Monday, August 1, 2011

Nintendo's big offer

Nintendo's price drop announcement link

Pretty much continuing off my previous post now that I've found the link officially announcing the price drop. Looks like Nintendo is gonna compensate people who already purchased, and still can through August 11th, a 3DS at $249. I don't know that I'd call the package worth the 80 bucks more that you spent but oh well. I also highly doubt that those so-called exclusive games they have no current plans to release in the future on the handheld virtual console will remain exclusive. I mean, come on. Pretty much a "nice try" Nintendo with that. And even if they don't release some of those games on the VC it's not really a big deal. Those games can be gotten in their original forms regardless if you really want them.

So, good job trying to make a deal and keep people happy Nintendo. But I'll still stick with saving money and just getting the games I want in the future. I'm still saving money either way xD And that's the moral of the story~


  1. LOL late reply, but I might as well comment anyway. I was half-surprised that they cut down the 3DS price and half not surprised. To me, the first time the 3ds came out it seemed like a flunk to me :\ Hopefully they will work out the online store and get some great games in the line up...

  2. Why hello there~ And all comments are welcome ^^
    Anyways, it was the same for me reaction wise. I didn't know that they'd cut down the price so soon. But yeah, when it first came out it's not like it had that great of a line up of games to start with. And at the price they were wanting for it. Not that many were willing to bite there. But I'm also hoping for the same thing in the future. Hopefully they'll get it up and going with some good stuff~