Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Since someone else did it~

Yeah imma put my character sprites I made up too xD Since Artie and I both were messing with it yesterday.

Even though I made her long ago, this be me. Or Arcadia ^^
I'm such a goofball~

And Luca with her Stylishy costume~ I think it looks pretty good. For what I had to work with.

Infel sprite before~

Infel sprite after~ With Trass's help ^^

Ah, I feel like making more sprites too. For other characters I love. I think I will at some point~


  1. Ooh~ I hadn't seen that Infel one before. It is pretty good. And seeing Luca wearing that makes me wonder where Skycat is xD Hehe, yes you are a goofball. My goofball~ ^_^

  2. I know. I like it too. Hm? Haha xD Now I wanna make Skycat~

    Glad to be your goofball ^_^
    And you are one too~