Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Etrian Odyssey final comments~

Yep, I finally finished post game. And man, the 6th stratum was dang tough. No doubt about that. Freakin' warp panels and pitfalls everywhere making it hard to navigate. And FOE's everywhere. Anyways, there were these three dragons in the game that are like really difficult to fight. At first I thought they were optional. But when I got to the 30th floor of the dungeon I found out you had to defeat them in order to access the final boss of post game. Luckily, I had already done that xD Because I wanted to kill them anyways. First, I'll go over my final team of peeps then talk a bit about the dragons and final boss.

In no particular order:

Thunder (Landsknecht) Lv. 70
Hp: 675
Tp: 166
Atk: 305
Def: 136
Str: 105
Agi: 69
Tec: 53
Vit: 75
Luc: 75

Duegar, Demon Mail, Star Charm, Blood Gage

Skills (Lv): Hp Up (10), Tp Up (10), Atk Up (10), Def Up (2), Axes (10), Swords (10), 2-Hit (3), Allslash (10), Blazer (1), Freezer (1), Shocker (1), Crush (10)

Rami (Protector) Lv. 70
Hp: 695
Tp: 236
Atk: 296
Def: 167
Str: 96
Agi: 62
Tec: 68
Vit: 78
Luc: 75

Duegar, Holy Armor, Holy Aspis, Star Charm

Skills (Lv): Hp Up (10), Tp Up (10), Def Up (8), Shields (10), Fortify (5), Antifire (5), Antivolt (5), Anticold (5), Smite (10), Stalker (10)

Fenris (Survivalist) Lv. 70
Hp: 718
Tp: 212
Atk: 303
Def: 111
Str: 83
Agi: 107
Tec: 76
Vit: 60
Luc: 82

Arc Drawer, Jazeraint, Dyed Boot, Blood Gage

Skills (Lv): Hp Up (10), Tp Up (10), Agi Up (5), Bows (10), Ambush (10), Trickery (9), Quicken (3), 1st Turn (1), Multihit (10), Apollon (10)

Aika (Medic) Lv. 70
Hp: 603
Tp: 239
Atk: 162
Def: 101
Str: 53
Agi: 67
Tec: 88
Vit: 53
Luc: 82

Mystic Rod, Rune Tunic, Circlet, Fur Boot

Skills (Lv): Hp Up (10), Tp Up (8), Atk Up (10), Healer (10), Scavenge (1), Cure (3), Cure 2 (3), Salve (3), Salve 2 (10), Immunize (10), Caduceus (10)

Leon (Troubador) Lv. 70
Hp: 609
Tp: 220
Atk: 241
Def: 95
Str: 60
Agi: 69
Tec: 74
Vit: 53
Luc: 85

Failnaught, Jazeraint, Star Charm, Tiger Boot

Skills (Lv): Hp Up (10), Tp Up (7), Songs (10), Divinity (10), Bravery (10), Erasure (3), Recovery (5), Stamina (10), Blaze (1), Frost (1), Shock (1), Relaxing (10)

Arcadia (Alchemist) Lv. 70
Hp: 455
Tp: 322
Atk: 155
Def: 89
Str: 46
Agi: 67
Tec: 96
Vit: 46
Luc: 68

Mystic Rod, Rune Tunic, Town Medal, Fur Boot

Skills (Lv): Tp Up (10), Fire Up (10), Ice Up (10), Volt Up (10), Scavenge (1), Fire (3), Flame (10), Ice (3), Freeze (10), Thor (10), Warp (1)

Alright, Arcadia is just an honorable mention ^^; Because she only helped get me through the final stratum. That was filled with nasty enemies with high physical defense but very vulnerable to magic. Like my powerful physical stuff only did 1-5 damage on them. So yeah. Incredibly helpful. But I didn't take her into the fights with the dragons or Primevil, the final post game boss.

The dragons were just easy to manipulate really. All of them used some sort of element. Wyrm was fire, Drake was ice, and Dragon was volt. Basically, you spam either Antifire, Anticold, or Antivolt every single turn. Depending on who you're fighting. Because that will block their elemental attack completely. If you don't, you'll get torn apart and lose almost all your team from one shot of it. Because it hits all. From then, it's Apollon/Multihit with my Survivalist, Immunize every 4 turns and heal with Salve 2 in between, and Allslash with my swordie. With Wyrm I had to constantly spam Bravery in order to keep my team from getting confused. Basically, I manipulated him into using a skill that removed beneficial stats xD It was pretty humorous. He did attack sometimes but it didn't do that much damage thanks to Immunize. With Drake I didn't have to worry about that. I just kept having to use Erasure to knock off his defense up stat he kept doing. And with Dragon I had to constantly recast Immunize and Relaxing because he had a move called Corruption that got rid of them. They were tough. And you pretty much had to block and manipulate stuff to survive. Otherwise, they'd destory you in one shot.

Now, let's talk about Primevil, the ugliest boss I've ever seen. Seriously. Look at this thing:

Not my screenshot obviously xD But dang. Anyways, he was annoying as heck. But funny thing is he always attacks in the same pattern. If you figured it out, you pretty much had him other than the physical attacks he had. And you had to use a boosted Immunize. Even with a normal Immunize his physical attacks hurt bad. And they hit more than once. If I had gotten unlucky someone could have died. Actually, someone did die once but I quickly fixed that. Basically, know what turns he uses an elemental attack on and use the right Anti skill to block it. He has so much dang Hp though. Like 90,000. So, it took a while to kill him. And I almost ran out of Tp on some people ^^; Thunder did run out. Luckily Rami and Aika didn't. Twas a good fight though.

And that's pretty much it for Etrian Odyssey. The first game anyways. I be playing the second game now. The only things that carry over from this game to that one are the Town Medal and Town Crown. The Town Medal you get for beating the game in general. Like just beat the final boss. The Town Crown you get by filling in the monster and item compendium completely. Which means you have to do post game. And that's just way too annoying and alot of work. Ain't doing it~ I'll just take my Town Medal and go. On to other things.


  1. Gots to be slick to win in post game indeed~

    And yeah filling out beastieries & libraries are a royal pain. Generally not worth the work, especially if they're huge. I mean it's not like they're gonna require the use of some uber item in the sequel xD Course they always help, but still.

  2. Yeah, definitely in these games xD They're hard enough in the main game.

    Uh huh. And you have to get lucky with item drops anyways. There are alot of monsters and items in the game. The second game does the same thing I bet. As in, gives you an item for filling it in completely. But the second also adds a gear compendium. To fill in all the weapons, armor, and accessories. Making it more of a pain in the butt. But yeah, it's not going to be a big deal. I gots my Town Medal already in EO2. And it doesn't even do the same thing when equipped as the first game. It's weaker actually ^^; So, I'm pretty sure I ain't missing out on nothing. Now I'm wondering if stuff carries over to EO3~