Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Pokemon Black and White info~

As you can see, info was leaked today from CoroCoro. About the starter Pokemon mainly. But there was other information like the region name (Isshu) and the protagonist characters are supposed to be older. This region is supposed to be far away. Whatever that means. How far away it is from the other regions remains to be seen. Not gonna go into much else other than the starters because alot of information still needs to be verified as truth.

Um, the grass starter is supposed to be a snake like thing. It's the green Pokemon obviously in the scan. And honestly, that's my favorite right now. It's so cute and I love how it looks. The fire starter is the pig xD I'm sorry but a fire pig just cracks me up for whatever reason. And the water starter is a sea otter. Though it doesn't really look like an otter to me.

They all end up as dual types. The snake becomes grass/fighting, the pig becomes fire/dark, and the otter becomes water/psychic. So, it's balanced out basically. I'd love to see their evolved forms too. They're probably pretty awesome looking. But so far, my eye is on the grass starter~ That's probably the one I'll pick. Seems this generation has also changed my notion of always picking the fire type. Just like Johto.

Alright, that's all I have to say about this. It's a Pokemon update day xD I'm out again~

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