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Odin Sphere: Velvet's Story Comments~

Alright, I'll say this right off about Velvet before I start, her family is a bunch of crazy people. Seriously. And her grandfather is the nuttiest of them all. I kid you not. Anyways, starts off with a nice scene between her and Cornelius. Still in human form of course. Then he leaves and Ingway comes out of hiding. Cuz he was spying~ And Velvet isn't really happy about that. So, they have this nice discussion about being cursed by their mother to die. Why did she curse them? According to Ingway it's because they let her die. Who killed her? Her own father. Yes, he choked her to death apparently. Because she loved Odin and had Velvet and Ingway has a result. Like I said, the man is nuts. He even admits it. But this starts a long chain of events revealing these prophecies about the world's end. Most of her story is connecting these pieces before the final book. This is done by her mentor of sorts who ends up putting it all together at the end for you to see. And you actually use this to figure out the order to fight all the bosses in the last book.

We begin by visiting King Gallon in the Netherworld. If you'll remember he was the former king of Titania, killed by his own son after he was transformed into the terrible beast, Darkova. He wrote an epic poem concerning the prophecies and Velvet wants to see them. She wants to figure out some way to escape the curse and defy fate. She ends up finding him and he gives her what he has left of the poems. Funnily enough he'll play a big part in these prophecies. And of course before she gets to leave the Netherworld she has to fight Queen Odette and lag like crazy for a while. But she gets informed that her grandfather has escaped the Netherworld. This terrifies her and who wouldn't be afraid. The man is a nutjob seeking world destruction.

But she's saved by Odin randomly because he does care about her as his daughter. Even though he treats his other daughters like crap. Just saying. Velvet knows that her grandfather was interested in the cauldron so she wants to stop it. But the only way to do that is to have the ring Titrel. Currently it's in the Fairy Kingdom after they defeated Odin. She heads there and steals the ring from them after having to take on Mercedes herself. When she returns to what's left of Valentine she meets up with her dear old grandfather. He threatens to beat her with a whip to get her to obey him like she used to when she was younger but it ain't working this time. She tells him she's going to put the cauldron to sleep and then starts a race between the two to get to it first.

She does make it there but has to fight stupid Brigan again. Really tired of this guy. After she deals with him, she puts the cauldron to sleep and all is well right? Could be. Maybe. Probably not. Anyways, crazy grandfather sends goblins to steal the ring from her. Well, not only is he after it but Odin and a bunch of other people. So, she comes up with an idea to find a place to hide it where no one will find it. Off to Horn Mountain! xD Why here? She's gonna give it to Wagner the dragon. Who better to give it to really? She has to fight him first though. And he's annoying as usual. After the fight she tells him she wants to hide the ring. He tells her to give it to him and he swallows it. That explains how Oswald gets it later after he kills him. Then he gives it to Gwendolyn. Remember this~ Important element later.

So, she tries to escape Horn Mountain but Odin and his troops are after her. This is where Gwendolyn steps in to save her which leads to her getting treated as a traitor for disobeying Odin. Even though she did this for him. Oh well. She leaves and returns back to the ruins of Valentine and she learns from Gwendolyn's maid that she was driven from the kingdom and imprisoned in a castle. Velvet feels bad in that this happened because of her. So she heads off to go see Gwendolyn. Turns out Odin is there too to see to her safe transportation. After a nice conversation about treating your own child as such which is something we've heard too many times about Odin, crazy grandfather shows up again. And here we have even more lovely conversations about being cruel to our children as he talks about how he killed his daughter with his own hands. Doesn't really make Odin happy.

Anyways, he threatens to attack the Pooka Village if Velvet doesn't obey and attack Odin. Which she does, hence a boss fight ensues. But he's not hard since he's so slow. After the fight, Odin pretends to be hurt so he'll come closer and when he does he grabs him by the neck, threatening to kill him to take revenge for the one he loved. This line right here tells you how nuts he is "If she had any love for you, then her claims to love me were only lies." Sounds like a controlling father to me who wents nuts when his daughter went against his wishes. And apparently that's enough to kill them for. Jeez. Sorry for the rant but this got on my nerves ^^;

After he freaks out for a while asking Odin to kill him, which he doesn't, he heads off to suffer more which is what Odin wants. But in the process he drops more of what Velvet's mother wrote about this curse. Velvet leaves her little sister some last words then goes back to the Pooka Village. Alright, now we're gonna cross paths with Cornelius's story. She hears about him getting the coins back for the Pooka and when she learns his name that's when she realizes that he's had the Pooka curse cast on him. Ingway had the missing pages to the book of transformation so she knows already who did it. Off to Titania now to find Cornelius. Yay for this annoying area. Little does she know the wise men are setting up a trap for her.

She asks the king if she can see Cornelius. The wise men already have control of the situation and won't let him say a word. They lead her right into the trap and a really freakin' annoying boss fight again Belial and Beldor. It's really two bosses to take down. I had the hardest time with this fight more than anything else on her story. Dodging debris and trying to hit the swords back at Beldor to stun him. Anyways, they capture her and runs their mouths about the prophecies again. How they turned Cornelius into a Pooka to get the secrets of Darkova using Ingway to disguise himself as the prince. All to bring King Gallon back from the Netherworld so they could take control after the Armageddon destroys the world. Not sure how they were going to survive it in order to take control. Cuz they couldn't have meant they were the two crownless kings who were going to rule afterwards. There's 3 of them so yeah. Basically, they're just out for world domination. These 3 extremely old guys. So, they put her to sleep and this is where Cornelius comes to save her. Though he runs off when he realizes she knows his secret.

Okay, and we start the last part of her story with Ingway convincing Odette to let him borrow her troops to kill Odin. She's suspsicous because she will not support an act that will ultimately destroy the world. But Ingway makes up a plan and she agrees to allow the army of the dead to appear in Erion. Velvet meets up with Ingway again where some foreshadowing of what's to come is revealed by him. He runs off to sneak into Odin's kingdom and Velvet chases after him. She finds him chatting with Odin and learns the ultimate truth. Ingway destroyed Valentine, not their grandfather. And he did it to save Odin, their father. He wishes he hadn't know he was their father. Otherwise he wouldn't have done it. But even after this, Odin's eyes were still on the cauldron. He didn't care about what Ingway had done for him. So, Ingway gave the fairies the ring of Titrel back then.

Prepared to die for his sins, Ingway transforms into the vicious Darkova. Really is a scary looking beast with three heads. Anyways, Velvet has to stop him. This boss fight isn't too bad. He stays in one place really but has attacks that cue in on you. Basically, you just had to destroy one of his heads to win. Ingway couldn't finish the transformation it seems. After the fight, they relive the awful scene of having to deny their love for their mother in order to live. This is why Ingway thinks she cursed them. Turns out she was happy they chose to live. The second part of her memo to them is about her love for them. She didn't curse them to die. Too late for that now as it's already driven Ingway mad. Velvet is the only sane one now it seems. Cornelius shows up and saves both of them as Odin's army shows up to get rid of them.

Back at the Pooka Village, it seems Ingway left his bed but he'll be back. His part isn't done yet in the story. This is where her mentor comes in with his interpretation of the prophecies. Two people survive the end of the world. The path to the end of the world must be avoided. Unfortunately, it cannot be in the end. After giving Velvet what he has researched on this, he dies because he was injured earlier in the goblin attack. 5 disasters will destroy the world: A 6 eyed beast, a King of the Netherworld, a blazing fire, the Cauldron, and a dragon. He leaves her with the mission to avert the Armageddon. You receive these notes and have to piece together who fights who. I won't go into that now of course. It shall be explained in my final post about this game.

Expect my final comments tomorrow~ As I beat it last night xD

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