Sunday, May 9, 2010

Tales of Eternia initial thoughts~

Alright, I've had this game for a while now. It's the imported European version for the PSP in case anyone was wondering. Cuz finding the original PSX game under the wrong title of "Tales of Destiny 2" would be impossible xD Anyways, I have played the game before. I just kinda dropped it and just now go back to it. After a few years ^^;

It's pretty much your standard Tales game. Not too different from the old games like Phantasia and Destiny in how it plays. Battle system wise it's quite simple. 2-D of course so you can only move left or right. You can run to position yourself behind the enemy. Basically, you'll just run right past them. Very useful to take down enemies hiding in the back that may be spell casters. Um, the physical fighters like Reid and Farah have two different stats you build up to learn new skills. Reid has Slash and Thrust and certain weapons utilize more over the other except for swords which are pretty much the balanced weapons. Farah has Punch and Kick. All the weapons I've found for her are just balanced in general. And like all Tales games, to learn new skills you also have to use the ones you've learned a certain number of times.

Spell casters in the group are different and have an even more interesting way to learn new spells. Another similarity is the gathering of "craymels" or as you've probably heard in other Tales games "summon spirits." You know, Undine, Efeet, Gnome, Sylph, etc. Yeah, those things. You capture them in this game for a purpose obviously in the story but this is also how your spell casters gain new magic. Meredy has a craymel cage and Keele has one. Depending on which craymel you put in their cage, and you can switch them around, your spell casters will have different spells. Not only that, the craymels level up the more you use their skills and you can summon them in battle when a gauge fills up. Also, there is something called Fringe in this game with the craymel cages. It's basically combining the craymel's power by putting them in separate cages to create new spells. It depends on what craymels you have in the cages too. As they level up, they gain new spells which you can fringe to create. It's really fun and interesting. You just have to decide what spells you want and which spell caster you want using it.

Okay, that's enough about the battle system. Because other than that it's just utilizing the right tactics to win. The boss fights in this game are rather challenging. The craymels certainly were. And one particular other fight too. Story line wise, it's reminding me of other Tales games once again. That's not to say it's bad though. There's a slight discrimination feel to it. And with it revolving around two worlds each with different craymels, it's reminding me alot of other Tales games. But the story is pretty good so far and there have been some funny moments xD No complaints from me about this game as of right now. It's fun and it's not boring so yeah.

I've had fun with every Tales game I've played. And I enjoy the series. When and if I'll ever get to play another one remains to be seen. But I shall update again after I finish Eternia~


  1. PSP can play PAL versions...? Interesting, because PS3 can't do that.

  2. Can it not? I thought it could...
    Well, I just assumed it was region free all around because it could play Japanese games xD But yeah, the PSP is region free for both. I was happy because I could play this in English. No idea why they released this in Europe but not here but oh well. Like I expect them to make sense.

  3. Nope, because PAL is a different format from NTSC. Japan uses NTSC like us. Europe doesn't. Either way, it's interesting.

  4. I see~ I learned something new xD But yes, it is.