Thursday, May 27, 2010

Odin Sphere: Oswald's Story Comments~

Alrighty, back again with another story thingy. I must say that Oswald's story was definitely the saddest. At least to me. And I have finished all of them now. I mean, yeah, there's sad elements in all of them. Velvet's had some crazy stuff too. Anyways, Oswald's starts out with him chatting with Hindel, the wise future seeing dragon. He's there to kill the dragon to prove the power of his Belderiver, the black sword he has, to the queen of the fairies. This event right here is why Wagner is ticked off all the time at pretty much everyone. Because these psypher weapons killed his friend. Can't really blame him I guess. Twas no reason to kill him. And actually the entire reason for proving its power was because Melvin, as you'll remember from Mercedes's story, wanted to mass produce them to take down Odin's army and the other nations. We know how devious he is though. Hindel does leave him with some last words. Telling him to "Seek the bird. That shall be your destiny."

Pretty much the first part of this story involves him doing everything that Melvin says. He sees Melvin as his father because he believes his real parents abandoned him. He's sent to Odin's castle to spy and ends up having to take down Brigan again. Had to fight that chump so many times. While there he sees Gwendolyn and as she leaves a blue feather is left behind. See the bird reference already? There's more later. He comments on how she's different than he's heard considering everyone in the fairy kingdom refers to her as a witch. Anyways, next he's sent to the frontlines of the battle against Odin for the cauldron. It's the same events as with Mercedes only from Oswald's perspective. It strays away from this after the revolt is taken care of by Mercedes.

While on the battlefield, he's met by two Halja from the Netherworld. They tell him he's bound by a contract for using the power within that sword. Oswald has no idea of such contract. Turns out good old Melvin traded his life for the power in that sword. He just lets him do the fighting for him. Though Oswald doesn't believe this at first. He beats down both of the Halja to keep from being taken to the Netherworld and he's left considerably weakened from it. And to think he wanted to mass produce these things. Talk about crazy. This is also the same time that Queen Elfaria is killed like in Mercedes's story. So, then starts the revolt by Melvin to become king. After first convincing Oswald to trust him again, first thing he does is send him to gain the aid of Beldor, one of the wise men. This would considerably help them in their efforts to have him.

He finds him in the forest of Elrit and has to fight off Belial once again. Fought this chump alot too. After defeating him, Beldor pretty much has no choice but to join them. However, even with his help, their revolt ends in failure thanks to Mercedes. Oswald finds Melvin leaning against a pillar, dying pretty much. This is where he admits that he did trade his life for the power in that sword. The man that raised him and treated him as his own son basically used him a tool to become king. He tells Oswald that's all he is to him. Devastated he watches Melvin die right there and he doesn't even care when the troops arrive to take them. However, a halja appears to take Oswald again. And he lets him seeing no reason to resist.

He wakes up in the Netherworld and oh man this is so sad and creepy talking to the people here. All them tell him he killed them and stuff. It's just yeah. He finds Brom here though. Which if you'll remember is the guy who created the sword he uses and strengthened Mercedes's bow to take down Odin. He feels alot of guilt because he knew Oswald's fate for making that sword. Melvin sent him to the Netherworld because he didn't want him telling Oswald the truth. After a small conversation with him he walks away and falls to the ground. He's pretty much as his lowest here. This quote says it all "It's not that I fear death. But I... had no-one to love and no-one to return it in kind..." He once thought someone returned his love but stupid Melvin was only in it for himself. Anyways, he sees a blue bird and he thinks he recognizes it. Another bird reference! Course you know who that bird is referring to after playing Gwendolyn's story. So, he follows it because it gives him hope.

And obviously at the end he has to see Queen Odette's ugly face. But the good thing is you don't have to fight her. She tells him to fight Odin for her and get him to leave the Netherworld and she'll set him free. So he does and Odin promises to leave. But he wants to know how he still lives after being sent to the Netherworld. He says he'll show Oswald the way out unless he'd rather serve Odette and rot there. Picking the better option he leaves with Odin. Turns out Odin wants him to complete a little task for him. He promises him a castle, a spear but Oswald really doesn't care. He doesn't really wanna do anything for this man. That is until he promises Gwendolyn to him. Odin wants him to kill Wagner, the dragon. Doesn't tell him the reason though it's because he wants the ring, Titrel, hidden in his stomach. The ring that controls the cauldron. Oswald says he'll do it if he does indeed promise his daughter to him.

Off to Horn Mountain. After ticking Wagner the heck off by downsizing Hindel's death and insulting him, a raging battle ensues. He does end up killing Wagner and find the ring afterwards. Odin shows up and wants the ring. He refuses to give to him because he didn't state anything about a ring in their agreement. Odin gets ticked but doesn't wanna end up fighting him again. Oswald would own him for the most part. He lets him keep the ring and tells him all the things he promised are his. Oswald doesn't really like the fact that he refers to his daughter as a thing. Odin tells him she's in a castle and under a spell. The man who wakes her up she will devote her undying love to. But you come to find this spell ain't all that perfect. Since you can't manipulate someone's heart. He goes to her and finally realizes that she's the bird he saw and that Hindel was referring to. Her maid tells him the only way to wake her up is to kiss her. Oswald doesn't want to do this though. He wants her to love him because she really does. Not because of a spell. So, he looks for another way to break the spell.

However, Skuldi, another wise man, shows up and kidnaps her. Apparently, he wants to draw Odin out to destroy him for deceiving all three of the wise men. They told him the secrets of the jewels and showed him the path to the Netherworld yet he still went against them. Everyone is so selfish in this game xD Oswald chases him down and beats the crap out of him for taking her and telling him that the objective the wise men wanted was the destroy the world like in the prophecies. They were trying to make it come true. Unfortunately, Gwendolyn is not there. She's in the fire kingdom with king Onyx. Why? Because Odin promised him she would become his fiance. Ain't he just the sweetest father? Seriously. She was used as bait to bring the fire king out and into their realm. Which ticks Oswald off even more. So, he kills him and heads to the fire kingdom fearing that he's already woken her up and stolen her heart. Wanna make Oswald mad, treat someone as just an object.

After a nice conversation between Odin and Onyx, you find out that spell isn't really all it's cracked up to be. In the end, she won't love someone just because of that spell. Her heart cannot be controlled. Oswald rushes through the fire kingdom and finally finds her. Still asleep. He's relieved. Then Onyx shows up. It's like two guys fighting over a girl really xD Though really Oswald deserves her more. Because all Onyx wants her for is for his reputation and something else that's hinted. You can probably guess what that is. Oswald beats the crap out of him because he wants her more than anything else and doesn't want to lose her to this guy who is only going to treat her like an object. Let me tell you though, the fight with Onyx is tough. Hardest fight I've had. And I wasn't prepared for at all really. I somehow did it with some luck. Oswald wins and listens to him whine about being madly in love with her, not being able to live with these feelings, and how it hurts to have lost her to him in one moment. Oswald tells him those are his words exactly.

Onyx then tells him the truth about the spell. When Oswald learns that she cannot be manipulated to love someone by the spell, he's relieved. He can now wake her up and find out if she shares his feelings. He tells Onyx he will use his blade for him once if he wishes. But also leaves him with the words that while he still lives he will not let him near her. He heads back to the castle and wonders how she'll react when she wakes up. Will she run away, hate him? He puts aside those fears. He doesn't care if it brings him pain in the end.
"I want to see... I want to see my reflection in your eyes..."
"I want to hear... I want to hear those soft lips speak my name..."
"And if, for a moment, a smile lights your face..."
"I will be able to live."
"No one controls me now."
"From now on, I act on my own... For you..."

Just had to include those last words in his story. I love them. So he kisses her and that's where it ends. And we already know from Gwendolyn's story that they do indeed share the same feelings. You get to see the after he kisses her stuff in her story. A happy ending~ The fights in his story weren't too bad. Onyx was a dang beast. Definitely the hardest. I really enjoyed his story though. Reminded me of a certain someone who already knows who they are ^^ In a good way though. Anyways, I shall post Velvet's story stuff later. Now I go back to getting myself ready to beat this game~