Saturday, November 14, 2009

Eureka 7 Complete Collections~

Arrived yesterday actually. 2 volumes each with 4 dvd's. 50 episodes. 25 on both collections. Man I love this anime so much. I've been waiting for a while for this to be put into a collection. I don't wanna buy a bunch of volumes. And $65 for both. Tis awesomeness right there. Imma enjoy watching this again. This anime has awesome opening and ending songs I know that much. And there be full versions of them on here. Course I already have 'em downloaded and on my PSP xD

There be a movie too but I haven't seen it yet. Don't think it was translated so I need subs. Gotta look into that at some point.


  1. That is a pretty sweet deal~ Actually, it's better than that. It's a really great deal. Collections definitely are better than volumes, but waiting for them can be a pain. At least they cost less.

    So now Emmy won't be bored when she doesn't want to play anything, hm~? xD

  2. Precisely. I've been waiting for quite a while for a collection for this anime. I just decided I would wait for it. And did a random search on Amazon and found that awesome deal right there. I was patient enough to wait for this and it definitely paid off ^_^

    Hehe, that be true too xD