Cauldron. Yes, the Cauldron. Basically, she just has to stop it from absorbing phozons and destroying the world. Cuz crazy grandfather wants it that way. There's only one way to deal damage on this thing and it's this eye at the top. You gotta climb up there and attack it. Once you do it enough times, the Cauldron will fall over. Usually it's walking around. But you gotta be careful. Every now and then a warning would pop up telling you to get away from the Cauldron. And you better do it. Huge explosion and I'd almost guarantee it'd be a one hit kill on you if you got caught up in it. After the fight, King Valentine tells Velvet that the only way to release the phozons inside is to control the Cauldron. But a curse has been placed on it by him. Whoever controls it will fall under that curse. He calls out Leventhan from the Cauldron and flies off on it.

Chapter 5~
Final boss fight~ And it's really cool. It's against Leventhan, the last dragon. There's Belial, Hindel, and Wagner. All were killed throughout the course of the game. Leventhan was just a little bitty baby dragon when you fought him with Gwendolyn and Mercedes. Now, he's huge. No huge is an understatement. This is Gwendolyn's fight. She gets the big one. Though it's actually not the hardest. The entire fight you're on top of the dragon who is just flying around. It's a really awesome looking fight for that reason. The scenery of this game is amazing. Anyways, you have to make your way to the top, his head. The weak point on him is the horn that his crown is attached to. You have to known the crown off. That was also in the prophecies. You have to attack the horn. It's a hard climb up and after you do a certain amount of damage to the horn you'll get knocked back down to the lower level and have to climb back up. Gotta dodge lightning strikes and electric balls too along the way. But you win and break off the horn which stops the dragon. Gwendolyn's wings are destroyed and she's pretty much falling to her death. She just wishes she could tell Oswald one last time how she really feels.

The book ends right there. But if you got the true ending you'll get another book that continues on called Wheel of Fate. To get the true ending you had to fight the bosses with the characters I mentioned. You can fight them with whoever you want but yeah. Anyways, in this last book Oswald saves Gwendolyn as she's falling of course. Though they're both weak as heck. He carries her to the Cauldron where Velvet and Cornelius are asking for help and collapses. Velvet notices Gwendolyn has the ring of Titrel. This is it. What she needs to control the Cauldron. She feels it is fate. Everything has been leading to this moment. Oswald and Gwendolyn are the crownless lords who will survive as the ancestors to all humanity. Cornelius tells her she'll be cursed if she controls it. But she knows this what she has to do. To save the world. She uses the psypher weapons to power up the Cauldron one last time and releases all the phozons inside. In the end, she is turned into a Pooka.

Chapter 1 starts and Oswald and Gwendolyn are looking at the barren land. The Armageddon is over. They survived it. Though the Pookas survived it too. Or some of them. Just as all hope seems lost, they notice the land slowly start to be reborn. Beautiful greenery popping up all over the place. This is a miracle. And they know they can't give up now.

Now then, if you collected all the coins from Valentine you'll get to see the Epilogue of this last book. It shows Cornelius and Velvet with all the coins and an image of King Valentine is summoned. When he was sane and nice anyways. They have one wish to make. But just as Velvet is about to ask for the Pooka curse to be broken, Cornelius wonders if they really should. The Pookas can live forever. And they can spend forever in love. But in the end they both agree it is best to live out their lives as humans in the new world Oswald and Gwendolyn have created. It's kinda implied that it's been a long time since then and that both of them are gone now. Not really sure. Anyways, they ask for the spell to be broken and both return to their human forms. A touching scene between the two as they promise to always be together.

Twas a lovely ending. Good game was good~ Oh and after the credits they show this image of a tree with Mercedes's bow weapon imbedded in the roots. So you get to see the wonderful World Tree she became ^^ Sad that she died though. Although a bunch of people did in this game especially at the end. Anyways, thus ends this game. I be working on Tales of Eternia at the moment and next is Phantom Brave. Thanks for reading~

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