Sunday, May 16, 2010

Odin Sphere: Cornelius's Story Comments~

Alrighty, I finished his story not long ago. It got pretty dang challenging towards the end. He definitely had the most annoying final area ever. Nothing in Gwendolyn's story came close to that amount of annoyance >_< Slimes that can only be killed using Napalms and wizzards that disappear all over the place and you have to chase. Plus the final boss of his story is just beyond frustrating. Without Napalms anyways. Cuz that's what I did to beat him xD Lag and flying debris do not mix. Some boss fights are just bad like that. Queen Odette certainly is. Ah well.

Anyways, lets talk a bit about what happened in his story. Cornelius is the prince of Titania. One of the big kingdoms/military power/etc in the world of this game. He's apparently in love with Velvet, the princess of Valentine, which you'll remember was in Gwendolyn's story. As Odin's daughter from an enemy nation. He gets turned into a Pooka. The bunny looking thing in the picture above. And I think he's cute like that ^^; But apparently everyone else looks down on them in this game. He's fun to play as to me. Like out of the three characters I've used so far he wins in that category. His story is all about him trying to turn himself back to normal so he can return home and face Velvet again too.

The act of turning him into a Pooka was a curse set up by Ingway, Velvet's twin brother, and the sorcerer, Urzur. He was like a head sorcerer I guess in Titania. Well respected by the king. Ingway did it so he couldn't see his sister anymore (Cornelius's father didn't want him to see her anymore either) and Urzur wants the secret power of the Titanian royal family. Which in the end both end up wanting it. Cornelius does alot of running around thanks to these two. And almost gets pwned badly by a dragon. Wagner was definitely an annoying boss fight. But anyways, he meets up with Pookas in the kingdom of Valentine, thanks to Wagner, trying to turn themselves back to normal by collecting all the coins of Valentine. He finds out how Valentine was destroyed in the process as well. Their own king used the crystallization cauldron and brought ruin to the land turning the survivors into Pookas. Though Velvet and Ingway somehow escaped this curse.

This king somehow makes his way back from the Netherworld and is trying to control the cauldron again. He has the ring Titrel which controls it as well. But Cornelius manages to stop him. Twice actually. And one of those times he saves Velvet from him. Though she doesn't know it's him obviously. So he ends up just going back to the Netherworld because he doesn't have much power after all that. But he does inform him that the power of the Titanian royal family can turn someone into a terrible beast. And that his grandfather used it to stop the kingdom of Valentine in a war long ago. But he went out of control and Cornelius's father had to kill him. He killed him with the sword Cornelius received in the Netherworld. It's then he realizes that's who gave him that sword while he was there. That was the voice he heard.

Upon returning to the Pookas, he's informed that a dragon is attacking Titania and sacrifices are being made to it. He quickly returns to Titania to find his father and Urzur. And Urzur's plan is revealed. He wants to bring Cornelius's grandfather back from the Netherworld and turn him into a terrible beast again. His father tells him that Velvet is being offered to the dragon in the sewers so he runs off to save her. In the sewers he finds Urzur and Ingway again. Arguing this time because Urzur hasn't held up his end of the deal. Which was to give Ingway the power of the Titanian royal family for turning Cornelius into a Pooka. Urzur is pretty much like I had no intention of keeping my end of the deal plus I have the ring of Titrel. But funnily enough it's a fake given to him by Ingway. So much backstabbing xD So, Urzur threatens to kill Velvet right then and there. Ingway heals Cornelius and tells him to go rescue her while he deals with Urzur.

Enter a very annoying boss fight. As I said earlier. Major lag. After an already annoying last area to get to him. So anyways, you beat the dragon, whose heart was being controlled by Urzur, and upon defeating him that spell was broken. In the end, the dragon gobbles him up and takes him to the Netherworld with him. Pretty dang hilarious. Velvet is saved and Cornelius returns to the castle. His father wants to give up the crown and make him king but he refuses. Because the people would never honor a Pooka as king. He tells his father to be strong and live up to his heritage and leaves the kingdom to continue the cause to break the spell and turn him back to normal. But before leaving, he makes his way to the forest to meet up with Velvet and tell her the truth. He tries to leave telling her she can't be with him anymore now that he's a Pooka. But she doesn't care. He's still Cornelius to her and she loves him no matter how he looks on the outside. He promises her eternal happiness and they leave together to go back to the Pooka Village to help the Pookas collect the coins to turn them back to normal.

Ain't it sweet? Twas a nice ending there~ Um, his story had some bosses I fought on Gwendolyn's path in it. Like Brigan, Queen Odette, and Belial. Just at different points in time. I mean I fought Queen Odette first in his story and last in hers. Course the difficulty is different. And what's funny is you fight Belial last on his and first on hers. I loved his story though. Definitely my favorite character thus far. Anyways, the next story is Mercedes, the fairy queen. And she's proving to be difficult to use for me ^^; But I shall update when I finish her story. Keep going!


  1. I love Cornelius Story~

    ^^; I played the Odin Sphere only till Oswald's story...

    I hope he and Velvet will live happily together again~

  2. Me too ^^
    It's so sweet at the end. Had some other awesome moments too. I think it'll end up being my favorite when I'm done. Still on Mercedes right now.

    From the end, I believe they would have. Whether he turns back to normal or not. But I think that would happen too.

  3. Nya~ hopefully He will turn back~

    Some spoiler, Mercedes has a lot of Attack~ and her bow is beautiful~<3

  4. @ Fay~ That she does~ I'll have a rant about another boss on her story soon enough ^^;

    @ Artie~ Haha xD Yes, very true. Very true indeed.