Saturday, November 21, 2009

Star Ocean: First Departure~

Finally getting back to this game. I mean I had a playthrough but started another one cuz I forgot what happened xD That's a naturally occurring thing for me. Anyways, I gained a huge interest in the series after playing Star Ocean 3. Which I loved to death. Unfortunately there was no way to play SO1 till they finally remade it for the PSP. Released on the SNES only in Japan way back when. So glad we got this game too. I was even more amazed when they released a remake of SO2 for the PSP not long afterwards. I mean I could have gotten SO2 but it would have been more of a hassle. Since it's a PS1 game originally. But I has all 4 Star Ocean games now. Star Ocean: Blue Sphere for the GBA I'm not really that concerned about. Another Japanese only game and I doubt they'd ever remake it. Not a main game anyways. I'll just look up information about it if I really want to know.

The really fun thing about these games is the battle system. There are some story elements that span across the games. I remember hearing some stuff in SO3 that referred back to the other games. Mainly in the dictionary in the game which has some really cool stuff in it. But basically all these games are set in a futuristic earth setting. I mean earth exists in these games though in 3 you never visit it. I don't think you do in the other games either. You're mainly on other planets. And there are a bunch of different races too. You do however find yourself on Moonbase in SO3 which is basically the earth's moon that they've turned into a base. So yeah, the story is mankind had to find a way to live in the stars after wars and stuff pretty much wrecked earth. All the games are set in the same universe but by time line it goes like this: SO4, SO1, SO2, SO3. And SO3 freakin' turns the whole series upside down with something but yeah. Spoilers. I always find it funny when the newest game is set before the others. SO4 tells the story of mankind's journey into space from the beginning. I guess they felt they needed to flesh that out. Fun games are fun though. Seriously, SO3 had the most fun action based battle system I've ever played. It was incredibly deep. SO4's from what I've played shows the same promise. But I shall see. SO1 and 2 are good too but obviously not as advanced.

Now that I've made a long as heck opening to this it's time for screenies. Which are not mine btw. I can't take screenshots of my PSP either.

The hero! Roddick... yeah I don't like the localized name either. Should have been left Ratix~ He has a tail btw.

The towns and stuff really do look beautiful in this game. At least I think so~

The hero's friends! Who kinda fight sometimes xD They have tails too. Well they're all Fellpools. The name of their race.

Yeah, let's kill stuff!

Okay, there you go. Another gaming related post. With MK2 and Etrian Odyssey still on my playlist too. So um yeah. There you go.

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