Saturday, May 22, 2010

Odin Sphere: Mercedes's Story Comments~

Alrighty, I'm not gonna keep this long. Cuz I don't feel like doing a long post about it ^^; In essence, Mercedes is the princess of the fairy kingdom, Ringford. The kingdom is in a war with Odin over the cauldron. If he has it, the fairies will lose their phozons and won't be able to live. So then starts a war. Mercedes's mother is killed by Odin on the battlefield, which leaves her as the new queen. And she knows nothing about being a queen. Her cousin Melvin, sneaky dude, sees this as his opportunity to cause a revolt so he can become king. And that he does.

Mercedes takes what little troops she has that still support her as the new queen. They try to get Beldor, one of the wise men, on their side but Melvin has already acted to gain his aid. Beldor attacks Mercedes with Belial, the dragon. She defeats it, but the mean old wizard tries to kill her himself. Alas, he is stopped by a frog. Yes, a frog. This frog will continue to follow her around wanting her to kiss him so he become human again. Where have I heard this story before? xD But the frog is actually a pretty important person. With magic powers that come in handy.

Anyways, they end up stopping Melvin's rebellion even with their small number of troops. Mercedes is able to defeat his shadow knight, Oswald, and shortly after they are both sent to the Netherworld. Mercedes is slowly becoming a better queen. With the frog's help. And they know they need to stop Odin still from getting the cauldron. Only way to do that is make a stronger psypher that can destroy his. They need Brom, this great dwarf blacksmith, to do that. Unfortunately, he is in the Netherworld. Turns out Melvin sent him there. And Beldor knows where he's located. And the frog knows where the three wise men hang out. In the sewers of Titania. So, Titania be their next location. Oh man, but here is where you fight the most annoying boss fight ever. Beldor is just wow. And after Mercedes promises to pardon him of his crimes if he'll help them too. Anyways, in the fight you have to knock these swords back at him to stun him before you can pummel away at him. And dodge these stupid jumping guards at the same time.

So, she defeats Beldor and he's still being hateful trying to kill her until the frog suddenly turns him into a Pooka xD That was just hilarious. Pretty much leaving him defenseless now. The frog collapses after using the power and Mercedes gives him that kiss he's been waiting for. Much to her surprise he does turn back into a human. Turns out that frog was Ingway, the prince of Valentine. You know, Velvet's twin and the dude who cursed Cornelius. Turns out he was turned into a frog by Urzur. But anyways, he takes off because he has stuff to do but funnily enough they seem to have feelings towards one another. Beldor is taken back to the kingdom and forced to show them the way to Brom in the Netherworld.

They arrive there and Beldor takes off not wanting to show the way only to get taken by a Halja anyways. So, Mercedes continues on to rescue Brom and has to fight Queen Odette in the process. Lag fight ftl. But yeah, she does and they go back to Ringford. Brom has an idea about how to make the psypher stronger but needs the fire from the fire kingdom to do it. They go there, meet the king of Valentine again, have to fight Levanthan, the last dragon, again. Then they get the heck out of there and go back to Ringford. Brom finally improves Mercedes's psypher to be able to destroy Odin's then asks if he can take a break as blacksmith. He wants to go see Oswald to settle some things. So, off he goes and the rest of the kingdom prepares for war against Odin.

After an enlightening speech, they storm the battlefield, defeating all in their path. And finally she makes it to Odin. And might I add that the boss fight against him is incredibly easy with her. And after he badmouths her at the beginning xD She destroys his psypher. And he pretty much can't believe he's been defeated by this little fairy girl. Instead of killing him right then and there, because she doesn't want him to become a martyr, she makes him promise never to show his face to her again and to leave the cauldron and their kingdom alone. If not, then she'll have her troops invade his kingdom and he'll lose much more than he already has. He agrees to it and promises to uphold his word. Mercedes wins the war and saves the kingdom, avenging her mother's death in the process. And she becomes a true queen in the end.

Ain't that a nice story? Let me tell you, the next one is not as heartfelt. It's pretty dang sad. But hopefully it'll have a happy ending. Guess I'll see~

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