Wednesday, November 11, 2009

More DKC2 randomness and EO update~

Don't think I ever mentioned what I was doing with DKC2 specifically but anyways I be doing a 102% playthrough. I don't know why it's 102%. It just means finding all the bonus games and DK coins in the levels. Oh and finishing the Lost World. So basically doing everything possible in the game. Finished 3 areas so far. Haven't started on the Lost World yet xD Ahem, so screenies~

This be the first level of the 4th area. I'm actually not afraid of Squitter the spider xD I think he's the cutest dang spider ever.

A look at the 4th area. Like a carnival type deal. lol Krem Land though

This is like the most fun level xD There at least 2 others like it too~

Don't be throwing stuff at me!

But these right here are my favorite levels. Bramble Blast and this is Bramble Scramble. Freakin' love these. Awesome music during these levels.

So I haven't finished the 4th area yet. I still love this game after all these years. I always will though. So much fun. But I screwed up so much today xD

So um, Etrian Odyssey update. Arcadia the Alchemist be level 70 and Aika my Medic be level 47. 3 more characters at level 1 to relevel to 70. And my Land Shark is 60 something but hasn't been retired yet. No screenies for this game. Since I can't take screenies of my DS. At least not efficiently. I haven't had too much time to play this game. I'd be finished doing this by now otherwise. Alright my randomness is over. Have a great day to whoever reads this~


  1. The 102% thing is probably just because they messed up. It was like that with the maps in some Castlevania games I played.

    Wait. How many areas are in DKC2? I never finished it. Two of those screenshots remind me of Battletoads levels. lol One of 'em was really cool, but hard w/o good reaction time.

    Grinding ahoy~! xD

  2. Probably xD Um, there are 6 areas. Oh well 7 actually. The Lost World counts as one too. There aren't as many levels in it as the others though. And there's only one bonus level in those levels that hides a DK Coin. They are more challenging though as they should be.

    Which ones? Bramble Scramble makes for some good reaction times at some spots. Stupid thorns and things getting in the way xD Oh and the roller coaster one too. Since you have to hit these barrels with a check mark on them to open the next path. Otherwise you lose a person. But there are also barrels with X's on them that close off the path and you have to be paying attention. They put 'em right in your way at some points. Either that or you'll jump instinctively and hit it. I was playing rather crappily yesterday too.

    Yes grinding. It's a wonderful thing. I'll try to get some of that in tonight. Finish off the medic ^_^ Haha, Thunder will be the last one I relevel to 70. He's helping everyone else level up initially.