Saturday, May 8, 2010

Odin Sphere: Gwendolyn's Story Comments~

Alright, I actually finished her story in Odin Sphere either in December or January. I can't remember which ^^; It's been a while. I was still on Christmas break I know that much. Anyways, don't read past this point unless you want to be spoiled on her story or Odin Sphere in general.

Obviously, her story is the first one you do when you start Odin Sphere. She's a valkyrie and when you first start you find yourself immediately on the battlefield. Gwendolyn is Odin's daughter and she fights for him in his valkyrie army of sorts, which is currently in a war with another nation. What are they fighting about? A magical Crystallization Cauldron that could give either side enormous power. And Odin wants it. Right at the beginning she finds her sister dying on the battlefield. After they exchange their last words, she gives Gwendolyn her spear and dies in her arms. After going back and reporting this to Odin, he doesn't seem all that distraught that one of his daughters has died. Which kinda ticks Gwendolyn off a bit.

After some key story points, there's always a little bird that talks to her. It probably represents her conscious and what she really thinks. Though she refuses to admit the stuff it says alot of the time. She wants to be noticed and recognized by her father but after certain events are revealed that desire begins to diminish. It starts when she meets Velvet, daughter of the former princess of Valentine. Who she comes to find out is her half sister because Odin apparently fell in love with the princess of that nation and had a child with her. Brigan (might have spelled that wrong), one of his generals, discovers this and threatens to make it known that Odin had an affair with someone from an enemy nation should he not let him kill Velvet. Odin doesn't want her to die but that becoming known would ruin him pretty much. So Brigan goes off to kill her.

In comes Gwendolyn wanting to be recognized by her father again. She goes off to stop Brigan and ends up killing him. Upon returning to her father, he is grateful that she stopped him and saved Velvet but has to give her the ultimate punishment of a valkyrie warrior. She is stripped of her pride basically and has to commit her life to a man. Who in this case actually does love her. She got lucky in that regard xD Oswald, the shadow knight as he is called because he made a deal with Queen Odette of the netherworld to gain power, gives her a ring. Not just any ring though. It's the ring that controls the Crystallization Cauldron. This is given to her out of love and is a symbol of that. But her father also needs it to control the cauldron. Now she's caught in between her feelings for Oswald and her commitment to her father. In the end though she chooses to give the ring to Odin.

This obviously heartbreaks Oswald when he finds out. And because of this, he allows himself to be dragged back into the netherworld to repay his debt to Odette. At this point he sees no reason to live anymore. Gwendolyn, having been restored to full power by her father for giving him the ring, travels to the netherworld to save Oswald. And might I add that the final fight with Odette is extremely annoying as heck. The game lags in this fight because so much stuff is going on onscreen. Anyways, she ends up saving him and refuses to give her father back the cauldron ring because of what it represents. Finally, she breaks free of her obsession to be noticed by her father.

Twas a pretty interesting story. Some nice fights too. Brigan was pretty annoying to fight. The two dragons you fight in her story aren't too hard. Odette takes the cake for most annoying fight though. Anyways, Velvet and Oswald are also playable characters who have their own stories. And they definitely connect with this one. All the stories connect in some way. 5 in total.

Currently, I have started the second story, for Cornelius. I don't know what connection there will be between it and the others. Guess I shall find out~ More updates to come as I continue through this game.


  1. So wait... Is this like the same story told from different points of view? Or is it different stories entirely?

  2. Hm, all the stories are different. Think of it as, they're all going on in the same world in the same time frame. So you'll see evidence of events you know happened in other stories going on in the other character's stories. And these events effect things in the other character's stories too. To an extent anyways. And the characters of course do show up in each others stories. So anyways, each one just has their own little dilemma to deal with pretty much~

    For Oswald and Velvet, it's easy to see their connection here. As for how much of that you'll see in their story, I don't know. I shall find out~